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Located there, on the corner of Jalan Senopati and the road that takes you to SCBD, Pacific Place, SCBD Beergarden etc., lies a really nice restaurant called PAD@28. And I happen to believe that it is just about to make a big splash onto the gastro-scene of Jakarta.

There are a few reasons for this belief:

    1.    It is always buzzing with action. Weirdly enough, there aren't as many expats as you might expect from a place that serves duck confit, very well executed steaks, pork dishes (you heard me right - PORK, including a charcutterie platter) and really nice shots and cocktails. Mostly right now the clientel is still rich Jakartans in their late twenties and early thirties, with some 40+ people who still feel young.

    2.    The food is absolutely excellent. Whether it's a good-value-for-money snack at lunch-time (50-60k) or a real treat like an USDA steak (180-280k) all of their stuff is cooked with great attention to detail. Personally, I'm a sucker for their Duck Confit (89k).

    3.    The staff is really well-trained and the training manager really knows what she's doing, which is rare in Jakarta. Apart from Loewy, Union and a few others I usually find the service to either be to giggly and pushy or too lazy. Here, it's perfect!

    4.    The interior is pretty damn cool too. Downstairs, you feel like you're in the living-room of a hip NYC loft, while upstairs feels like a posh but unpretentious dining room.

So, there's my advice, check out PAD@28!

Jalan Tulodong Atas 28, Jakarta
(Near Senopati)
Tel: +62-21 527 4088

Facebook: Pad@28 (where all the photos come from)

9 comments to '' Pad@28 Bar, Bistro & Coffee Corner "

  1. i went there and i found it utterly boring there. the steak is served with out sauce , dry as the Sahara. and they need to know where the beers are from , Belgian beers on the menu are not from Germany. also when i ordered a starter it's polite to wait until i finish it and not serve the main course 5 minutes later on.

  2. I thought the place and food is just phenomenal....steaks for sure the best in town IMHO.

  3. The never ending story about serving the main course while starter not fnished yet. Even when you tell the waiters. What a city....

  4. the place was great! visit my blog for my review :

  5. Great steak doesn't need sauces. Actually, salt and pepper are the perfect companion to premium meat. To my knowledge, they serve 3 type of sauces: chimmichurri, garlic cream and diablo. I agree, they serve the best steak in town in terms of quality and price point. I'd like to respond your comment on their serving sequence, it goes back to their "homey" and "sharing" concept, they shy away from the fine dining concept whereby you can expect the waiter/resses to wait until you finish a certain dish and serve you another.

  6. Ca ne vaut pas la peine du tout.

    As everyone was talking about it, we were expecting good service, good food and excellent drinks. Service was spotty, food was simply okay but definitely not worth what we paid and drinks were... blah. Gave it three tries, so I'm flunking it.

  7. Very disappointed with food. We ordered tapas, pork ribs and steak. The tapas dish were very salty and dry. The meat was too dry and couldn't swallow after chewing. Nice interior though.

  8. if they are homey then why the service is cold, ignorant yet smiley(sign of not understanding) on a quiet Sunday? Jakarta is full of concept restaurants whilst its not executing what it says .However its an excuse to charge high prices. Owners are greedy and want to make a quick buck out of ignorant people who basically want to see and be seen.Indeed what a city!

    1. Well if u dare to say "what a city" why dont u just go back to ur own country :) every places Has its Own unique and distinctive character :p