"What are the best nightclubs in Jakarta?" is one of the questions I get asked the most by readers of Jakarta100bars.

The following list should answer this question though I imagine some of you may disagree with my rankings. If you do, please leave a comment below about your favorite clubs in the city.

Surprisingly, there has not been so many changes in the past few year in the city's clubbing scene. All the venues listed below already existed in 2014. 

As I mentioned in my review Jakarta Nightlife 2015, almost all nightclubs in Jakarta are expensive. If you are a heavy alcohol drinker and if you are with a small group, I would advise to always buy a bottle. That way you can get a table or a sofa close from the dance-floor and also avoid the First Drink Charge, FDC (usually amounting to Rp100,000 - Rp200,000). On weekends, it is essential to book in advance.

Bouncers in Jakarta take their jobs very seriously. If you are not dressed appropriately, you will be refused no matter how much money you are about to spend. Girls should always wear high-heels. Men should not wear a t-shirt or a torn jean.

Unfortunately, the quality of the music is not the focus in Jakarta. In most clubs below except Mille's, the playlist is similar and consists of a mix of mostly famous, mainstream international hits. You have an international DJ playing almost every weekend in Jakarta though. In this case, the music is more likely to be original.

If those 10 clubs are not enough, I invite you to read my list of Jakarta's Best Bars. Most of these have a DJ on Fridays and Saturdays.

Quick introduction to Jakarta nightlife: Read my article Jakarta Nightlife 2016 Explained in 500 Words.

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Jenja is the newest and currently most happening nightclub in Jakarta. It is the second Jenja to open in Indonesia following the success of the Seminyak branch. Well-designed yet not overly luxurious, it is the first nightclub in the city to specialize in non-commercial techno music. Their first guest DJs were Oliver Huntemann, MANDY and Marc Romboy. The crowd in Jenja is quite eclectic, mixing expats, students and socialites. There aren't that many girls, at least not as much as in Immigrant or X2.

Note that Jenja is located in South Jakarta (Cilandak), a 30-minute drive from the city center. If you need a cheap hotel nearby, I recommend you Midtown Residence.

Even though Immigrant is not as good as it used to be before its renovation, it is still one of Jakarta's top party places. It has a small dance floor usually full of expats and sexy local girls. Prices are slightly above Dragonfly for individual drinks, but they give you a drink with the entrance fee. Music is hip hop, EDM, Top 40, Rn'B depending on the night. Great for pick-up.

It is located inside the Mall Plaza Indonesia, which is the best area for staying in Jakarta.

Dragonfly has the nicest interior design of any nightclubs in Jakarta (and even Indonesia). It has a good crowd, though almost half of the girls are hookers or semi-pros hunting rich expats. The entrance fee is stupidly expensive, Rp200,000 without a drink. Book a table to avoid this if you come with a group. Their best night is on Wednesday. They have strict door policy: Dress well and if you look young, don't forget to bring an ID.

Jakarta's SCBD is the best area in the city for a fun night out. The massive Empirica is always as fun and popular, I love their 50m long bar, the chic crowd and the great sound-system. More than half the crowd is Indo-Chinese. Entrance is usually around Rp100,000 with a drink.

Mille's (CLOSED)
Mille's is an unusual choice and most people I know don't like it. Still, it is the only decent underground club in the city, and the best place to visit after hour. Be warned that for most people partying in Mille's, the only cocktail they need is ecstasy and water. The best time to visit is after 7am. Entrance is between Rp50,000 and Rp100,000 (with soft drink).

Update October 2016: Mille's has been shut down, guess for which reason? Drugs.

Colosseum is the best nightclub in Jakarta on the paper: The best layout, the best sound and lighting system and some of the best events. Yet, the crowd is mostly static and not very fun to hang out with. Many girls are probably escorts from the karaoke. It is also quite far from the City center. First drink charge around Rp200,000.

X2 is the favorite nightclub of many clubbers in Jakarta. If you are a 20-something foreigner looking to meet an Indonesian girl (and vice versa), it is certainly your best choice. The entrance and the drinks are expensive (FDC Rp200,000). One room has hip-hop/Rn'B and one is for Trance/EDM lovers.

If you are between 18 and 22, Fable could be your hottest party spot. You have all the cool kids from high school getting drunk with dad's money, which is even nicer when you get invited to a table. It is just below Lucy in the Sky. Entrance: Rp150,000 (FDC).

Blowfish was just renovated in 2014 during Ramadan. Since it reopened, it has managed to attract Jakarta's best crowd (particularly Indochinese in their early 20s). Recent guest DJs include Dirty South, Fat Boy Slim or Richie Hawtin.

5-year old Domain Club can have some great nights, but it is inconsistent. It is cheaper than most clubs mentioned above so you will find more relaxed people. Few expats. Recent events included a performance by the porn star Sasha Grey.

Golden Crown is a typical North Jakarta nightclub with a high level of drugs and prostitution. It is almost always crowded, mostly with Indonesians. It is a sure bet if you want to go clubbing during weekdays and if you don't mind its seedy side. Huge karaoke.

Illigals (Voyeur Club)
Illigals is very rarely crowded. Forget it during the week unless they have a big name coming. Still, it deserves to be in the Top 10 because they have a decent list of events. Many DJs from Stadium are now playing in Illigals too. The karaoke is very popular after hour because it is protected from the police.

Need more clubbing ideas? Check Exodus, Nebula , Foundry 8 (similar with Fable but more easy going), Potato Head Garage (only good if they have events). All of them are usually busy on Friday and Saturday nights and they have special events on a regular basis.

Photo credit: Main photo Chris Seward - Other Photos from Facebook.

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  1. Loving your guides. We from Netherlands and going to Bali, Jakarta and Singapore beginning of June to find out how the parties are! Looking forward to more tips on your site!

    1. Let' go to party.. shall we...?

    2. There is no closed for clubbing in jakarta.
      always open for hv fun

  2. Welcome to jakarta, as the best city of clubbing.
    For more information , you can page me

    1. Hi Robertus, are you the author of this article? I'm trying to find out moe about Jarkata's clubbing scene. How do I page you? Can you send me a message?

    2. Hi Kelvin, I'm the author, you can email me thibaud@jakarta100bars.com

  3. Do you know which one would be open this weekend (first week of ramadhan)? Thanks.

    1. Hi, sorry but all clubs will be closed this weekend. The first week and last week of ramadhan are the strictest. In case things have changed since last year, you can check Mille's or BATS but I seriously doubt they will be open.

  4. when was this article posted? just wondering if the writer still have d same opinion for this november and december

  5. now, potato head garage is one of the best place too! its crowded as well in events like peaches and cream or press play. and fyi, umbra is closed already.

  6. how about the safety in all the clubs?
    please drop me some information about this.

    1. I don't think there are any reasons to be afraid of the safety. It's probably more dangerous to cross the street in Jakarta than go to a nightclub.

      Just don't get into fights with anybody and be respectful of bouncers.

  7. Hello, i am emailing from Christmas Island (Jawa Selatan)
    Our flights from Christmas Island to Jakarta is every Saturday and in a couple of weeks time i am taking up a soccer team to play at ISCI.
    So without waffling on :) can you suggest a good club that has a good week night? If it makes any difference we are a very campur bangsa people so Malay, Chinese and European with some girlfriends and wives all open minded. All like greart sounds and party (our island soooo small) Best regards, majulah Indonesia. :) Oliver

  8. Hi Oliver, on which day exactly will you be in Jakarta? On Wednesdays, X2, Dragonfly and Immigrant are good. Otherwise, it might be quiet so your best option is to go to a hotel bar like BATS or CJs. Those two places are lively but quite expensive and crowded with freelance prostitutes.

  9. Hey guys, could someone know any clubs contact to play as a guest Dj in any of those clubs ?
    Manager name, email, facebook... ? Thanks guys!

  10. Milles will be closed soon :'( They have house and breakbeat played in sepearate halls. In the breakbeat hall, usually the DJ plays 'Indonesian' breakbeat first which sounds like dangdut-koplo (although the songs are all in english) and around 1 AM 'Western' breakbeat is played which has more complex and delicate arrangement. But on weekdays they keep playing that 'dangdut' until 4 AM before changing to breakbeat. This is only my assumption though, judging from how the music sounds it seems that the first type is composed by Indonesians and the latter is composed by foreigners.

    1. Hello, how do you know that Mille's will close soon? Is it just temporary?

    2. Haven't you heard the news? I read it on detik.com. Last Saturday a policeman was caught red-handed consuming drugs. Since that was the second time drug was found at Milles, the authority decided to close it for good just like they did with Stadium.
      I'm so devastated :'(

    3. Thanks I just heard from you... it seems very common for policemen or soldiers to be caught using drugs in Indonesia... but if they didn't close it already, it means they are probably trying to find an arrangement...

  11. There is not a perfect alternative yet... Golden Crown for the music but it closes at 5am, Exotis or Puja Sera for the drugs but the music there sucks, Illigals Karaoke rooms are another option.

  12. I am goig to golden crown tonight...10pm i have booked balcony...who want to join? Drop reply with yoir info and ill invite you

    1. How was the scene at Golden Crown when you went?

  13. Is Fable, Exodus, and Colosseum strictly check the IDs?

  14. Where do the hottest girls go in Jakarta, that are willing to mingle with guys?