PIK, Pantai Indah Kapuk, is one of the favorite nightlife spots in Jakarta for wealthy, young Indonesian-Chinese.

Many among them live in West and North Jakarta, especially in Pluit, Kelapa Gading and Taman Anggrek. Therefore, it can be more convenient for them to meet in PIK instead of going to South Jakarta's usual nightlife venues.

As a result, the nightlife in PIK is heavily influenced by the preferences of this demographic. For instance, most of the popular restaurants in PIK serve pork, which is rare elsewhere in the city. You will also find more Korean, Japanese and Chinese restaurants as well as some trendy Asian brands (especially in the mall PIK Avenue).

The bars and clubs in PIK follow the same logic. Soju is very popular here, and the clubs tend to focus on customers who buy bottles. There are also several karaoke joints.

Below is a quick rundown of where to hangout and party at night in PIK:

Nightlife in PIK
Most of the popular restaurants are located in the streets surrounding the Damai Indah Golf course, namely Jalan Marina Indah and Jalan Pantai Indah Kapuk (near the Jakarta Outer Ring Road). The bars and clubs are mostly in PIK 2, a new area that was built on land reclaimed from the sea.

The current popular bars and clubs are the following:

High-end, trendy KTV and club that has recently opened a sister venue, Elyxium on Gatot Subroto (which replaces Blowfish club). They have luxury private suites that you can rent to make your own parties. Live bands and DJs with sexy dancers.

Modern Chinese-style bottle nightclub with mostly EDM music. They also have live music events. They have many foreign guest DJs though I'm not familiar with most of the names.

If you follow many Jakartans on social media, you've probably seen a few selfies or stories taken from Phoenix Gastro Bar. Opened by the HW Group (H Club, Atlas Bali), this restaurant/bar is built on several floors in a style that resembles the interior of the Titanic (think about the scene with the staircase). If you come after 6 PM, you have a minimum charge of IDR 1,5M to get a sofa (for 6-8 persons). Live jazz/pop every day until 10PM, followed by a DJ until 2AM.

Similar to Phoenix, you come here to eat with friends while enjoying live music and a DJ. It is very happening and they usually have several events every week. It is also part of a chain and they have several locations in Jakarta.

One of the busiest bars in Pantai Indah Kapuk. Good selection of beers and soju. Not so pricey. They usually have live music (Indonesian and English pop/rock) followed by a DJ (EDM, top 40, RnB).

One of the best karaokes in PIK with Bose sound system.

Also a restaurant/café, Union is a popular chain with a diverse crowd, from office workers to socialites. Recommended for after-work drinks or for first-time dates (easy to find). It's better to make advance reservations as they are often full.

In Pantai Indah Kapuk, they are located in the mall PIK Avenue.

Not really a place to get drunk, but it can be a nice meeting point for a date. This is more a café/restaurant with a garden theme. It is often crowded.

A bar with a daily live band and DJ. For an older, Indonesian crowd.

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