Attics Lounge and Bar (Kemang)

By Jakarta100bars
The Attics is a lounge/bar, opened in March 2011 to replace Second Floor (which relocated elsewhere). It has the same owner than Nu China.

It is intimate, with less than 10 sofas and a small dancefloor, with mostly commercial house music. The volume is loud, with the bass making the whole place shake: It is more a club than a lounge. It wasn't too crowded when I visited (on a Tuesday night), but I can imagine it must be full on weekends. Customers were Indonesians in their twenties. Since the bar area is small, make sure you get a table or you will have to stand up with your drink.

Overall: The Attics is OK when it comes to atmosphere, lighting, sound system, service, but it is too bad they are playing the same songs we hear over and over in Jakarta. I could come back, with a group of friends. Not a place to try if you are alone. Prices rather expensive for Kemang: Rp30k++ for draught Bali Hai, Rp100k++ for a cocktail (Attics Attack).
Attics bar and lounge
Jalan Kemang Raya No. 24A
South Jakarta

Phone number: +62-21 719 4273
Fax: +62-21 717 93960

4 comments to '' Attics Lounge and Bar (Kemang) "

  1. The floor is shaking and there are no emergency exits. This place is death trap. On Saturday night they let way too many people in. It was impossible to move. The air is too smokey and too hot. This is by far the worst place i have been to in all of Jakarta. Once and never again! Better go to Tipsy on the other side of the road.

  2. Don't go. They scammed me out of $50.00.

  3. Don't go. They scammed me out of $50.00

  4. First Jakarta experience. I am a bit disappointed. Came around midnight & it wasn't too bad. We were able to get a table. Just a few people were dancing. But mostly everyone just sitting around. Couple hours later it was packed, full of smoke, extremely hot. About Rp. 500.000 to get in, with drinks. Most drinks were over Rp. 50.000 - 8 oz.

    My only real complaint was that the crowd was wayy too young. Junior High/High School students. That kind of ruined the experience.

    Where is a real adult club in Jakarta?? Nu China next door or Tipsy across the street? Maybe next time...