Kemang is one of the best neighborhoods to live in Jakarta, especially for foreign families. Contrary to SCBD or Sudirman, it is mostly low rise and it retains a certain village vibe.

It also has a vibrant nightlife that caters mainly to two distinct crowds:

- Young Indonesian in their late teens and early 20s
- Foreigners living in South Jakarta

The nightlife in Kemang is always changing. The typical lifespan of new bars, clubs and restaurants rarely exceeds more than 2-3 years, which means you shouldn't be surprised if some of the venues listed below have closed already.

Kemang is known for its horrible traffic jams. Avoid going there after office hours, especially on Fridays between 5 PM and 8 PM. During heavy rain, the traffic will be even worse as some areas often get flooded.

Kemang nightlife: Where to Party + Hotels nearby

Most of Kemang nightlife happens in Jalan Kemang Raya, especially near the intersection with Jalan Taman Kemang. There are several popular venues there such as Eastern Promise (expat bar), Amora, Treehaus, and Big Brother. All are walking distance from one another.

Click on this image to see my map of Kemang nightlife:
It's a good idea to stay in a hotel nearby so you can just walk easily to those bars, without having to worry about traffic jams or taxi scams.

Hotel Monopoli is the best choice in my opinion because it already has a popular rooftop bar called The Moon. It targets a young crowd so if you are above 30-40, you may prefer Grand Kemang Hotel or Sotis Hotel instead. Both are also ideally located and cost less than 50$ per night. Finally, if you are on a budget, the Pop Hotel next Eastern Promise is a good option. Its most basic room only costs 23$ per night.

Finally, for the best value for money, I recommend staying in the Japanese-inspired Hotel Kuretaseko. Rated 8.9/10 on Agoda, it has clean and modern rooms with bathtubs, and a free onsen on the property. Also walking distance to many shops, restaurants and bars.

Best Bars and Clubs in Kemang

These are the most popular venues to party in Kemang:

Eastern Promise (Kemang)
Eastern Promise, or EP, is one of the oldest bars in Jakarta, and one of the most iconic. It is the favorite hangout spot of the expat community in Kemang, attracting young and older guys, families, as well as many Indonesians.

It has several rooms, including a restaurant, a sports bar with pool tables, and a large beer garden with live music. If you are new to Jakarta and you want to make some friends, this is an excellent place to start. 

Another expat bar in Jakarta, smaller, is Star Kemang.

Trendy nightclub with a fun and alternative crowd. Has a drum and bass night.

If you like this place, you can also check out the nightclubs FOS in Arion Suites Hotel and BOF. Both have live music + techno music.

It used to be a beer garden but it has expanded and become closer to a live music venue. Daily Indonesian bands followed by a DJ. Rather laidback and affordable.

Yes, there is a club called Brexit in Jakarta! It is a small place, previously called 999, that is packed on weekends with younger Jakartans in their late teens (sometimes underage as the bouncers don't always check IDs). Not a very sophisticated venue, but it is cheaper than average. Avoid it if you can't stand second-hand smoke.

This nightclub is one of the most happening in Kemang. It is disorganized and not stylish at all, but cheap. They are pretty relaxed about ID checks so there are a lot of teenagers inside. DJs play EDM, Top 40 or Rn'B.

Small beer: IDR50,000
Mojito: IDR85,000
Bottle of Jack Daniel’s IDR1,650,000

Nu China, Venue Dance Scene and Second Floor
These 3 nightclubs/bars already existed when I came to Jakarta for the first time in 2006. They are cheap but the alcohol they serve is probably not genuine. Music is EDM/House.

Amigos KemangTex-mex restaurant that has busy Latin and country nights. Check their Instagram for more details.

Near Kemang:
Near Kemang, Blok M is a growing nightlife area as well. You can visit the M Blok Space complex that has several restaurants, cafés and bars. Walking distance, Little Tokyo is a fun area with many Japanese eateries, some KTVs, and the underground bar Nebula.

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