In this review of Khon Kaen nightlife, I will give you tips about the best areas to party, where to stay near the clubs, my favorite venues and how to meet people.

Khon Kaen is a medium-sized Thai city about 1 hour away from Udon Thani. There are few tourist attractions there, but it is a pleasant town with great street food and very cheap accommodation. It also has a small, but fun nightlife, which caters mainly to young clubbers (students make up a quarter of the population). 

What I really enjoyed about Khon Kaen nightlife is that almost all the bars and clubs are located within a small area. Even better, within just a few streets, you will find a mix of different types of venues, including expat bars, student cafés, sports bars and live music clubs. You can try several of them in one night simply by walking from one to another.

Khon Kaen Nightlife Map
This map features all the nightclubs, bars and cafés mentioned in this review (click on it to make it larger):

Where to party in Khon Kaen?

Pracha Samran Road

As you can see on the map, the busiest street at night in Khon Kaen is Pracha Samran Road. It is lively from 7PM up to 3AM with mostly open-air bars that are popular among young Thais.

You can start your night out at The Library, which is the best bar in the street, then explore the rest of the street by foot.

Around Pullman Hotel
As you walk closer from the Pullman Hotel, most of the bars you'll see are much smaller, less sophisticated, and they target foreigners. They often have hostesses/working girls who can keep company with customers.

Best Hotels Near the Nightlife
Khon Kaen may have the cheapest hotel rooms you'll find in Thailand. You can get a double room in the city center in a hotel like the Bann Vor for just above 15 dollars per night.

That said, I recommend the 5-star Pullman Hotel which is walking distance from most of the bars and nightclubs in the city. On this site, it costs around 60 dollars per night. Also a 5-star property, Ad Lib Hotel is newer and it has higher ratings, but it's more expensive (80 dollars per night).

For better value hotels, you can go to Glacier or B2 Premier. Both cost around 25 dollars per night, have good ratings and are located very near to the nightlife.

Best Bars and Clubs in Khon Kaen
One of the most happening clubs in the city. Very busy on weekends with a student crowd. Music is officially hip-hop but the DJs also play a lot of pop songs. Free entrance.

Chic bar with well-off students who come in large groups, usually to celebrate birthdays. Live music. Check their Facebook for special events.

A lively bar/club, perfect if you want to mingle with local Thais on the dance floor.

Very cute speakeasy bar with live jazz and good cocktails

Another 1930s-inspired speakeasy bar. Quite formal.

Live bands playing Thai pop, rock and jazzy songs

You'll need to take a cab to go to this bar. Minimalist design, cool crowd.

A popular hangout spot located inside a house. Indoor and outdoor space. Cheap beer. Live music.

Full Frame
This is one of my favorite bars in Khon Kaen. They also have live music, not too loud, but a more mature/upmarket crowd. Closes at 2AM.

Wine 22
Large beer garden with also an indoor area. Not too crowded. English/Thai live music, usually soft-rock and pop bands. Serves food.

Nightclub with a small beer garden in the back. DJs playing EDM alternate with live music. Good crowd. Seems like there are some prostitutes. 150THB for a small Carlsberg. 1,200THB for the cheapest whisky bottle. Non smoking. Close at 3AM.

Another branch from the popular Tawandang chain. If you have never tried, they are an institution in Thailand. They have live shows all night long from comedians to singers (folk songs in Isaan language). The crowd is usually above 30-40.

Online Dating in Khon Kaen
Since there aren't many foreigners in Khon Kaen, expect to attract a bit more attention than in places like Bangkok or Phuket.

Best dating sites: Bumble, Tinder

Best dating site if you are not in Thailand and you want to chat with guys/girls ahead of your trip: ThaiCupid or the luxury dating site Both these sites have members who are interested in meeting with foreigners.

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