Baku Dapa Live Music (Reader's Post)

By Jakarta100bars

Last Saturday, despite it being Hallowe'en, Jaksa mid-evening was quieter than usual, so we repaired round the corner, to a place called Baku Dapa, which means ‘handshake’ in the Manado language. Manado is up on Sulawesi island, and I’ve not been there, but the bar was fine, excellent live music, old songs from the 50s, 60s and 70s, both local and Western, and beer at Rp.36.00 a bottle.

It runs till 3am, and when we moved on at 1 o'clock, people were still arriving, mostly respectable Indonesians, but a few Arabs, though I was the only Western patron.

It didn't seem to be a pick-up bar, though waitresses/hostesses will happily sit and dance with customers - once you've got to know them, it is no doubt up to you and your hostess if the friendship deepens!

The only black mark I can give it is their choice of music when the singers take their break, that hideous monkey-music played, I believe, at the Stadium, a Jakarta disco where frying one’s brains is almost compulsory. I mean that electronic ear-bashing garbage, metallic and mindless, that leaves you deafened. But Ms.Novi and the other live singers were all in good voice, so I guess we can forgive the cacaphonous interlude.

It's pretty dark -one of the Arabs at the adjacent table inadvertently joined ours, before realising he'd misplaced his pals!
Bakudapa (Paula) Café, Resto & Live Music
Jalan KH. Wahid Hasyim 116, Jakarta
Telepon 3905987, 92927449

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2 comments to '' Baku Dapa Live Music (Reader's Post) "

  1. Bakupada closed in November 2011 after a man was killed inside I don't know if it will reopen or not.

    JAKARTA: A man, identified as Yosias L. Tanamal, was reported to have died after getting involved in a fight at Kafe Bakudapa in Menteng, Central Jakarta, early on Friday.

    Menteng Police chief Comr. Didi said that the victim was injured in the fight and was taken to a nearby hospital.

    “He died as a result of a severe stab wound to his back,” Didi said.

    The police have apprehended three men who were allegedly involved in the fight. The men had tried to drive away from the scene but failed after their vehicle hit a curb.

    The suspects face up to seven years in jail if found guilty of breaching the Criminal Code Article 351 (1) on physical abuse.

  2. I went there shortly after the incident described above. Please be very careful in this place!! I got charged $20 dollars for a drink for one of the hostesses. My advice is to stay well clear.