Face Bar, part of the Face group, is one of the oldest bars in Jakarta. It is still popular, especially with expats and tourists, in spite of being expensive and even though dozens of similar lounges have opened all around the city.

The secret of Face Bar is undoubtedly its interior design, which combines old antiques with more contemporary paintings and sculptures. It is quite small, and there are always some regulars, in particular foreign journalists. There is a pool table too but it is rarely used. There are two fine dining restaurants in the same building, each one with a theme: Lan Na Tai (Thai food) and Hazara (Indian cuisine, reviewed on this blog here)

Face bar is usually a recommended nightlife spot by many magazines/websites about Jakarta. Myself, I like to take my friends there when they come to Jakarta, because it is the kind of venue that would be popular in Europe. Don't expect something very happening though, it is a bar to chill and relax, not to party.
Face Bar
Kusuma Atmaja 85, Imam Bonjol,
Menteng, Jakarta

Tel: +62 21 31925037
Fax: +62 21 3143501

E-mail: jakarta@facebars.com

The photos were taken on Face Bar's website : Click here.
Facebook: Face Jakarta
Facebook of Face Group: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Face-Group-Jakarta/209858615695404

12 comments to '' Face Bar Menteng "

  1. Completely overrtated...tourist trap. The owner-manager (expat) is very rude and he will quickly run you out of the establishment if you don't order food quickly.

  2. Face bar is like Cheers series, it depends if you like the decor and many loyal patrons who come there many times.the cocktails are among the best in Jakarta.

  3. this bar is mostly patronised by foreign journalists and the NGO staff. Fridays mostly hang out there and Hazara lanna Thai are nice places to dine.Brought my girl there as she knows the management well who treat us very well.

  4. one of the few original places who managed to stay alive after so many new bars opened. i go here for the sangria's ,mojitos and long island teas. they have the best bartender of Jakarta.

  5. Nice ambiance, friendly staff, great mojito and sangria! Plus they have happy hours everyday and whole day and night on sunday! However, it took somewhat too long to get the order and a bit frustrating if you sit upstairs and difficult to find the waiters.

  6. difficult to find but the manager told me it has it s reasons not to put out the name outside.other than that it s the best chilling place right in the center of Jakarta with quality drinks and a nice mix of expats and some locals, it has a pool table which is almost teared apart but good fun place to mingle . the popcorn with massala is simple and spicy but addictive and morish.

  7. Face is now very much booming especially on a friday night , saturday night they have a live band but it s very romantic to take your gf there

  8. this is the journalist/ngo hangout. where people go for post work drinks.

    Expensive, yes, decor is nice, cocktails are indeed good. I would say the seating needs some tweaking.

    Have drunk there many many times, but never eaten. I'm sure the food is fine.

  9. face bar is fenced with curtains the manager said they applied to the governemt rules but the service and drinks are still as usual

  10. was a bit suprised they had a great party on saturday night there as it's quieter on weekends. it was a great night as many patrons were dancing and had a good time! i prefer the jazz nights here the band is getting better!

  11. A good place to have a drink after work, and if you need a more substantial meal, the attached Indian and Thai restaurants serve great dishes. My only complaint would be about the manager - who stinks up the place with his arrogance. His behavior bordered on rude when I saw him face customers. Get rid of him, and the place would be much better.

    1. great place.Smokey though the manager is great with guests and staff , no wonder it's every day with guests.