Not a big fan... Buddha Bar is very predictable.. Well-marketed though because I'm sure it will be very popular : Sign of modernity for Indonesians, and a taste of back home for expats... In spite of that, I have to admit the location of the bar is really nice, in an ancient colonial building, and that the deco is really perfect. But i would just rather go to Buddha Bar in Paris rather than in Jakarta.

Dress well (no shorts, no sandals, no torn jeans, no t-shirt) and take some money with you...

Update June 2009: Buddha Bar Jakarta has been drawing the attention of worldwide media because Buddhists (it seems like there was an invisible hand behind this, but who?) in Jakarta have been protesting over the use of the name "Buddha" next to bar. They won a battle, if not the war, and the management of Buddha Bar Jakarta is now planning to change its name.

Update May 2011: Buddha Bar is now called Bistro Boulevard. There are no references to buddha anymore. I will check the place when I have time soon. In the meantime, you can look at Bistro Boulevard's facebook page here or its website here.
Buddha Bar Jakarta
Jl. Teuku Umar No. 1
Menteng 10350 - Jakarta Pusat
Ph: +6221 3900 899. Fax: +6221 3900 896
Website: Jakarta's Buddha Bar

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  1. Soon Buddha Bar will change the name since the buddha's people in indonesia not agree to use Buddha as a bar name.

  2. It's not changing its name but only the sign outside I think

  3. f it was the other religion it would probably be burn't down by now.

  4. lol, jeebus bar or all*h bar... or maybe shitface bar for all i care, the place's great, ambiance's nice prices are okay, meh..

  5. If you are ever in amsterdam come over and check me as resident dj of the little buddha bar amsterdam!

  6. Hi, I’m a big fan of your website, it’s really such a handy guide to Jakarta’s nightlife and now restaurants. I tried Bistro Boulevard the other day and I really loved it. You guys should review it. Food is pricey but still less than fine dining (mains around Rp150k, but lots of appetizers, soups, salads, and pastas at or under 50k) but quality was spot on. Even the butter that came with the free (fresh!) bread was excellent. I got the lamb chops and they were perfectly cooked, as were the asparagus and potatoes that came with it. Drinks are actually cheaper than in similar venues (Loewy, Jackrabbit etc). You can see the menus on the website, that’s what made me wanna go. I’ve been disappointed by the food at a lot of overhyped Jakarta venues but the grub here was definitely worth the money.