Barcode (Kemang)

By The Jakarta Team

Barcode Codefin is a big "luxury" club in Kemang, mixing a decent outdoor foodcourt with a club. Im not really a fan of the night clubs in Kemang since the crowd is usually a bit too young and too polite for my likings, plus I find the music to be very similar from clubs to clubs. However, even though Barcode is not that different, it is trying, with a promise to play non commercial music and some interesting special events such as the live acoustic sessions on Fridays or the costume parties Uber, which shouldn't be missed.
Contact details:
Barcode Kemang
On top of Codefin building, Jalan Kemang Raya 8
Phone number: (62-21) 7182208
Email Barcode: info at

Open until 3AM.

You can check their very neat website: Jakarta Barcode Club
For events, the best source of infos is their facebook fan page here: Barcode Codefin Facebook FanPage or their group Barcode Facebook Group.

Similar clubs: Kampus, Amor, Triple Nine.

11 comments to '' Barcode (Kemang) "

  1. is it easy to pick up those girl in such kind of bar?

  2. It's a "normal" place, so you will need more than just a wallet to get to your end.. People are quite friendly though so I would not say it's easy but you can at least pick up a phone number

  3. does it require ID?

  4. I look well over 18 so ive never been asked... if you look young though, it could be possible they ask you... you should try and give us your feedback on this blog for other readers!

  5. the first two pics seriously rot my eyes. eww!
    anyways for the first anonymous, just like.. eww! and the second one, they never ask for ID... EVER in kemang. I mean, I've actually met almost all my high school juniors and they're like... 15? 16? 17? so yeah. =_=

  6. Most people dressed like that in this club?..looks like haloween night...

  7. how about the price?

  8. Oh seriously. This is the place where the desperate teens in Jakarta dancing and acting like drunk assholes while in fact they know nothing but bir bintang. Tryin so hard to look 'cool' i guess

  9. kebanyakan ababilnya disini

  10. barcode is not as fun as it used to :(

  11. do they selling ecstasy there?