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Online Prostitution is Booming in Indonesia

By Tibs →
With the current crackdown on red-light districts and massage parlours everywhere in the country, for instance in Kalijodo in Jakarta or Dolly in Surabaya, online prostitution has been booming in Indonesia. Surprisingly, sexual services are not necessarily advertised through specific adult dating sites.  Indeed, many of them, even sugar dating sites like SeekingArrangement , or swinging ones like   Adult Friend Finder , are blocked by the government and only available if you download a VPN (see Best VPN for Indonesia to see how to do). Prostitutes, pimps, and mafias use mainstream websites and apps  instead, like Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, BeeTalk, Instagram, Badoo or Tinder . If you are using any of these, you have probably noticed that there are more and more profiles of prostitutes, to the point that it can ruin the experience for "normal" users. This is the case on WeChat. They have a feature called "Look Around" that can be used to meet people

10 Best Men Spas & Massage Parlours in Jakarta (Updated)

By The Jakarta Team →
There are two kinds of massage parlours in Jakarta: * "Family Spas" or "Day Spas" are providing normal massages and treatments for both men and women, without any sexual services. The best ones are located in South Jakarta, in malls or in 5 stars hotels. I wrote about my favorite ones here:  Jakarta's Best Normal Massage and Spa . * Men's Spas" offer what is called a  "plus plus", or an extra service (ranging from sex to a handjob), they are reserved for men. This article will be about them. Men's spas in Jakarta are hedonistic temples, the likes of which you won't find in Europe or in the US. It’s not only a massage you can get there, but various services to help you relax and feel good. Typically, they include a hot and cold pool, a jacuzzi, a sauna, a steam room, a lounge, a gym, a theater, etc. Some have an oxygen room, free food, etc. You can go to any of the places mentioned below and use their facilities for usu

108 Club (Previously known as Illigals Hotel & Club)

By Tibs →
Update July 2018 : Illigals just changed its name to 108 The New Atmosphere . I haven't visited yet as I'm not in Indonesia at the moment. I will write about it around August/September. From what I've heard, it's pretty much the same as before. I think the change is only a way for Illigals to keep a lower profile. Contact details: Illigals Hotel & Club Jl.Hayam Wuruk no.108 Jakarta Barat, 111620

Malioboro Executive Club and Spa

By The Jakarta Team →
Famous complex with Malio Club, a karaoke and a spa, just across the street from  Grand Mercure Hotel on Jalan Hayam Wuruk. Opening Hours: Every day, from 11am until late (3am usually) Malioboro Hotel & Spa Jakarta Jalan Gadjah Madah No. 13 Telephone. +62-21 638 50000

Colosseum Club (1001 Hotel)

By Tibs →
Colosseum Club used to be called K7 and is now managed by the same group behind Alexis hotel and Emporium Spa. Colosseum is actually the relocation of 1001, which closed in 2012 and was replaced by Illigals...  I visited the club for the after-party of the State of Trance Tour. It is an excellent club in terms of design, lighting, sound. The crowd was rather upmarket and mixed (foreigners/Indonesians), most of them standing in groups around tables. The dancefloor is pretty small and people are not really mingling with each other. Music is generally house/EDM, with some famous DJs occasionally. The entrance fee is around IDR200,000.   Colosseum Club Jakarta (1001) Jl. Kunir No.7 Jakarta, Indonesia 11110 Phone number: 0822-7000-1001 Open on Friday and Saturday until 4am Instagram: