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4 Best Websites to Find a Sugar Baby in Singapore (2021)

By Tibs →
"Sugar dating" is booming in Singapore, both among men and women. The country is currently the 3rd richest in the world per capita, meaning there are plenty of wealthy guys who can afford to support a girl and/or to buy her expensive gifts. At the same time, Singaporean girls are famously materialistic and many are actively looking for a partner with deep pockets. They may not care if a guy is handsome or ugly, but they will certainly want to know his job, his position or his income before considering going on a date with him. Singapore is also home to tens of thousands of foreign girls, especially from nearby Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines, Indonesia or Thailand. For many of them, dating a wealthy foreigner can be a life-changing situation and the promise of a better future back home. This combination of rich guys + money-oriented girls has made Singapore a fertile ground for sugar dating to develop. It's no surprise that the founder o

Singapore Nightlife: Bars and Nightclubs Guide

By Tibs →
Since my first visit in 2004, Singapore nightlife has seen tremendous changes, though not always for the best. As the GDP of Singapore almost tripled during that time, the number of foreigners went from 875,000 in 2006 to 1,632,000 in 2015. In the meantime, more and more Singaporeans went working or studying abroad, often in prestigious universities . Combined with the Government's ambition to develop Singapore as a tourist destination, this cosmopolitan atmosphere has encouraged restaurants, bars and nightclubs owners to open always more sophisticated and ambitious venues. As a result, Singapore nightlife has become one of the best in Southeast Asia. You have 28 restaurants with Michelin stars,  3 bars among the 50 best in the world , and 2 nightclubs in the  DJ Mag Top 100 . On the downside, prices have reached a ridiculous level, especially for wine and alcohol. If you are planning to go to the best nightclubs, bars and restaurants, you can expect to easily burn 300$