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Canggu and Seminyak Nightlife (during COVID-19)

By Tibs →
Note: This article was written by a reader who lives in Canggu and wishes to stay anonymous. It is purely informative and it is not intended to promote partying during the pandemic. Bali has changed dramatically since March 2020: Kuta, Legian, Nusa Dua, and Ubud are now almost deserted and many businesses there have closed down. Walking around in these areas feels like visiting a zombie land. On the other hand, Canggu (and Seminyak to a lesser extent) are currently thriving, especially at night. You can have drinks, socialize, and dance in crowded bars or nightclubs almost any night of the week. There is an official curfew at 10pm, and venues are supposed to enforce social distancing rules, but in reality, very few precautions are taken and you can party until morning. Some things have changed, though. In most clubs, the main entrance is closed after 10pm so you have to go in through the backdoor or the side door (sometimes through the kitchen like in Da Maria or Shishi). Also, it is n