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Phnom Penh Nightlife: Best Bars and Nightclubs

By Tibs →
Phnom Penh has one of the most bizarre and interesting nightlife in Asia. In terms of development, the city is still far behind Bangkok, Saigon , Jakarta or Manila : There are almost no skyscrapers, few modern malls, fewer cars, etc. This also translates into more poverty, poor public services (bad road maintenance, garbage) and average infrastructure (bumpy roads, slow internet, occasional power cuts). These characteristics reflect onto the nightlife. In the absence of a large middle class, you'll find it rare to meet normal girls in clubs. The most popular ones are packed with prostitutes, but many will play the girlfriend card if you are willing to take care of them. The rules are relaxed: Several clubs close late in the morning and a few bars stay open 24/7. Hotels are generally girl-friendly. You can get around without a helmet on a rented motorbike. Drugs are everywhere.