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Nha Trang Nightlife (Vietnam) (UPDATED 2024)

By Tibs →
If you are into beach bars, cheap drinks and hooking-up with drunk tourists, you might find that Nha Trang nightlife is the best in Vietnam. I spent about a week there on holiday, during low season, and that gave me plenty of time to party in every single bar and nightclub in town. The best thing about Nha Trang is that compared to other cities in Vietnam like Saigon or Hanoi, the rules are more relaxed. Venues stay open late, dress codes are rarely enforced, and the general vibe is definitely more friendly. Prices are also very cheap, especially during low season. With a $50 budget, you should have enough to book at least a 3-star hotel, eat in nice beachfront restaurants and drink plenty at night. SeekingArrangement is the #1 Sugar Baby Dating Site in the World - Click to Join Free! The drawback of Nha Trang, as you've probably read elsewhere, is the huge proportion of Russian, Chinese and Vietnamese tourists compared to other nationalities. I really don't have