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Maldives Nightlife - Best Resorts with Clubs, Bars, and Alcohol

By Tibs →
The Maldives is not the best place in the world to experience a crazy nightlife, mainly because tourists are spread on hundreds of different islands. It also doesn't help that most inhabitants are strict Muslims and that alcohol is prohibited in all local areas. On the country's 200 "local" islands, you cannot drink or buy any alcohol, even a simple beer. Doing so is only permitted on the "resort" islands, on which the luxury hotels are built. As a result, the Maldives has never been considered a party destination. Its atmosphere is relaxed and quiet, and a popular choice for couples on honeymoon. If the thought of going to bed by 8 PM every night during your stay sounds too boring, don't despair. You can still find a few bars/clubs within some of the resorts and hotels. The following nightlife review will give you a quick overview of your options for drinking and partying in the Maldives. How much does it cost to drink alcohol in