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Gili Trawangan Nightlife - Best Bars and Nightclubs (Lombok)

By Tibs →
I wrote this summary of Gili Trawangan nightlife (Lombok) after spending 3 nights there in May 2017. I had not visited the island in almost 10 years, and yet it didn't change much. It is just a bit more crowded, more expensive and dirtier.  Most visitors are young Westerners between 20 and 30 years old. Among them, many are couples on their honeymoon or backpackers on a 6-month Southeast Asia tour. The latter aren't as numerous as in Bali or Thailand, probably because of the prices (overall you'll spend twice as much in the Gili's). They tend to stay for a short period of time only, on their way to other parts of Indonesia. The ones who stay longer usually work in diving centers and form the only real expat community on the island.

Guide to the SHVR Ground Festival 2018 (with Discount Codes)

By Tibs →
The SHVR Ground Festival 2018 is the most exciting dance music festival so far this year in Jakarta. It will take place in the Allianz Eco Park, Ancol, on May 4th and 5th, 2018. In this review, I will tell you everything you need to do about it: Which artists will attend, where to stay nearby, how to buy tickets (with discount), and how to prepare for the D-Day. Don't hesitate to leave a comment at the end of this article if you need more information! Artists Line Up: The line-up confirmed for this year's event features some of the world's most famous DJs and composers on the EDM and Trance scene. There are also several up-and-coming artists, some of them that you should follow closely like the band FKJ (French Kiwi Juice). Here are some of the names, along with videos of their most famous songs: Alan Walker (DJ Mag No. 17 Best DJ in the World) Nicky Romero  (DJ Mag No. 50 Best DJ in the World) Gareth Emery Disclosure  (DJ Ma

Bengkulu Nightlife: 3 Best Nightclubs and Bars

By Tibs →
As you can imagine, Bengkulu nightlife is not the most glamorous in Indonesia. This coastal town is quite small, with only around 300,000 inhabitants and very few foreign tourists visiting it apart from surfers/backpackers. It does have an interesting history as it used to be a British possession from 1685 until 1824. Once called Bencoolen, it was given to the Dutch who, in return, agreed not to oppose British settlements in Singapore (among other things). The options for sleeping in Bengkulu are limited but they are all rather cheap. I stayed in  Tanjung Karang Hotel , which is clean, comfortable enough and costs only Rp300,000. You also have hotel chains like Santika or Amaris  (closer from the nightlife). If you are on a budget, the cheapest option is Xtra Hotel . What to do at night in Bengkulu? I don't think you can have a real party during weekdays and the best thing you can do is simply eat in a seafood restaurant by the beach. On weekends, you may want to try one of

Solo Nightlife (Surakarta) - Bars, Clubs, KTVs

By Nyoman →
Small in size but touristy, Solo (or Surakarta) is often considered the little sister of Yogyakarta. I was in the city to visit a French friend who lived there for 8 years. He showed me the nightlife on a Friday and a Saturday night. Hotels in Solo near the Nightlife The city is home to plenty of hotels, but beware as many are conservative and may not accept if you are staying with your boyfriend or girlfriend. As a rule of thumb, avoid small family guest-houses and any hotel with the name "syariah" on it (obviously).

Golden Palace and Jambi Nightlife (Sumatra)

By Tibs →
Since there isn't much nightlife in Jambi, I thought I would write mostly about Golden Palace, its most famous nightclub, and just mention a few other options for the adventurous party-goers. Golden Palace is the only proper clubbing option I found in Jambi, though I guess it is not very interesting for foreigners. It is your typical Indonesian live music venue, rectangle-shaped, with high tables on the dance floor and a mezzanine. The band finishes at midnight and it is then replaced by a DJ playing funky house techno. If you are lucky, you might be in Jambi during a special event (check Golden Palace's social media accounts below). In that case, though the entrance fee may increase to Rp100,000, you will have a full house and possibly more Western music.

Jember Nightlife: E-Club

By Tibs →
Jember nightlife is very quiet as you could imagine. The only decent nightclub I could find is E-Club which is located about 1,5km from the city center (I was staying in Aston Jember ). It is a small venue with a 200 pax capacity. Nothing luxurious there, just the walls, a stage, a bar and high tables on the dance floor. Entry was free but some busy nights it can reach Rp50,000. The crowd was mostly made of guys, not particularly dressed up for the occasion. There were less than 10 girls. A band was playing a mix of Indonesian and famous English songs. After midnight, it stopped and was replaced by a DJ (house music).

Kalijodo: Visiting The Largest Red Light District in Jakarta

By Tibs →
I had heard of Kalijodo a few times before, in particular through emails from readers of . It is famous for being the largest red light district in Jakarta and also a center for illegal gambling. It is located near Best Western Hariston Hotel, in Grogol, along the Ciliwung River. If you are on the toll road coming from the airport to the city center, you can actually spot it: There are maybe a hundred bars, discos and cafés lighted up with bright neon signs and with large advertising for Panther Stout or Bali Hai beers. Kalijodo street from the opposite riverbank I visited a few days ago. It had been raining all day and the traffic near Taman Anggrek was horrible. Since we were stuck, I asked the taxi driver if he could bring me there to have a look. He went to Kalijodo following Jalan Pesing street, which is lined up with ladyboys (waria) and further away, with street girls. The location is just in front of the nightclub MW. Indonesian Ladyboy (W