I wrote this summary of Gili Trawangan nightlife (Lombok) after spending 3 nights there in May 2024.

I had not visited the island in almost 10 years, and yet it didn't change much. It is just a bit more crowded, more expensive and dirtier. 

Most visitors are young Westerners between 20 and 30 years old. Among them, many are couples on their honeymoon or backpackers on a 6-month Southeast Asia tour. The latter aren't as numerous as in Bali or Thailand, probably because of the prices (overall you'll spend twice as much in the Gili's). They tend to stay for a short period of time only, on their way to other parts of Indonesia. The ones who stay longer usually work in diving centers and form the only real expat community on the island.

Don't know anyone in the Gili's and you want to meet people? Check the Gili T Pub Crawl which takes place every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday starting 7PM at Tir Na Nog bar.

Hotels Near the Nightlife
The nightlife in Gili Trawangan is highly concentrated on the Southeastern coast of the island between the Pier and the Villa Ombak. Unless you want to stay in a secluded area (North of Gili T.), it is best to choose a hotel within 500 meters from the Pier. You'll be able to walk straight to your hotel as you arrive by boat, and you'll have convenient access to bars, clubs, restaurants, shops and travel agents.

Generally speaking, the mid-range accommodations are located North of the Pier, the luxury ones in its South, and the cheapest guesthouses 2 or 3 streets deep into the island.

These are recommended hotels walking distance from Gili Trawangan nightlife:
- Scallywag Resort (Rated 8.8 on Agoda): 110$ per night (it has its own bar and a nice private beach but you might hear the music from the clubs at night)
- Villa Almarik (Rated 8.2 on Agoda): 90$ per night (in front of a snorkeling spot)
- Natya Hotel (Rated 8.4 on Agoda): 70$ per night
- The Beach House (Rated 8.0 on Agoda): 40$ per night to 130$ per night for villas
- Corner Hideaway Bungalow (Rated 8.0 on Agoda): 20$ per night

For backpackers (dorms), the best ones are Gili Castle and Broken Compass. Both have a pool bar where you can meet other travelers easily.

Best Bars and Nightclubs in Gili Trawangan
All the main bars and clubs in Gili Trawangan are pretty much next to each other, on the 500-meter beachside road that runs from the Pier to the Villa Ombak. If you don't have time to read this review, just go there and walk around, you will find the parties very quickly.

Alcohol is cheap by Indonesian standards, but you can expect that a high percentage of the alcohol sold is fake. Personally, I avoided cocktails/spirits and stuck to beers. Also, marijuana and mushroom sellers are everywhere and it is normally safe to buy from them.

These are the main nightlife venues in Gili Trawangan (Lombok):

This is one of the best places to party in the Gili's (and Lombok). DJs from 5PM. Happy hours from 5-9PM. Beers and shots for IDR 30,000.

Other than that, it has a basic set-up, inside a traditional bamboo hut. Music is mainstream pop/hip-hop/old school. Mushrooms are sold literally just outside the bar.

A rather large bar on two floors with live music or DJs, beer pong and sushis. Not the most crowded venue unless they have a special event. Happy hour all day on selected cocktails (buy 1 at IDR 100,000 and get 1 free). They also have chairs outside on the sands. Large screen with football.

Open-air bar with daily live bands starting at 7PM. Unlike its name would suggest, they don't always play reggae, especially on weekends (mostly famous rock/pop songs). It looks quite rundown, but it is popular nonetheless. A large Bintang costs IDR 70,000 and a cocktail IDR 90,000 (50K with "local" alcohol, or arak). There are bungalows in the back (Sama Sama Bungalows).

This bar/nightclub was busy later in the evening. They have both an indoor and an outdoor area with a small sound system directly installed on the beach. Music was the same as everywhere in the Gili's (Top 40, retro, old school). Happy hours from 7 PM to 10 PM. They organize monthly Dark Moon Parties.

A small bar with a diver and backpacker crowd (many guests from the Gili Beach Bum Hostel). Small Bintang IDR 35,000 and spirit + mixer IDR 60,000. Old school and hip hop music (DJ). Latin/Reggaeton party on Tuesday. Rock on Friday.

Another laidback bar, quite similar to the other ones. Young, backpacker crowd. Beer pong table in the back.

A foreign-owned Irish pub, well-run, which is happening mostly on Wednesday. They are also part of the Gili T bar crawl on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Happy hours from 4 PM to 8 PM (Bintang for IDR 35,000).

Sunset Spots on Gili Trawangan

I was not very lucky with sunsets as I had rain every late afternoon. One place that I can recommend though is the Exile (part of the Exile Hotel). It is a bit isolated but perfect for your Instagram pics (a bit overhyped, you'll have to queue for a while to take your pic on a swing). Bongo beats in the background.

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