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20 Famous Prostitute Bars in Luxury Hotels in Asia

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
If you are familiar with 5-star hotels in Asia, you know many of these prestigious hotels have a bar or a nightclub where freelance prostitutes can offer their services without being disturbed. On the contrary, the management of these venues often encourages working girls by giving them a free entrance and free drinks. The tolerance of the hotel managers/owners for prostitution activities within their walls may seem surprising. It is actually very logical and it can be explained easily. First, most of the clients in these hotels are males who are traveling alone, usually for business purposes. For them, the availability of (paid) sex is the main reason they will choose a brand over another. Any hotel with a happening pick-up bar is guaranteed a high-level of occupancy. Second, many clients prefer staying in hotels that have in-house bars so they can be certain they will be girl-friendly. They will feel more comfortable bringing a girl back to their room: That's wh

Bangkok Nightlife: 30 Best Nightclubs, Bars, Gogos in 2018

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
There are so many nightclubs in Bangkok that it may be hard for first-time visitors to decide where to party. I'm compiling here a description of the venue from the entire Bangkok nightlife scene to help your planning. For each venue, I included a link to their Facebook page. I encourage you to check the opening hours, event and entrance fee there directly. In general, most clubs are open until 2-3am and they will charge you between 250THB and 400THB for the first drink/entry. The most expensive,  Onyx  and  Cé La Vi  cost 500THB. Beware! Not every hotel in Bangkok will accept if you bring a girl to your room. If you want to avoid an embarrassing moment, you can book the following guest-friendly hotels (that are also close to the nightlife):  Heaven @ 4 ,  Ambassador Bangkok ,  Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel ,  Sukhumvit 12 Suites  and  Sofitel Bangkok . Meeting Thai Girls in Nightclubs Thai Cupid is the best dating site to meet Bangkok Girls It is actually quite difficult t

9 Late Night/ After Hour Nightclubs in Bangkok

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
What I hate the most about Bangkok nightclubs is that they close very early. After 2AM during the week, and after 3AM on weekends, you can expect that only a handful of venues will still be open. Even worse, the places that are open late in the night are terrible. As I wrote on my review about Bangkok Nightclubs , they can all be avoided during normal hours, but past a certain time you don't a lot of choice. Late night/after hour nightclubs in Bangkok are not exactly dirty, but they are seedy, with 90% prostitutes and a miserable vibe. Most clients are Western/Indian/Arab males wearing shorts and t-shirts who seem to be desperately horny. Don't expect to meet normal girls as there are almost none. Taxi drivers get a 200THB commission each time they bring a customer, so try to negotiate a free ride. You can save more money if you order a bottle of spirits as you'll enter for free. If you can, you should try to start your nights out early while in Bangkok. You can h

Baccara - Full Nude - Gogo Bar (Bangkok)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Baccara is one of the most famous gogo bars on Soi Cowboy in Bangkok. It is built on 3 floors with a large glass between each, allowing you to see the action from any floor, wherever you are. The best place to sit down is probably around the podium on the first floor as you can see under the skirts of the ladies (who aren't wearing panties) up to the third floor.

Spanky's Gogo Bar - Topless - Bangkok

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Spanky's is a famous gogo bar on the second floor of Nana Plaza Entertainment Center in Bangkok. They have live shows featuring topless girls every 15 minutes. They also have a shower show with a nude girl having her shower in the corner of the bar. The name of the bar probably comes from one of the shows where girls are spanking each other with foam sticks. They also go among customers and spank a few of them. I've tried. It makes a lot of noise but it does not hurt. The atmosphere inside Spanky's is very lively and one of the best among the gogo bars of Nana Plaza. Girls seem to have fun on stage and you have an interesting mix of old/young girls.

Crazy House - Naked Striptease (Bangkok)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
The owners could not have found a better name for their gogo bar: Crazy House is probably the wildest place you'll visit in Bangkok. It is a "hands-on" bar, where you can choose a naked girl and touch her as much as you want as long as you buy her ladies' drinks. Girls are everywhere, literally, and most of them are naked or only wearing panties. Some are on the podium stripping and dancing, some are pole dancing, some are with customers doing private lap dances. Others are in the stairs, in the corridors, in the elevator, etc... You must have 60 of them with various forms and shapes, from shy teen-looking ladies to vulgar MILF with fake boobs. You only have a few really hot girls though, and I didn't see one that could be considered a model, but the place is dark enough so you won't see all the imperfections anyway.

6 Best Gogo Bars in Bangkok (Nude Striptease)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
The best gogo bars in Bangkok with nude striptease (topless and full naked) can all be found in the Sukhumvit area in the red light districts of Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza Entertainment Center. This area, the heart of Bangkok nightlife , is very easy to reach either by taxi (all of them know where it is) or by public transport (BTS/Metro) at one of these stops: Asoke, Nana or Sukhumvit. Nudity is getting more common in Bangkok. Just a couple years ago, very few gogo bars had topless shows while today, around 20% of them have girls willing to show at least their boobs. Pussies are another story: While you can easily get private or semi private lap dances in many locations, especially in Patong, it is still rare to see girls completely naked on a stage. This is the reason why I wrote this list of the best gogo bars in Bangkok with nudity. The venues are likely to be outdated soon so please don't hesitate to leave a comment with recommendations/new information if you can.

Suzie Wong Gogo Bar - Nude Dancing Bangkok

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Suzie Wong is one of the most famous gogo bars in the Soi Cowboy street in Bangkok. Its biggest appeal for tourists are its live nude shows, including ping pong show, strip-tease, lesbian action and some kind of weird dance where the girls put beers all over their bodies. It does not happen every day and it's not non-stop. Apparently, it's only on weekends starting 10pm. The rest of the time you just have girls wearing sexy see-through lingerie, which is still more nudity than you'll see in most places on Soi Cowboy. The girls, I'm sorry to say, were rather bad looking. Many older or fatter prostitutes with stretched marks and cheap tattoos. In particular, the ones who were doing the ping pong show (inserting a ping pong ball in their vaginas) didn't look very healthy and the whole thing was a pity to watch.

Jakarta vs. Bangkok Nightlife - By a Bangkok Expat

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
I am Harvie, a Bangkok expat who runs his own Bangkok travel blog, where I talk about everything regarding Bangkok including Thai girls . I recently went on a two-week trip to Jakarta for a “cultural holiday”. For me a cultural holiday in Asia involves staying in my hotel with the air-con on until around 8pm. After chugging a few beers in my hotel room I head on out with the plan on getting blast out drunk, before finally starting the search for any human that has a pulse who is willing to go home with me. After spending two weeks in Jakarta, I will share my thoughts on the similarities and differences between Jakarta and Bangkok. I’ll try and keep it as un-biased as I can, and please remember that I was only in Jakarta for two weeks, all information is based on my own experience, picking a different day may have yielded different findings. I was drunk when I went out most nights, so the prices mentioned are what I remember paying, feel free to tell me if I have gotten a fe