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Cape Town Nightlife: Best Nightclubs and Bars (2020)

By Jakarta100bars →
Note: This Cape Town nightlife review was written by a South African reader who lives in the city. With breathtaking scenery and a great diversity of cultures, Cape Town is one of the most unique metropolises in Africa. Among the many reasons tourists flock to the city is to enjoy its nightlife, which is probably one of the best on the continent. It is especially popular among backpackers, at least for the bars that are located in the city center. Cape Town’s nightlife is a large melting pot of different venues, from African dancehalls to Western-style nightclubs, each with their distinct vibe and crowd. In a city so large and renowned for its crime rate, you are certainly wondering where you should go for fun, and whether it is safe to do so. Here, I will give you recommendations for 10 must-try bars and nightclubs, as well as some tips about what to expect when going out at night in Cape Town.