Bimasena, the luxurious spa in the Dharmawangsa Hotel, in South Jakarta, is a fantastic place to get a massage, especially if you are a newcomer to Asia. Some will say that it is overpriced, and it may be true for a country like Indonesia. However, if you compare the price of a massage in France and in Indonesia, the whole perspective changes. The low cost of living in Jakarta gives you a very good opportunity to enjoy pleasures that can only be rare when in your home(western) countries.
Bimasena, as it is located in a 5-star hotel, has mostly expatriates patrons and travelers, plus it is popular with a small Indonesian elite.
Apart from the traditional Indonesian massages, including lulur and aromatherapy, Bimasena spa also provides some more uncommon massages, like the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui massage or the 90-minute Ayuslomi Ritual. A very special selection of oil is used but I won't describe them here since the massage girls will let you smell them before you start.
Yet, the best part of the spa in Dharmawangsa is not what you think it is: The private rooms upstairs are actually an excellent way to enjoy an erotic spa experience with your partner. You do not need to go to kinky, dodgy massage parlours in North Jakarta to do that: It is right here in the upper class neighborood of Kebayoran Baru. A huge difference however, you cannot find or get a girl there, it is for "real" couples... so no hookers or prostitutes.. be warned haha..
This blog features a lot of massage parlours and spas for men in Jakarta, sometimes with special or extra services provided. Some women spas are mentioned for us girls, like Bersih Sehat or Martha Tilaar. However, concerning couple massages, with at least a private room with a jacuzzi and sauna, even the owner of this blog couldn't tell me where I should go.
I searched a little and found out that most 5 stars hotels spa offer some kind of romantic couple massage experience. But whether it is Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, Nikko Hotel or Borobudur to name a few, they do not allow its customers to have a private jacuzzi for two with a male and a female together. I wanted something else.. I wanted to be able after the massage to enjoy some private moments with my man, without having the massage girl in the room with us.. Finally, people told me that Bimasena had such intimate rooms and I decided to go there. The private suites for couples there can be rented for 4 hours for Rp 1,000,000 with a minimum of Rp 500,000 more spent on massages. For me and my boyfriend, the whole spa experience ended up costing us Rp 1,500,000. The room is absolutely stunning compared to what have seen elsewhere in Jakarta, the atmosphere is so relaxing, and the massages are great. The overall quality of service makes it in my opinion the best spa in Jakarta. The suite has a private Jacuzzi, steam room and hot showers, and the best of all, you can lock yourself inside once the massage girl is done! And of course, you are free to do whatever you want... A great erotic experience for any couples who want to spice up their relationship in Jakarta.. The sequence of the activities is up to you, but the room can only be rented for 4 hours.

Note from Jakarta100bars: This is a readers' Jakarta nightlife review by Sylvz. Thanks a lot to her! If you are Indonesian, expats or travellers and you want to contribute to this blog by sharing your experiences of Jakarta's bars, clubs, karaokes, restaurants and massage parlours, please send me an email or write comments on existing posts.
Bimasena Spa
The Dharmawangsa Jl. Brawijaya Raya No. 26
Kebayoran Baru Jakarta 12160 Indonesia
Tel: +62-21-7258181
Fax: +62-21-7258383
Website: Jakarta's Spa Bimasena

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