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25 Best Massage Parlours and Spas in Saigon (2018)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City is full of naughty massage parlours and spas where you can get "extra service" (also referred to as "happy ending", "rug and tug", "plus plus", or simply by what they are, handjobs). I enjoyed Saigon nightlife several months when I was living there, but I had actually not been to one of these massage parlours/spas. Nevertheless, as I am a sucker for web traffic, I'm listing here all the places that provide such services in Saigon. Most of the information below comes from tips from friends who are expats in Saigon, completed with research on internet forums and blogs. Many of the spas are located inside hotels. If you are looking for a girl-friendly hotel in Saigon , it is a good idea to book one of them. I included a direct link to Agoda to help you. I make a small commission on every booking so if you like this review and value the hours I spent writing it, please book your hotel using one of the links !

Saigon Nightlife: Top 10 Clubs and Bars (2018)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Ho Chi Minh City nightlife, in Vietnam, is one of the craziest in Southeast Asia. I lived in the city for a few months and this is my report about its  best nightclubs, bars, karaokes, spas and beer gardens . Note that Ho Chi Minh City can also be called Saigon, HCM or HCMC. I will also give more general nightlife tips for clubbing and having fun in Vietnam. Saigon Nightlife Summarized in 100 Words If you don't have the time to read my whole review, here is a short summary: - Best midrange hotel near the nightlife:  Sanouva Hotel  (40$ per night) - Where to party as a young tourist: Bui Vien street (just walk there and you'll see over 50 cheap bars and clubs). Music is EDM, Rn'B and Top 40. - Meet girls online:  VietnamCupid , Tinder - Most popular nightclubs for expats:  Lush ,  Glow - Best rooftop:  Chill Skybar - Best techno/alternative nightclub:  The Observatory - Best live Music:  Saigon Saigon  (Caravelle Hotel) - Best Hostess bar for expats: Check

Best VPNs in Vietnam: How to Access Blocked Websites?

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Note from Jakarta100bars : This article is also valid for countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Indonesia. I would recommend the same VPN clients, namely  VyprVPN ,  Hide My Ass  and  Nord VPN . The Vietnamese government has a troubling history of blocking websites and invading the privacy of internet users. Reporters without Borders considers the country as an "Enemy of the Internet" for censoring and arresting bloggers/netizens. The latest case was the arrest of Ho Van Hai in November 2016 for an anti-government Facebook post. The list of blocked websites in Vietnam varies depending on your internet provider. Some famous sites like Twitter, Facebook and even the BBC have been blocked in recent years. You have certainly noticed that many porn websites are banned as well, for instance YouPorn, XVideos, PornHub, XHamster and many more. Some readers have also mentioned they had troubles connecting to betting and casino websites. There is one ver

Social Club (Saigon)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Social Club and Rooftop Pool Bar is one of the most happening venues in Saigon. It is located on the 23rd and 24th floor of the luxurious  MGallery Hotel Des Arts , which was officially opened at the end of 2015.   Obviously, the main reason to visit Social Club is the view on Ho Chi Minh City. It is splendid, particularly at sunset with the swimming pool in the foreground. Unfortunately, you cannot swim in it as it is reserved for hotel guests and members. Weekend nights have started to become busy, with both locals and expats. They have DJs on those nights. It is not a yet party atmosphere, but you can get a good warm-up and maybe meet pretty ladies. During the week, it can be more quiet, except at sunset time. If you need to take someone on a date, it's a recommended spot.

20 Famous Prostitute Bars in Luxury Hotels in Asia

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
If you are familiar with 5-star hotels in Asia, you know that they are often the best places to find freelance prostitutes in a particular city. Many will have a bar or a nightclub where working girls can offer their services without any problems. They are even encouraged to do so in some venues with free entrance and free drinks. The tolerance of the hotel managers/owners for prostitution activities within their walls may seem surprising. It is actually very logical and it can be explained easily. First, most of the clients in these hotels are male who are traveling alone, usually for business purposes. For them, the availability of (paid) sex is the main reason they will choose a brand over another. Any hotel with a happening pick-up bar is guaranteed a high-level of occupancy. Second, many clients prefer staying in hotels that have in-house bars because it is a sign they will be girl-friendly. They will feel more comfortable bringing a girl back to their room: That'

212 Nightclub - Ho Chi Minh City

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
212 is the newest Vietnamese nightclub in Saigon. It is exclusive and faux-riche, yet very fun. It is packed with hot Vietnamese girls with ample cleavage who are dressed up in tight mini-skirts. Guys are quite young, and they seem to be spending money they didn't earn themselves. The music is very loud: It is Vietnam-style house meaning the beat is faster than usual.