Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City is full of naughty massage parlours and spas where you can get "extra service" (also referred to as "happy ending", "rug and tug", "plus plus", or simply by what they are, handjobs).

I enjoyed Saigon nightlife several months when I was living there, but I had actually not been to one of these massage parlours/spas. Nevertheless, as I am a sucker for web traffic, I'm listing here all the places that provide such services in Saigon. Most of the information below comes from tips from friends who are expats in Saigon, completed with research on internet forums and blogs.

Many of the spas are located inside hotels. If you are looking for a girl-friendly hotel in Saigon, it is a good idea to book one of them. I included a direct link to Agoda to help you. I make a small commission on every booking so if you like this review and value the hours I spent writing it, please book your hotel using one of the links!

Meeting Vietnamese Girls Online
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Spa Etiquette in Saigon

Ticket and Tipping
Apart from a few local places, there are no "full service" massage parlours in Saigon. This means that on top of paying for the room (entrance ticket), you must always negotiate a tip with the girl depending on what you want. In most of the venues listed, only a HJ (handjob) is allowed, but if BJ (blowjob), DATY (cunnilingus), BJ (full sex) are available I will mention it.

The good etiquette is to give a tip at least equal to the price of your room. I read many comments about guys who tip low not to "ruin the market". But if you have enough money to ruin the market, why would you care? There is no secret that the bigger the tip, the bigger the motivation of the masseuse.

The kind of room you book has an influence on the type of service you will receive:
Standard room means a normal massage with potentially more depending on the tip you give.
Vip room means that you will get a bathtub or a jacuzzi. As a result, you will normally be bathed naked by the therapist. The therapist will keep her clothes on. Then you get a normal massage + whatever you negotiate to get.
Super VIP means you will have two girls massaging you for 2 hours in a room with jacuzzi/bathtub. Again, the girls will not be nude, only you.

Choosing Your Masseuse
There are no fishbowl or aquarium in Vietnam. Each girl has a number that you can request. Many Vietnamese share the "good" numbers on private forums or private Facebook groups. Foreigners don't have as much luxury and they will often get a random girl.

To increase your chances of being with a pretty girl, you can make special requests to the mamasan or GRO (Guest Relation Officer). If you don't like the girl who is brought to you, you can always ask for another one too.

Foreigners and Vietnamese
Most massage parlours where foreigners go to are located in District 1. They are pricier but you will probably feel more comfortable in such places. If you feel adventurous, the best ones are actually in District 3, District 5 and District 10. In those places, it is likely that girls will ask you for a bigger tip because you are a foreigner. Expect to pay 30%-50% more.

The area known as "Little Tokyo" in Le Thanh Ton Street and Ngô Văn Năm street is even more pricey. Most guests are Japanese and Korean who will pay up to 5 times the normal rates.

Some brothels are forbidden to Vietnamese and you will be asked to show your passport to get in. Apparently, this is to avoid troubles with the police.

Massage Parlours in District 1

Spa Viên Dông - Open 24 Hours
Hotel Vien Dong
275A Pham Ngu Lao Street, District 1
Phone number: 08 3836 8941

This famous spa is open 24-hour. It is in the heart of the backpacker district of Pham Ngu Lao, yet prices are quite high. The standard room is around VND300,000 and the VIP room with jacuzzi VND680,000. The tip is usually between VND400,000 and 1,000,000VND. Stunning girls, lot of choices. Facilities include a sauna.

Viên Dông Spa is also a hotel that you can book online for a reasonable price (under 40$ per night). The location is great to visit the city and party.

Dai Nam Massage
Hotel Dai Nam
79 Tran Hung Dao Street, District 1 (5 minutes from Bui Vien)
Phone number: +84 8 8 242 525
Book this hotel with Agoda: Dai Nam Hotel

This spa/sauna has the reputation of having some of the most beautiful girls in Saigon. Standard room is VND240,000, then tipping between VND300,000 and VND700,000. You can often fool around with the girls.

Liberty Hotel 2 - Open 24 Hours
129 Ham Nghi, District 1 (3 minutes from Benh Thanh market)
Phone number: Tel. +84 8 3822 4922
Book this hotel with Agoda: Liberty 2 Hotel

Part of Odyssea group, owner of the luxury Liberty Central brand. VIP room cost VND420,000 and tipping VND500,000. Complete facilities with steambath, jacuzzi and sauna.

Tokyo Spa
15B/22 Le Thanh Ton Street, District 1
Phone number: 0123 479 9777

This massage parlour is one of the most famous in "Little Tokyo". You can get a BJ for VND1,300,000 (inclusive with room) and full service for VND2,000,000. Very pretty girls.

Hai Son Hotel
88 Le Lai Street, District 1
Phone number: +84 8 3832 2926
Book this hotel with Agoda: Hai Son Hotel

Standard rooms available. Referred to as a "sex hotel" on TripAdvisor.

RoNa Massage - Open 24 Hours
69 Huỳnh Thúc Kháng, District 1
Phone number: +84 8 38 21 5377

This massage parlour is located near famous nightclubs like Apocalypse. It welcomes a fair share of horny guys past 3am. Standard room is VND200,000 and VIP room VND600,000. Tip between VND200,000 and VND600,000. Depending on the girl you might get more than just a HJ (but you'll have to pay more).

Hotel Bloom - Open 24 Hours
27-29 Truong Dinh Street, District 1
Phone number: 08 3822 2255
Book this hotel with Agoda: Bloom Saigon Hotel

Good spa with sauna. Few girls but they are pretty with good technique. Open 24 hours. VND300,000 for standard room and VND500,000 for tip.

152 Massage
152, Tran Quang Khai Street, District 1

This massage parlour is also a short-time hotel. Standard room for VND150,000. VIP Room for VND300,000. Super VIP massage for a threesome-like experience (2 girls) for VND600,000. Sauna and steam bath available.

Tip from VND200,000 to VND300,000. Some girls will take off their bras or even go full nude for an additional VND200,000.

Bui Vien Spa Scam
In District 1 (and particularly in Bui Vien or near Hai Bai Trung), some massage parlours run a well-known scam: A staff opens your locker while you're being treated and takes some of your money. Avoid places where sexy girls are aggressively trying to pull customers away from the street with the promise of a "cheap massage".

If you are in Bui Vien and need an honest massage parlour, you can go to Kaka Spa (138 Bui Vien). The room starts at VND180,000 and the tip is between VND250,000 and VND400,000.

Girlie Bars of Hai Bai Trung, Bui Vien and Smiley Bar
Around Hai Bai Trung street and Bui Vien, you have several hostess bars with a naughty side. They don't have a name, only a number. Most have been shut down by the police a few years back. The ones remaining are pretty gross but they are convenient. Smiley may be the best one. It is easy to spot with its huge yellow smiley above the entrance.

On the first floor is a normal hostess bar: You buy a drink at an inflated price and a girl will come to sit next to you, trying to get you to buy her ladies drinks. At one point, they will offer to play a game of pool. If you win, you see her naked. If you lose, you give her VND500,000. They will generally offer to do a blowjob as well, whoever wins.

Few of these girls are pretty. They will also tend to be pushy for more and more tips. 

"Clean" Beauty Salons
If you walked near Benh Thanh Market, you may have noticed some beauty salons with very pretty girls inside, usually wearing skirts and high heels. Those places do not provide anything more than beauty treatments, but many guys enjoy being aroused there. You can also easily get a phone number. 

The famous one is Le Duyen 4 (72 Trương Định).

"Naughty" Beauty Salons
If you go further away from the city center, you can find what Vietnamese call "Hot Tocs Goi Dau" or "HTGD" (hairdressers) which are quite unique in Saigon's prostitution scene. Most people visit them for blowjobs.
The most famous one among foreigners is Benny or Ben Ny (110 Điện Biên Phủ, 17, Bình Thạnh) because it is relatively clean and the girls are skilled. The entrance fee is VND200,000 and the tip between VND200,000 and VND300,000.

An alternative is to go to Nguyen Phi Khanh street (often called NPK), on the northern end of District 1. You have 4 "Hot Tocs' in which you can ask for 2 girls if you pay double entrance and two tips.  Prices are similar to Ben Ny. Full sex is also available for a tip of VND1,000,000.

Massage Parlours in District 2

Nature Massage Parlour
04 Trúc Duong, Thao Dien, District 2
Phone number: 097 703 17 97

This spa is well-hidden in District 2 but convenient for expats living nearby. On Google Maps look for Nature Mile or Nature Mild. Standard room is VND300,000. Some girls offer full prostitution services for VND1,000,000. HJ only is around VND300,000-500,000.

Massage Parlours in District 3

204 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, District 3
Phone number: 08 3930 6290
Book this hotel with Agoda: Saigon Star Hotel

On the 9th floor, you only have standard rooms costing VND225,000, then tipping VND500,000. Pretty girls. Sauna and Steam room available.

Massage Minh Tam (sometimes shortened MT LQD)
2 Lê Quý Đôn, District 3
Phone number: +84 8 3930 5885
Facebook: Massage Minh Tam

This standalone massage parlour has young and pretty therapists. Standard room is VND250,000 and VIP room VND550,000. Tipping from VND300,000 to VND500,000. It is mentioned on their Facebook that they are open 24/7. They have another branch in Tan Binh called Minh Tam 2.

306 - 308 Nguyen Thien Thuat Street, District 3
Phone number: +84 8 3938 1818
Book this hotel with Agoda: Boss Palace Hotel

Good rooms and facilities. A standard room costs VND200,000. Most girls willing to do BJ for VND200,000 to VND500,000.

Festival Hotel and Karaoke
31 Cao Thang Street, District 3
Phone number: 08 3839 0704
Book this hotel with Agoda: Festival Hotel

Standard room for VND220,000 and VIP room for VND500,000. Tipping between VND250,000 and VND500,000.

Massage Parlours in District 5

Thai Binh 3
22, Ngô Quyền street, District 5

Cheap massage parlour in District 5. Not luxurious but good value. VND300,000 for VIP room. Tip VND300,000. Mouth services available for an extra.

192 - 194 Su Van Hanh Str, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
Phone:+84 8 3924 5091
Book this hotel with Agoda:  Phuoc Loc Tho Hotel 1

Old rooms and facilities. The main interest is the cheap prices and the fact that girls can perform a BJ at the end of the massage. You can request two girls to service you. Standard room price is VND120,000 to VND240,000 (for two). Tip is VND250,000 to 500,000 for each girls.

Phuoc Loc Tho Hotel 2 also has a massage parlour plus plus.

Hanh Long 1
1115 Trần Hưng Đạo, District 5
Phone number: +84 8 3838 1173
Book this hotel with Agoda: Hanh Long 1 Hotel

Standard room is VND200,000, VIP room VND350,000. Tip for a happy ending between VND200,000 and VND500,000. Blowjob available depending on the girls and the tip.

Dong Khanh Hotel - 24 Hours Massage
2 Trần Hưng Đạo, District 5
Phone number: +84 8 3923 6404
Book this hotel with Agoda: Dong Khanh Hotel

Clean facilities. Most people go for blowjobs. Standard room VND200,000. Locals pay a VND200,000 tip but foreigners will probably be charged more.

Massage Parlours in District 10

Massage Phuong Anh - PA Relax 
383 Su Van Hanh, District 10

This massage parlour is clean with brand new rooms. They have Standard Vip Rooms for VND200,000 (70 minutes), Japanese VIP Rooms for VND300,000, Thai VIP Rooms for VND400,000 (90 minutes), and Super VIP service for VND600,000 (100 minutes). Open from 9.30am to 3am. 

You can get a blowjob if you book the Japanese VIP Room (+ tip of approximately VND500,000), and a nude/topless blowjob if you book the Thai VIP Room (+ tip). You can also get it with Standard VIP but it will last shorter.

Minh Minh Tam Hotel
707-709 Le Hong Phong Street, District 10
Phone number: +84 8 3868 3856

One of the best massage parlours in HCMC. Standard room for VND250,000. VIP room for VND550,000. Excellent quality massage and very pretty girls. HJ only for a tip between VND300,000 and VND700,000.

China and Hai Yen Bordellos
Hai Yen: 815 Le Hong Phong
China, 801 Le Hong Phong

Those are two brothels located in the red-light area of Su Van Hanh and Le Hong Phong. It is a local prostitution area but more foreigners are starting to visit it for the KTVs and the "hot tocs" (salons).

Hai Yen and China are one of those salons. You pay VND300,000 for a room, then you can get full service for VND1,000,000. Both are considered high-end by Vietnamese standards and therefore the girls are rather pretty.

Massage Parlours in Other Districts

Massage Minh Tam 2 (Tan Binh District) - Open 24 Hours
512 Ly Thuong Kiet, Tân Bình (next to the hotel Thanh Binh 2)
Phone number: 08 3606 2827

Shortened MT LTK, this is the sister property of Minh Tam massage in D3. It is a big massage parlour with nice rooms. Prices are the same: VND250,000 for Standard room and VND550,000 for VIP room. Tipping between VND300,000 and VND500,000.  You can also get a foot massage for only Rp110,000. Great looking girls.

Update 2017: There is a brand new Minh Tam Hotel and Spa in Tan Binh at 278 - 280 Cong Hoa. It is highly recommended and luxurious, but a bit more expensive than the competition. Expect to pay VND600,000 to VND800,000 for 120 minutes of VIP Super Massage. It is near the airport so ideal for your last night in Saigon.
Massage Hồng Hà (Bình Thạnh District)
157/28 - 157/28B, Khu Văn Thánh Bắc, Bình Thạnh
Phone number: +84 - 8 3899 63 17 

Private standard room for VND160,000. Tip VND200,000.

In case you are wondering, prostitution is actually illegal in Vietnam. And yet you could find a hundred more venues, not even including the KTV, the freelancers, online prostitution and high-class escorts! The list above is only the tip of the iceberg. If you think I forgot an important one, please leave a comment below. If there is a mistake in the information provided, just let me know and I'll correct it.

If you are traveling North, you can now read my article 15 Best Naughty Massage Parlors and Saps in Hanoi.

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  1. One section that has been made obsolete is the Girlie bars. Of the ones you have listed, only one "Smiley Bar" is still open. All the numbered ones are gone.

    A couple new ones (2) did open on Hai Ba Trung but the quality of girls on offer is remarkably poor. I forget the names. One is at 49 HBT. Other is cross street in an alley near Ganesh restaurant. 29 Dong Khoi still operates, though girls again not gorgeous. There's one round corner from HBT behind the opera house (always changed name, not sure now). There's one on Thi Sach (same street as Apocalypse) by Ly Tu Truong street called King Coconut or something like this. All these places have only older girls now. I used to go round and scope these out from time to time, back when they were still good (2010 and earlier), but my recon tours became less and less frequent as the staffs shifted from SYT to should-be-retired types, which is what it now is in every one of those bars.

    91 used to be the best bet for girls 18-21 who were genuinely hot. That changed a year or 2 before it was shut down for good.

  2. Maybe you should precise in the title that this is a review about sex massage parlors in Saigon... some readers might end up in the wrong places...

    1. Maybe some readers are retarded and can't read beyond the title.

  3. Hi! Those massage parlours you mentioned in District 1, such as liberty hotel 2, could you get handjobs there?

  4. Great overview of Saigon. Do you know what time Hai Yen opens for business?

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  7. which massage place is best for getting a blow job?

  8. is there any nice spa with happy ending near le meridian saigon?

    1. Tons of them, the Méridien is only 200 meters from the Japanese red light... You can try Tokyo Spa for instance... as you walk around near the corner of Le Thanh Ton Street and Ngô Văn Năm (in the small alleys), you will see plenty of other massage parlors with happy ending

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    Do they also provide full sex/ HJ/BJ?

    1. It depends, which one are you talking about?

  13. So I followed your suggestion and went for the upscale brand new Minh Tam Hotel and Spa. Very nice, BUT got a raw deal being a foreigner. Girl was not very skilled and just wanted to rush through as fast as possible. A local guy whom I met on way out said that this spa was best in town. guess I just bombed out.

  14. Bro, just want to ask, you mention about "girl-friendly" hotels. But how do we know which hotels are "girl-friendly" to book? I believe there's no such options in agoda haha

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  17. No one seems to mention the Superbowl Centre on the way out to the airport. It was a little run down when I use to visit but boy, the massages were fantastic and the extras guaranteed. The girls are young and sexy. Get the right girl and you will enjoy. I also use to visit a little hot toc close by for a hair cut then massage. There was always one particular girl who took care of me.... in full..! Never naked but she always wore a skimpy skirt and crop top to make everything attainable. Sadly the place closed down.

    1. Maybe its being closed down has something to do with why no one seems to mention it. ;-)

      Good listing here but we need 2017 info on Saigon again. So many for Hanoi, but nothing for Saigon.

  18. Tokyo spa massage has actually nice and pretty girls (but only 2). My girl have no clue of how to do a massage but she was cute and very sexy. It is clear that she is just an escort. Happy after all.

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  20. Ok, so I stay anonymous because I live here. You did not mention the Thu Duc District, near Go Dua. BJ & HJ are ok for me. A weekly release would be nice.

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  25. if you want find full service massage, you can go to little tokyo, find any one of massage and ask the girl for full service, price 1.5-2 million.

  26. "But if you have enough money to ruin the market, why would you care?"

    Because greed knows no bounds. Once everyone starts to follow what you do and pay more than the market rate today, you will need to pay double the current price by next week. And then double. And then double. One month later you will need to pay 8 times the current price. And there's no limit to where it can go. So why care? Its for your own future benefit, believe it or not. Go learn economics.

    1. And if you can afford 10 times then you honestly dont care about the lower ranks who get weeded out.

    2. Succeeding to increase the costs by pointlessly overspending reduces the number of people who can afford it, so fewer customers, which means fewer providers. If you want to spend a lot of money, Japan is nice.

    3. The difference between Japan on Vieynam is that in Japan a foreigner is not allowed to enter any such placec no matter how much money they have. In Vietnam everything can be bought with money. So dont go to Japan if you have money as it will not help you. After all there is a reason why Japan is Japan and Vietnam is Vietnam

    4. Wrong. Japan now accepts foreigners, just at a higher fee.

  27. Hey. New MINH TÂM massage, add : No 206 3/2 street. dístrict 10.
    very large, nice and luxury spa. Ticket and tip same DAI NAM and Vien Dong but girls are cute and pretty. there HJ skill better
    Try No 18,26, 39

    1. Hi ! Did you try many massage parlors? I'm going in hcmc in a few days, I would like some tips..
      As a few guys already asked, is there a place where the masseuse is naked and make body to body massage?

    2. Probably not naked, and not body to body. Go to Thailand.

    3. Try Massage Tokyo 775 Hoang Sa, 3rd district Saigon. Choose at least VIP2 for 90 min.700,000 + minimum tip 700,000, wet and dry sauna include, the girl will be fully nude at all time and bath together in Jacuzzi tub, some fun with HJ and BJ is done during bathing. Nuru massage on table with full nude body to body rubbing that ends with both HJ and BJ. My highly recommended favorite girl No. 1 is tall with excellent body and a pretty smiling face will bring you a sweet memory when you leave.

    4. What is the nearest landmark to find Massage Tokyo? Can't find it on Google maps.

    5. Address here: 775 Hoàng Sa, Phường 9, Quận 3 Web here:

    6. Tokyo Massage is the worst I have tried in the city. The whole experience was an attempt to rip-off / take the piss out of / laugh at the foreigner from the moment I stepped inside. I was told that it wasn't possible to see the girl available before paying but that I would have the chance to choose from many beautiful girls, aged 21-35. Against my better judgment, I thought why not, give it a go. I paid 1.4m and was shown up to the room where I was told the girl would come in 5 minutes. The guy who showed me the room started to run the bath and then hung around. He then showed me a message on google translate letting me know that he would be the one who would be choosing the girl for me. He then showed me another message suggesting that I tip him 50,000 to make sure I get the most beautiful young woman. I gave him 100,000 and never saw any change. He then repeatedly told me to get in the sauna. After the 5th time I told him no I would wait for the girl to come he left. A few minutes later a woman came in who looked OK. I wanted to choose another one but the guy had disappeared and I didn't want to leave the room to ask for another one as I didn't want to be rude to the girl (not least because she might turn out to be the best one). After a quick sauna the girl directed me to the bath, which we quickly realised was stone cold as the guy had run the cold tap on full. The experience with the girl was OK, she did her best but whilst she looked decent in the sexy lingerie she entered in, she was really average looking and at least late 30s.

      After a wash in the bath, a quick massage, a sexy massage (which was fairly enjoyable) and a handjob, she directed me back to the bath to get cleaned down, and then she got dressed. I was told that VIP2 was 90 minutes. I got 40, and paid an extra 100k for a beautiful young woman and got an average middle-aged woman.

      As I left I was shown a picture of the woman (which wasn't available when I got there) on an ipad and was asked to give her a rating. I declined telling them that they had lied to me, and the experience was shit and that I wouldn't be coming back again.

      Zues is cheaper, more convenient, and a far better experience with a wide range of girls to choose from. I enjoyed the 400k BJ experience on NPK far more than 1.5m I paid to get the piss taken out of me at Tokyo Massage.


  28. Hey arrived here yesterday! Thanks for the website dude!
    I went to mimh tam, everything is official and professional, no worries there.
    I had the cutest masseuse I ever had in my life. 250 000 for body massage and then just the tip for the girl. I didn't really plan to get there and had only 500k bills so I tipped her 500k and with Google translate (no english here) I asked her if for 500k I could see and touch her breast and she said yes.
    Overall very good experience.

    1. Hi there, may I know if minh tam you mentioned above is in district 10? Do the girls provide full service? Thanks in advance.

  29. Any full service place near Sheraton Saigon? Will be there for a week!

  30. I agree. Every massage place i go to in little tokyo i just say 150 usd for boom boom. Never had a girl say no.

    If i ruin it for others i couldnt care less. Im not concerned about the sex life of others.

  31. Would stay in Vien Dong Hotel next week. Plan to try Vien Dong Massage as the 1st time. Is it safe there ? What the tip you suggest to girls ? Can I try threesome there for HJ ??

  32. Went to Viet Dong Hotel (Nov 2017). ViP room was 750k. Plus they took 500k tip at the counter. This is before I even saw the girl. The room was nice with steam room, sauna, jacuzzi, shower and a massage bed. The massage was crap and the girl was rather rude. the girl gave a HJ as part of the tip already paid.

  33. Hi Guys, I goin to Saigon 10 Dec 2017. I would like to try threesome-like experience? 152 massage still open? or can you suggest any others massage centre offer Threesome?

  34. Can bring streets Hooker to hotel. safe? whats the price?

    1. Bring to short time hotel only... safe but better find them on WeChat maybe... 1M Dong...

  35. Hi, Any spa withing walking from Pullman, without going to Ben Than market?

    1. Vien Dong Hotel is about 5 minutes away.

  36. FYI...the price at Nature Mild (in Thao Dien) went up to 1.5 million VND. Girls are cute and it's worth it.

  37. Do you know the place(address)that i can get a fully nude girl massage?
    And the price and tips?
    Im waiting for the reply. Please

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  39. Just been for a walk down npk and couldn't find n49 but n63 was open. 400 all in, mine was not great looking but did the job. I might go back cos there was a few hotties there which I should have asked for instead

  40. UPDATE for Nature Mild Spa (in Thao Dien).

    If you want the "special" treat after your massage. Price has gone up to 2.000.000 VND. Also try going there at around 3.30pm, aside from the great massage The girls are nice so its very worth it.

  41. I highly recommend boss palace hotel. Girls are almost always beautiful and are usually happy with any tip. I usually tip 300,000vnd. You can get a bj but I'm afraid to get stds.

    1. Thanks for the advice man. Im also shit scared of getting something just doesnt seem worth it for a bj

    2. No dramas with std, had dozens of blow jobs there

  42. Hi there, i want to do a three some with the most complete service but I'm not rich. Any place would you recommend me with beautiful girls for a nice price?? Thanks!

  43. Little Tokyo Spa quoted price for full service for 5 million dong. That’s about $200!!! Be careful about being ripped off if you’re a foreigner.

    1. This is correct. I tried bargaining to 2mil or even 3mil to no avail. Why are prices so insane there?

    2. Omg really. Was reading that others only paying 2 mill before. Did u end up finding a full service place in the area?

    3. I tried out Lucky Spa in Little Tokyo at about 3 o'clock on a Friday afternoon. I first insisted on being shown the facilities which they were all too willing to do, after which I chose the VIP room option which was 400K for 60 minutes including a pre-massage shower by a girl of my choice. When choosing the girl they put a call out for all the available girls from several local joints to come and line up in front of me. There were at least 20 girls and I chose a most stunning girl dressed in a beautiful long yellow dress. She took me upstairs to my own private suite where I stripped off and she bathed me while she was still dressed. OMG I nearly came while she soaped me up it felt so erotic. On to the massage table she gave me a fairly relaxing back and leg massage, nothing too strenuous, before flipping me onto my front after about 20 minutes. Straight off the bat, she offered HJ or BJ and I negotiated HJ with her fully nude, but for for 1 million - and let me tell you it was a struggle to negotiate down to that price. It was high, but I only had a few hours left before my flight out and let's face it, I was only there for one thing and needed to spend all my Dong. My God she was perfect. While she jerked me off she allowed me to feel her boobs, lick her bullet nipples and finger her well groomed pussy. Overwhelmed by the sheer fantasy of the situation I didn't last as long as I would have liked but I was well satisfied and my balls very empty. We then showered together where she bathed me again before she led me out the back door. The session was about 15 minutes short but like I said before, I got what I really went in for, the massage being merely a distraction as far as I was concerned, so I didn't put up a fight. If I was in Saigon a bit longer I might have complained about the short session or negotiated a better deal because I would definitely have gone back again. I'd visited Bui Vien Street earlier in the week and not one of the girls there was a patch on the girls in Little Tokyo so I'd definitely recommend. Just take a few more Dong with you.

    4. For 200 bucks you can have a chick for a whole week lol
      You guys got no game.

    5. Lol do tell me more ? Yes you need game. Enlighten me ?. I need a change from Thailand?

  44. New Place just opened 2 months ago in District 1 on the edge of the backpacker area called Zeus Massage.

    Great experience with no negotiating, you might pay a bit more but it is worth it too not have to haggle.

    When you arrive you go to the second floor where you choose your package. A is VND1.000.000 for 90 minute. B is VND1.400.000 for 120 minute with two shots.C is VND2.700.000 for package B with 2 therapists. Choose your package and then choose your therepist from the pictures. Pay in full right away and no further tips are needed.

    Upon entering the room you have a steam and a sauna. Then you get bathed with lots of teasing. Get dried, and lie down. The table is a great design with a slit placed in the middle for your man. Ive never seen this before and it was much better than lying on him.

    Therapist then covers you in milk, removes her top and uses her tits to massage you. Flips you over and repeats finishing you off with a great BBBJ.

    After you blow she will clean you up and give you an amazing hot stone massage before sucking you off one more time before you go.

    Feel like an emperor from a dynasty long passed. From the pics I saw, pretty much every girl was hot.

    Places closes by 11:30/12:00

    1. Can someone confirm if this is true at Zeus?? Has anyone else been here?
      What happens if you get caught? I thought it was not allowed?

    2. Hi, I can confirm, I go last week and it was pretty ok. girls are shy and just make the job... but it was what I order on the card

    3. does it provide only BJ? (zeus)

    4. I've been to Zeus too, I can confirm everything. Great place. Yes, it's only massage and BBBJ unfortunately, but the experience is very nice.

    5. hi all ,just share last night my terrible experience in Zeus. holy shit ! cops came to check it.all girls scared !and the VIP two happy times tickets is 140.0000VND. I just did half time then paused by cops. fucckk it.. very dangerous . fourtunately no one arrested . so better not go . i am not sure this case always happen or just me not lucky

    6. jusat share my last night terrible experience in Zeus . holy shit ! cops came to check it ! all girls scared and push me quikly wear one shorts ! fortunately on one arrtested ! very terrible experience !

  45. Could you please suggest a place for full sex service but with good looking girls?

  46. Warn to fellow travelers,

    Do not fall for the scam by some-one offering girls (they usually goes by bicycle or just standing by the walk side).
    They work by showing you some girls from their mobile phone and try to persuade you to see the girls in person, and offer one 'shot' or take outs (overnight).

    I tried the overnight after agreeing for the price of 2M VND and it turns out the girls will ask for another tips!!
    So do not fall for the scam.

    Scammed Traveler

  47. Any recommendations for overnight escort ? And how much the fees?

  48. Staying at Harmony Saigon Hotel at 32A-34 Bui Thi Xuan St, Ben Thanh Ward, District 01. Any recommendations for bbbj's within walking distance? Been to Ben Ny's before but this hotel isn't close enough to walk there unfortunately

  49. Will be staying at Tirant Hotel when in Hanoi (38 Gia Ngu street, Hoan Kiem). Any recommendations for Hot Tocs or naughty massages within walking distance? Appreciate any recommendations as this will be my first time there, thanks

  50. Thanks for the lovely article.
    As of July 2018: The best massage service as per my rating is No. 1.Minh Tham Hotel & Massage(dist 10), 2.Minh Tham 2(Tanh bin),3. Vien Dong(Dist 1).
    These are the best and safe for tourists. The Chicks in are all 3 places are stunners. In Minh Tams 1&2 the Chicks will go the extra mile for a price. In Vien Dong fun is good but limited action. Girls Tips is same as the room cost. If you want a memorable exp.. Try VIP or Super VIP and u'll not regret.

  51. Been to Dai Nam Massage. Tried to negotiate but the girl didn't wanted to go down 1.5 million VND for a HJ (and some touching) in the VIP ROOM (750 000 VND) ! Expensive with poor massage techniques or jacuzzi.
    The girl looked tired.
    Only positive thing, she was pretty hot.

  52. Zeus massage is totally recommended. Best service and the girl very pretty.

    1. Been at Zeus, had terrible experience, girl was shy, tired, though looked great. Not worth the money.

    2. totally right, Zeus terrible, massage skill bad, girl tired, 140 million package finished in 60 minutes.

  53. Anyone knows if there is a massage for couples in ho chi minh city? Im guessing most of the places above only serve men and not women

  54. Any spots in D7/PMH?

  55. Any massage places with all inclusive prices for HJ/BJ? Rather than haggling. Tks.

  56. I went to p.a relax (july 2018), room so nice & girl almost beautiful. Total about 1 mil for thai massage

  57. Regarding China and Hai Yen on Le Hong Phong, when are they open? I went over to 815 Le Hong Phong the other day, early afternoon, but couldn't find Hai Yen. Plenty of hotels and massage spots though. I didn't visit any, as I had just come from Benny's. Speaking of Benny Hot Toc, they just raised the fee from 400k to 450k. I've gone a few times over the past year, and there's never been any negotiating. Nice place.

  58. In Thao Dien, district 2, there's sweet spa down in alley 204 off from Nguyen Van Huong street.
    I've had full service there for 500k vnd. Bring your own rubber though as they don't stock any there.
    They have some quite nice chicks, one of them has great fake tits.
    The hot chick in the reception gives the best blowjobs.

    1. Can you tell me the name?

    2. Waht is the name of the sweet spa, bro near D2?

    3. can you anyone confirm the price at sweetspa for full service? girl quality?

    4. Has anyone tried China and Hai Yen Bordellos as mentioned in this article? how is the service, price and girls?

    5. Any updates on the name of this spa? Thanks in advance!

    6. I've been to Sweet Spa a few times. The one with the fake tits and awesome body (Candy) is HOT. There's a few other babes ranging from cute to average. Excluding massage price, you'll pay 2 million for "boom boom."

  59. going to Saigon in January is there any new recommendations or are the ones mentioned here still good?

  60. Hi! Any tips on Sapa?

    1. I look everywhere in sapa I could not find one

  61. Vien Dong or Dai Nam which has better girl quality?

    1. Dai nam is OK, Beautiful lady, she massage and do hand job for you(Tip 500K VND)

  62. China and Hai Yen appears to be closed, anyone has an updated status?

  63. Went to Dai Nam massage today as Zeus only open at 12pm.

    Name: May (no. 56)
    Face: 9/10
    Body:9/10 (C cup)
    Massage: 5/10
    Handjob: 6/10 (hj is good but attitude is a turn off)
    Overall: 3/10

    Conclusion: Model like girl, only allows me to grab one side of tits. And when I mention grab, she actually hold my hand to one of her tits and no rubbing of nipples. No body roaming or touching of her pussy and other tit. Even though she's very beautiful but the service is a turn off. Don't waste your money here.

    Total damage : 790k for 2 hours + 800k for hj (non-nego).

  64. Boss Palace Hotel is great! I had a massage 1h 200k. The room and shower was clean.

    The girl (no. 17) is beautiful, good shapes and good skills.
    I had 2 shots (BJ and HJ) for 600k and she allowed me to touch her boobs and pussy.

    I would go there again.

    1. I went to boss today, I got I did 2 hours for 500k and BJ for 500k more I gave here a little more. She let me do everything your girl let you do, but I found it weird she left her clothes on and didn't do it in the nude, like all the other massage colors I want to. It was cheap and I had fun, but I guess the last place I went to in nha trang spoiled me it was full-service at 1.5

    2. do they allow CIM?

    3. Where did you get services bj&hj,, in your own room in hotel or there is separate area in hotel?

  65. Update on PA relax when I went to the place I looked at the prices I only saw the Thailand VIP for 550K and then there was the super Thailand VIP for 1 million I asked what the difference was the super vip had two girls what she tried to sell me on. I'm not a big fan of the two girls because all they do is chat in Vietmanese. I got the one girl it was two hours. you have a sauna then she baths you then she gives you a massage and she's fully clothed until it comes to the part where they lick something off of you. then they take off their top. You get a bj/hj while she kisses on you upper body. After she baths you again. Tip 500k

  66. Okay I have discovered something about the massage parlors in district one. there's a lot of ones that are out that are not online that you can just walk by and they just sit outside asking for massage. after telling them about my trip to nha trang and how they have spoiled me, because those massage parlors out there are full-service. a lot of them, not all will give you full service. if you explain to them what's going on. I went to one I found a woman that was the same ages me around 40 and after talking to her for a while. she gave me her number and I came back and I had full-service. it's actually relatively cheap the 90 message was 330k I had to pay another 250k to have the room to my self and 1 million for tip. I mean she wasn't a young beautiful female but she was beautiful and it was actually kinda nice to have someone my own age. We even hung out after. so I went back after she was not there to see if I can get the same service and it turned out to be just a hj. I could not convince other to full service. so a lot of it's gonna be luck of the drawl. you have to try to find someone who's willing to do full service. Always bring a condom because they will not have them. like the guy up talking about the sweet spa it's just luck of the drawl you have to find a girl or in my case a woman that likes you. Good luck and happy hunting. Oh yeah and there is a little alleyway just south of the Roseland Centa that has tons of these massage parlors and hostess bars. I got trapped in the back and went in a hostess bar it was probably the nicest mugging, I've ever had.

    1. so you overpaid for some old woman. Good job.

  67. Anything near Silverland Jolie? They have their own spa but don't allow in-room massage so assuming this one has no frills

  68. Went to Minh Minh Tam Hotel D10 yesterday, took the VIP room 650K, usual mini tight skimpy wear girl comes in and baths you all over the place.
    Starts the massage face down, adequate massage skills...then pow wow bam tilts up my hips and starts running her fingers and toungue action from behind. Flips me over, removes her top and panties, a sign for me begin my duties....bbbj to hj..rested a bit..teased for a second round..bbbj to hj took a while to finish...tip damage 800k
    Wanted 1mil, like what girl....overall felt expensive but too horny for the math :)

  69. if i'm supposed to stay at minh minh tam hotel or best palace hotel ., so how can I have that vpv massage , I mean how to contact and where can I get that services in my own room in hotel or they have specific room? thank you in advance.

  70. Went to
    1. Minh Tam - paid $890k for room entry + hj.
    2. Zeus Massage - paid $2.4M for all inclusive, which includes 2 shots. Everything is included (bbbjs, full nude, 69, fingering) EXCEPT no fucking!
    3. Kawaii Spa - paid $3M for separate room + full service (yes, fucking).

  71. Any such spa near liberty central saigon citypoint hotel

  72. Keep this thread going ya'll!

  73. Any recent updates?

  74. How the scene in 2022?

  75. Its end of 2022.Keep this thread going ya'll

  76. Pretty much no change surprisingly Kawaii spa looks closed Japantown still overflowing with gorgeous girls and women Best value still to be had outside of D1 which is now easy thanks to grab bikes Went to Boss palace hotel yesterday 500 for vip room really cute mid 20 s girl , ok massage, amazing bj/hj with plenty of ball licking 😄 😄 500 tip way worth it.

  77. Surprisingly not very different i was just there for 3 weeks over christmas and new year Best deals are still out in D 3 and 5 and others, had amazing BJ at Boss Palace, really hot 28 year old at Saigon Star, very fun and happy 25 yr old at Xong Hai massage in Tan Phu district. Grab bikes is a game changer, keep your eye s open when going places on bikes and drop pins or take names when you see massages in other districts. Tips should be 500 vnd for any girl that puts your junk in her mouth and up.

  78. I have a 12 hour lay over in Saigon/ ho ch Minh city. Can anyone recommend somewhere to go for massage incl hi near the airport?

    Don’t care about how pretty girls are etc… just near the airport and good massage.

  79. i spent 6 weeks in HCMC in early 2020. Visited Smileys, King Coconut, PMK, massage parlours, etc. Stayed in various hotels near Little Japan. Would recommend both the Cherry and Sophia hotels, both guest friendly.

  80. Just an update , went on a rampage in HCM , no action for most of the places between 2am-10am including those stated 24 hours , vien dong open until 5am and then restart at 10am , minh tam 2 was closed when I went there , saw on their Facebook they moved to vien dong