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Masters Sports Bar (Bellagio - Mega Kuningan)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Masters Sports Bar and Restaurant is located on the ground floor of Bellagio Mall in Mega Kuningan. The place looks unassuming from the outside and you may have already walked past without noticing it. Should you decide to step inside, you'll be surprised to find a spacious 350m2 area with a long wooden bar, a 50-seat dining area, 2 professional electronic dart boards and 5 full-size tournament pool tables. Unlike the trendy venues nearby like Loewy or Basque, Masters has a much more laid-back atmosphere, perfect if you are looking for a quiet place to chill after work. Later in the evening, it gets a bit more loud and busy, especially on Friday and Saturday as they have a live band.

It is one of the few dedicated sports bars in Jakarta and it features at least 8 different TVs, including two massive HD projector screens near the entrance. It must be among the largest ones I've seen anywhere in Asia. If there is any live sports event in the world, you are pretty sure you can watch it in Masters: Football, Rugby, AFL, Racing, NBA, NFL, MLB, etc. They may also change their schedule to make sure you can watch special events like the Superbowl, the Olympics or the Fifa World Cup. Some screens also have music videos from an eclectic playlist of over 600 titles (pop, rock, Top 40, etc).

One of the particularities of Masters Sports Bar is that it is owned by a group of Jakarta expats who each have their own day jobs. I've met a few of them and it was refreshing to see how passionate they are. They come from different backgrounds and nationalities (Swedish, Indonesian, Malaysian, Nepalese, Denmark and Irish), but they share the same goal: Having the most friendly and comfortable bar for them to meet, drink and watching sports. The result is that Masters feels particularly homey and that a lot of their customers are regulars (sometimes with their families).

The crowd is quite diverse, but I would say there are about 50% expats and 50% Indonesians, most of whom are over 30 years old.

One of the best reasons to visit Masters is to play billiard. There is one table near the entrance and four more in the back. For casual players, you can use them for free as long as you make a purchase. Some competitive players train there as well, including several teams that participate in the Jakarta Pool League. There are seats all around the pool tables so it is nice to just watch (better) people play as well. Masters arranges pool events & tournaments on a regular basis, you can find more information about this on their very busy Facebook page (see below).

Regarding the food, they serve all the traditional pub fare for a reasonable price considering the area.

Light meals, soups, sandwiches, salads and snacks cost about Rp50,000 to Rp80,000 (Nachos, Wings, Spring Rolls, Wedges, etc...). Thai and Indonesian food cost between Rp50,000 and Rp100,000. Pizzas and Western main courses cost between Rp70,000 to Rp150,000. Their imported steaks (from US and Australia) are a bit more expensive as usual in Indonesia (starting at Rp200,000).

They also have lunch specials on their pies, hotdogs and Indonesian food with a fixed price of Rp50,000++ from 11am to 3pm.

The beer is rather cheap, starting at Rp38,000 for a Prost 33cl. You can see below the whole beer menu with happy hour prices (HH = 4pm to 9pm):
Cocktails and hard liquor glasses are priced between Rp70,000 and Rp90,000 per unit while a bottle of Jack Daniels will cost you only Rp1,000,000.

Every Thursday evening is Ladies Night (from 5pm to 8pm) with a free flow house pours for girls.

Masters Sports Bar and Restaurant
Bellagio Shopping mall Unit 20-21
Jalan Lingkar Mega Kuningan Barat Kav E4 No. 3
East Setiabudi, South Jakarta

Phone number: +62 (0) 21 300 199949

Instagram: Masters Jakarta Sports Bar
Facebook: Masters Jakarta or add Masters as a friend for an updated sports schedule.

Lucy In The Sky (Bar & Restaurant)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Update Dec 2016: Lucy has been renovated due to noise complaints from neighbors. It is now covered by a large glass building (as in the first photo above). It looks more upmarket than before but it is still popular with the same crowd (young, trendy Jakartans).

Located near Jalan Sudirman, in Fairgrounds (ex-Bengkel), Lucy In The Sky  is a rooftop restaurant/bar with an open-air garden terrace and a laid-back, close-to-nature atmosphere. It is probably partially owned by Tommy Winata, the ex owner of Bengkel and owner of the land of SCBD.

The location of LITS is probably its best assets as it gives the feeling of escaping the city. Though in the heart of Jakarta's business district, it is surrounded with plants and flowers, which makes it relaxing, and a perfect spot to look at the skyscrapers around. Similar ambiance than SHY Rooftop but less expensive (80k for main dish) and with a better view.

Regarding the taste of the food though, there is still large room for improvement. For now, I advise you to stick with the drinks.

Lucy is one of the most crowded bars in Jakarta, even on week days (starting Wednesday). Most customers are young and chic. You have about 5-10% of foreigners as well. Every 1st Thursday of the month, they have a great hip hop party called In Effect. You can see more information about it here: In Effect Jakarta.

Surprisingly, there is a karaoke ++ attached to Lucy in the Sky with sexy lady companions. It is called Roxy.
Opening hours:
Everyday from 3.30pm to 1am (2am during the weekend)

Lucy in the Sky
Kawasan Central Business District
 Kav 52-53
Jakarta Selatan 
Indonesia, 12190

Phone: +62-21 515 2308 / 09
Facebook: Lucy In The Sky Jakarta
Instagram: Lucy Jakarta

De Leila (Arabic Nightclub) - FX Sudirman

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Update 24th October 2016: 17 Moroccan prostitutes were arrested in De Leila over the weekend, yet strangely no newspaper was mentioning the name of the club. This is the review I wrote about the venue in March 2016:

De Leila is an arabic nightclub located on the 8th floor of FX Sudirman, where Privé used to be. It is a popular party spot for tourists from the Middle East and particularly Saudis, Qatari and Emiratis. You have a few other nationalities such as Egyptians, Iranians, Turkish and Omanis. Even though most customers are Muslims, alcohol and prostitutes are widely available.

I had reviewed De Leila before when it was still in Putra Jasa on Jalan Gatot Subroto. You can see the original review here: De Leila Gatot Subroto.

Do you need a hotel near De Leila? Harris FX is walking distance and the price is affordable. You can compare the prices here: HotelsCombined.

The new De Leila was opened a year ago early 2015. It is still partly owned by the Ahmad Fahmy family (also behind Tanamur).

It is now more modern and spacious, with an upmarket feel. I have to warn you though that is a a place of prostitution, with at least 50 freelance working girls from Indonesia, China and Morocco (yes there are Moroccan prostitutes in Jakarta!). You will notice that many girls are plump while some are borderline obese. Many are very pretty though, better than in BATS, Blok M or CJs.

The music in De Leila is Arabic, either from their live band or from the DJ. It is best to book a sofa so you can enjoy the show with the best possible view. You can order shisha as well.

There is also a mezzanine with brand new pool tables and a second bar. There was no belly dancers when I visited but there are regular performances.

The entrance fee is Rp125,000 and it includes one free draught beer.

I shot this video inside of their beautiful and sexy belly dancer (apparently from Uzbekistan):
De Leila Arabic Nightclub
FX Mall Sudirman 8th Floor (You have a dedicated entrance in the lobby of FX)
Jalan Jendral Sudirman Pintu Satu Senayan
Jakarta 10270

Phone number: +6221 2555 4489

Facebook: Arab Bar Jakarta
Website: DeLeila

Opening Hours:
Every day from 7pm to 4am (from 5pm on Saturday and Sunday)

The Pallas (Lounge, Restaurant and Event Space)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
The Pallas is a new restaurant, lounge and event space that opened in Fairground in SCBD. It is owned by the All In Group which is also behind Fable (in the same building), Odysseia and Mirror Nightclub in Bali.

It overtook the lease of Potato Head Garage that closed down a few months ago. They've freshened up the place and added their own gothic touch (owls, stained glass, alcoves), but it still look similar as before. It is more upmarket and clean though, it might be sign that the hipster trend is fading.

My understanding is that the name Pallas is an Indonesian play on the word "Palace". It makes sense as it is a rather luxurious venue that specializes on Indonesian food.

The food is not the most interesting aspect of the Pallas. You can get it for much cheaper in any food court actually. Instead, you should visit it when they have special events. They've had a good start so far by bringing 2 "famous" international DJs within their first month of opening (Tay James, Aly & Fila).

They also have regular events: Live band on Monday, Live Harpist on Tuesday, Soul Rn'B on Wednesday, Live Piano on Thursday. You can see the updated schedule on their social media accounts below.

The Pallas Jakarta
Fairgrounds Building
Lot 14 SCBD, Jalan Sudirman Kav. 52-53, South Jakarta

Phone number/Reservation: +62 (0) 21 51 51 501 or +62 (0) 21 514 00 10
HP: 08 11 11 32 888

Instagram: The Pallas SCBD

Opening Hours:
Every day from 11am to 10pm for the restaurant, until 2am for the lounge. During special events, the operating hours will be extended until early morning.

Wu Bar & Club (PIK - Jakarta)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Wu is a bar and nightclub located in North Jakarta. Opened recently, it is one of the few proper nightlife venues in PIK (see my review PIK Nightlife), a trendy area among young and affluent Indochinese.

Wu is actually more of a lounge where most people sit down and drink until they get so drunk they start dancing. It is better to come with a group as you are very unlikely to meet anyone if you are by yourself (unless you get invited to a table). They also serve shisha.

The current schedule is the following:
- Old school music, rap and Rn'B on Monday
- Acoustic nights on Tuesday
- Ladies' night on Wednesday (girls get free shots if they come before 11pm)
- Trap, hip-hop and Rn'b nights on Thursday
- Live music followed by DJ on Friday and Saturday
- Progressive, house and trance DJ on Sunday

Overall: Recommended if you are under 25, staying in Pantai Indah Kapuk, and part of a group.

Opening Hours:
Every day from 7pm to 4am

Wu Bar & Club
Rukan Crown Golf blok D8-10,
Jl. Marina Indah Raya 
Pantai Indah kapuk - North Jakarta

Phone number: 08 77 81 43 6393 / 08 5711 888 187

Instagram: Wu Jakarta

Sports Bar @ B.A.T.S (Shangri La Hotel)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Just in time for the beginning of the Euro 2016, the Shangri-La Hotel in Jakarta has opened a sports bar within the famous B.A.T.S.

The new venue is located right after the entrance, before you walk down the stairs to the live music area. It is laid-back, ideal if you want to have some beers in a more quiet atmosphere. They also serve some popular foods such as French Baguette, Pizza Margarita, Turkish Kebab, German Bratwurst or Fish & Chips.

The most important games are displayed on a large screen by an LCD projector, while less important ones are on TV. There is also a pool table and a foosball table. June will obviously be focused on football/soccer games of the Euro 2016. You can also expect to watch NFL, AFL, NBA, MLB, Rugby, the Olympic Games, Formula One, Moto GP, etc when a special event will be scheduled.

The bar opens every day at 5pm and you have a happy hour until 10pm (50% off from selected drinks). On Mondays, you have 20% off on liquor bottles and on Tuesdays, all alcoholic drink mixes are priced at Rp100,000 net. Stay up to date on the current promotions by visiting Sports Bar @ B.A.T.S.

Overall: It is a nice addition to the main room of B.A.T.S, which tends to be so packed and noisy that I need a few drinks beforehand to enjoy it. My main concern is that the number of seats is limited so you should get there early to make sure you can sit. If the bar proves to be popular, they may have to add a few tables.

Sports Bar @ B.A.T.S 
Shangri La Hotel Jakarta
B.A.T.S. Jakarta
Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta (Level 1)
Kota BNI
Jalan Jend. Sudirman Kav 1

Phone number: +62 21 29 399 562

K43 Bar and Club (Kemang)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Last Saturday (December 3rd 2016), I visited the club K43 in South Jakarta (K is for Kemang, 43 is the street number). I had already been several time to this location that was once called Second Floor, then SF Club, and then Hangover.

The entrance fee was Rp100,000 and it included a drink. Not many people were inside and I guess that several customers were just friends of the owner/manager/PR. There were some hostesses as well, two of whom came to introduce themselves and chatted with us for a while. Apparently they have fashion shows and sexy dancers occasionally.

The music was commercial EDM, nothing really special. Drinks were rather expensive for Kemang at Rp100,000 for a whisky coke.

The only thing I liked was the set up of K43 which is quite intimate and modern. They also have a cool LED light display on the ceiling.

Overall: Not really worth it, it is better to go to Tipsy, Venue, 999 or Nu China if you want to party in Kemang.

K43 Pub and Club
Jalan Kemang Raya No.43A
Bangka, Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta

Phone number: 082211767657

Baxter Smith (Senopati)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Baxter Smith is a bar and restaurant that opened in Senopati mid-2016. I only went there once for a special event on a Friday night, so I'll keep my review short until I can try again. 

The bar is on the 3rd floor and it was quite busy, with an all-Indonesian crowd. It seemed people where visiting for the first time, out of curiosity. The DJ was playing good, non commercial tunes between progressive and tech house. The bartenders were fast and the drinks cheaper than the average for Senopati.

There is a dining area on the 2nd floor of the building, but I didn't try it. They serve common dishes such as burgers, salads, pasta, roasted chicken, etc.

Baxter Smith (or Baxtersmith) Jakarta
Jalan Suryo 28, Senopati, Jakarta

Phone number: +6287886027475

Opening Hours:
From 11am to 2am (more or less)
Happy hours from 5pm to 7pm = Buy 2 get 1 free

Chamber Whisky and Wine Bar (Pacific Place)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Chamber is a whisky/wine bar and restaurant squeezed between Potato Head and Cork&Screw in Pacific Place mall. It replaces Capocaccia.

It is intimate and comfortable, with an outdoor and an indoor area. The design follows the current 1930s vintage trend that you can see in several speakeasy bars in Jakarta. It is a bit over the top for my taste. They target rich Indonesians by advertising a large collection of wines and spirits. Most items can only be ordered by bottle so avoid if you come alone.

The food is quite disappointing. It is expensive (10$ for a Nasi Campur or Spaghetti) and yet I don't feel they put a lot of effort into it. Most dishes are actually Indonesian, which does not really match with the theme of the restaurant. This may be due to the fact that their kitchen is small.

Overall: I think that Chamber is not on par with the competition in Pacific Place. While the design is nice, it seems to be lacking substance compared to nearby Paul, Cork&Screw and Potato Head. 

Chamber Food and Spirits
Pacific Place Mall, Ground Floor 51B, SCBD
Reservation is recommended: +62 (0) 21 5797 31 28

Opening Hours:
From Sunday to Thursday from 10am to 12am
From Friday to Saturday from 10am to 2am
Brunch every Sunday

Instagram: ChamberJKT
Twitter (where the photos come from): ChamberJKT
Website: Chamber Jakarta

Revolution Vodka Party Bar (Lotte Mall, Jakarta)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars) →
Revolution Vodka Party Bar was developed by some of the people who launched Red Square in Senayan Arcadia a few years ago. It is located in Lotte Avenue Mall, next to their sister Mexican restaurant Gonzo's Tex Mex Grill.

For those who don't remember, Red Square was one of Jakarta's best bars/nightclubs for expats. It was wild, packed with hot girls with usually good DJs playing a mix of commercial and underground music. I personally had a lot of fun there and I was sad when it closed.

Revolution Vodka Party Bar is targeting the same crowd with the same recipe. It is a fun place for partying, with the same central table/podium where people can mingle and dance as the night gets wilder. The staff is friendly and welcoming, very different from the PRs and bouncers that you get in places like Dragonfly or X2. Revolution is upmarket, but not pretentious and snob.

You have several packages if you plan on booking a sofa, starting Rp3,000,000++ including 3 bottles of Vodka (among which one Absolut Elyx Premium Vodka) and snacks. If you prefer drinking "à la carte", cocktails costs around Rp100k-Rp110k net and a local Bintang beer Rp50k.

They have a special event or promo almost every night. The most interesting is the ladies' night on Wednesdays. On that day, they have bikini dancers and girls get free cocktails from 9pm to midnight.

It is most busy on weekends but it's worth visiting during the week as well to enjoy great promotions. On Monday for instance you get a buy 1 get 1 free on Absolut cocktails.

You can get more details on their facebook or website below.

Revolution Vodka Party Bar (Jakarta)
Lotte Mall - Shopping Avenue LG No. 58, Ciputra World 1,
Jalan Prof Dr. Satrio Kav 3-5, Kuningan, Jakarta, Indonesia 12940

Phone number (bookings, sofas, table reservation): +62 (0) 21 2988 8986

For events, party photos and latest informations, you can check:
Facebook: Revolution Jakarta
Instagram: Revo Jakarta
Website: Revolution Bar Lotte

Opening Hours:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday from 4.30pm to 1am
Wednesday and Thursday from 4.30pm to 3am
Friday and Saturday from 4.30pm to 4am