Here are a few of the most popular bars in Jakarta to drink beer. If you think I forgot a place, please add a comment below!

1) Eastern Promise (Kemang)
Meeting point of most expats in Kemang. Always happening. Good music.

2) Beer Garden (Menteng, Kemang, SCBD, Radio Dalam)
All their locations are usually packed. Crowd mostly local.

3) Paulaner Brauhaus (Grand Indonesia)
High end beer bar. Good food, large choice of beers including their own Paulaner.

4) Brewerkz (Senayan City)
Singaporean owned. Rather posh and neat. They have their own micro-brewery.

5) De Hooi (Pondok Indah)
Friendly expat bar, many regulars, great food menu.

6) McGettigan's (Mega Kuninang)
A modern Irish pub, centrally located, part of a larger chain with 18 branches worldwide.

7) Murphy's (Kemang)
First Irish pub in Jakarta. Friendly staff and good management.

8) Molly Malones (Senayan Arcadia)
Same owner as Murphy's. Same same but different location.

9) De Burse (SCBD)
Same owner as De Hooi and Eastern Promise. Similar concept but more intimate setting.

10) Liquid Exchange (Rasuna Said)
Reasonable prices, good location, eclectic crowd and decent choice of beers.

11) Beer Brothers (Kemang) Ex-aequo
Large choice of beers, mixed crowd of locals and younger expats, easy-going.

12) Frank's Bar (Kemang)

13) Camden Bar (Gandaria and Cikini)

14 ) Melly's Garden
Uncomfortable, full of mosquitoes, but very cheap. For backpackers (close to Jalan Jaksa)

Update 2021: Some new beer bars that are currently happening in Jakarta are Beer Hall in SCBD and all the Holywings locations in Jakarta.

19 comments to '' Best Beer Bars, Pubs and Beer Gardens in Jakarta "

  1. Liquid Exchange is not affordable! It's located in the business district and full of expats...

  2. i disagree, if you think liquid exchange is not affordable then you shouldnt be going out - its very cheap compared to most other places especially those with bule - 2 beers is only 35++ thats almost circle k prices? and a big main course dinner only 75rb

  3. actually it said "reasonable prices" and its always full of locals

    rasuna said is hardly the business district, that scbd or mega kuningan
    go to hard rock cafe if you want a shock, 200rb for a juice! no joke
    liquid is one of the cheapest places in the city for a few beers, you need to get out more, or perhaps don't go out at all until your boss gives you a pay rise
    seriously if you are the type of person who complains about prices in liquid exchange, then you should stick to sitting outside 7/11

  4. Ever been to beehive fatmawati?

    1. Hi I passed by but never stopped there for a drink... How is it?

  5. Beehive is a kind of "slow food" place with relatively cheap prices. It has a sort of jungle theme and it is pretty big. It is the same owner behind pulau macan in 1000 islands so it has this eco responsible touch too.

  6. you passed Die Stube in Kemang; german bar

  7. Beersaudara Beeehouse CibuburAugust 24, 2016 at 8:01 AM

    Hi Thibaud!(or whoever else reading this)

    We are two friends starting out a beer house in Cibubur. We offer affordable prices for Indonesian beers and a general place to hangout. We're currently just a hole in a wall place in a ruko and we would be honored if you could come and review us. Our address is Ruko Acropolis C-10/12 Legenda Wisata Cibubur.

    1. Hi thanks for the info, I don't go to Cibubur very often... maybe you have a facebook page? you can send me some photos at

  8. Hi Thibaud, where would you suggest for daydrinking? Most places I've been to open at 5 or are empty earlier.

    1. In which area do you stay? Are you on a budget or you don't mind spending?

    2. Near Cipete...I like drinking cheap but often make exceptions. Willing to commute a bit as well.

  9. Plz let me know where i can drink ipa...

    1. Brewerkz in Senayan City lagoon has ipa...pretty good too.

  10. I am looking for a bar to chill with my wife in Jakarta. Taxi driver suggested Blok M and we are on our way there. I have read most of your recommendations. Is that a suitable place for us to go? Any other place for suggestion?

  11. Blok m is a terrible place to go with your wife... Near from there I would go to kemang instead or to mega Kuningan (basque)

  12. Hi, I'm looking for affordable hotel with rooftop beer garden in jakarta pusat. Any suggestion?

    1. Maybe you can stay in fave hotel wahid hasyim, it's just next door to Aman lounge rooftop