7 Best Nightclubs in Bandung

By Jakarta100bars
My last review of Bandung nightlife was written in 2010. Since then, I've noticed that all the most popular nightclubs are new ones that have either popped up from nowhere, or replaced existing venues.

For a general understanding of Bandung nightlife, you can still read it here: Bandung Nightlife for Expats. The city is still fun for party, with a young crowd, a lot of pretty Sundanese girls, and affordable prices. It is more conservative than Jakarta though, so don't expect crazy and messy nights out. 

The current 7 best nightclubs are the following (click on the name for a complete review):

Cheap and popular nightclub with a relaxed, hipster crowd. Near ITB Bandung.

Recently reopened, the new Southbank is a lounge that turns into a club after midnight. It is more upmarket compared to the competition.

A fun nightclub with a mix of ayam and students, they play EDM, Rn'B and Trap.

A small club with mostly hostesses and older customers (over 30).

Fame Station
This club/live music lounge is located far from the city center, so you should make sure they have an event before visiting it.

Amnesia is one of the veteran of Bandung nightlife. It is not as trendy as it used to be but it still have some good nights. Not so many students inside but a lot of lady companions.

I haven't been back to Hollywood since 2010, meaning my review dates from before it was renovated in 2015. At the time, it was a low-class karaoke with nothing special. Today, it is a bit more trendy as they invite famous DJs once in a while. I don't think it's an happening nightclub though. Please comment if you are familiar with the place.

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  1. Southbank is lil bit "lebay" with the rules about the dresscode. They not allowed if we only use shirt. Which in Jakarta there's nothing like this silly rules. But the place is quite nice and parking space is easy.