Yes, even in self-righteous Indonesia you will find more strip clubs and sexy dancers than in most other Asian countries. Sure Bangkok has its fair share of gogo bars, but women there rarely go full nude in public. In Jakarta, you have dozens of places with daily naked shows for a male public, obviously, to enjoy.

Remember that you are in Jakarta, not in Hollywood. Don't expect a spectacular striptease show with pole dancing, synchronized choreographies and splits, it is usually pretty basic. In most places, you can also book the stripper for a private dance and more depending on the size of your wallet. In all those places, the dancers usually try to get customers to buy them ladies' drinks after they've finished their routine. The price for a drink is between 50k and 100k. If you buy one, you will just get a thank you. If you buy at least 3, you will get a short lap dance. If you buy more than 3, you won't get much more. 

The huge majority of those venues are located in North and West Jakarta in the following districts: Kelapa Gading, Taman Anggrek, Taman Sari, Hayam Wuruk, Gadjah Mada, Mangga Besar, Lokasari. If you stay in Sudirman area, the closest ones will be about 5 kilometers away. Without traffic in the evening, it's a 15 minutes ride. 

Following a hard work of research and investigation, here is my list of the Top 10 Best Striptease and Sexy Dancer bars in Jakarta:

Important Notice: Since November 2017, all nude dancing has temporarily ceased in Jakarta (except in Tease Club where there are still topless shows). I'm sure it will come back but be patient for now. I will let you know when it comes back.

1) Tease Club (Full Nude)
Managed by Alex Tirta from Alexis Group. It may be the most sophisticated strip club to date in Jakarta in terms of costumes and choreography. They used to have a live sex show but it was probably too risky. Even corruption has its limits in Indonesia.

Recommended hotels nearby: Red Top and Alila Pecenongan are both walking distance from Tease Club and Emporium Spa.

2) Malioboro (Full Nude)
Managed by the biggest competitor of Alex Tirta in the naughty nightlife scene, the Stadium group. There are dancers in two areas, the Malio Club with about 8 to 10 girls dancing non stop, and the Malio Spa which is less busy.

Grand Mercure Kota is a 4-star hotel located just across Malioboro. You also have a nearby 3-star hotel, All Seasons Gajah Mada.

3) King Cross (Full Nude)
Managed by Stadium Group as well. Sexy dancers on two floors. The best ones are on the top floors. It is best to arrive early to avoid the crowd (like 10pm).

The closest hotel is the Santika Kelapa Gading (3 minutes by taxi).

4) Classic Hotel (Full Nude)
3 floors have dancers in Classic Hotel: On the ground floor, you have the best dancers but there is an entrance fee and the drinks are more expensive. On the 2nd floor and 5th floor, you have a basic dance show in two huge rooms (they are also called Terminal 2 and Terminal 5 as you are given a boarding pass upon exit). You should be aware that Classic is more a bordello than a bar.

Red Top and Alila Pecenongan are both 3 minutes away by taxi. Since August 2016, you can also book a night in Classic Hotel on Agoda.

5) Club 36 (Full Nude for Indonesian girls, Bikini for Thai Girls)
Wait another hour and you will have the dancers instead of the band
Club 36 is owned by Alex Tirta as well and it is located just next to Jayakarta Hotel. Intimate and usually crowded, you always have about 10 girls dancing on the main bar. It is the only place in Jakarta with Thai dancers.

Club 36 is located next to the Jayakarta Hotel. It is also near from the brand new Santika in Hayam Wuruk.

6) D's Place in Blok M (Bikini in Main Room, Full Nude in private)
D's Place is one of the oldest bars of Blok M. You have a main room with a podium in the middle where girls will do sexy dances in bikini. Those girls are usually quite young and pretty. You also have a more private room, the "corner bar", where you can get a private lap dance from older girls. You can actually get more than a lap dance: D's place could be considered as the only blowjob bar in Jakarta.

Jalan Falatehan, where D's Place is located, is close from Falatehan Hotel.

7) V2 (Full Nude)
V2 is a small one stop entertainment complex located at the beginning of Gadjah Madah street. If you come from Sudirman, it is quite easy to find. Nothing really special compared to the places mentioned above. They have live music and topless DJ from Eastern Europe once in a while.

It is closest from Ibis Harmoni and Grand Mercure Kota.

8) Golden Crown (Topless)
Inside Golden Crown, you have a lounge with western music with sexy dancers during the week. You have a real hotel below the club that you can book here: Plaza Hotel Glodok.

9) Diamond (Full Nude)
Diamond Club is a discreet venue located just between Harco Glodok and Lindeteves LTC Mall. Dancers go full nude.

Novotel Gajah Mada is located just accross from Diamond.

10) Sumo Spa (Full Nude or Topless, I'm not sure)
Sumo Spa in Kelapa Gading is also owned by the Stadium Group. They have a small lounge with dancers. It is located next to King Cross.

In case you need more addresses:

List of venues with non-nude sexy dancers:

Play Club in Hotel Alexis

Dreams Club in Plaza Indonesia: I didn't review it yet so I'll be interested to get more information. Apparently they have dancers/models from Eastern Europe.

Illigals in Hayam Wuruk: They have regular events but no nude or topless dancing to my knowledge.

Flirt Bar in Fashion Hotel: Daily - They've had topless dancing on occasion and some Russian TDJ (Topless DJ)

Nebula: Occasionally

Sun City: Daily, during break time of the live band:

Other places with sexy dancers that didn't make the Top 10:
Comfort Spa in Mangga Dua
Galaxy Spa in Fatmawati (Owned by Delta Spa)
CDs Club by Delta Spa
M Star in Mangga Dua
Top 1 Taman Anggrek
Newton in Lokasari
Fortune Spa in Sudirman
MTR in Kelapa Gading
Golden Hands Spa in Pluit

For the following places, I'm not sure if there are dancers or not, but it would not be surprising if they do:
Zen Karaoke in Thamrin
De Leila in Gatot Subroto
New Medika in Daan Mogot
Bandara in Taman Anggrek

I've probably forgotten a few places, please comment on this list of the best Strip Club and Sexy Dancer Show in Jakarta to help me keep it updated and accurate. Thanks!
Update May 2015: B'Fashion Hotel's club Oppai should be on top of this list: Oppai Club.

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  1. Beenthere DonethatApril 4, 2015 at 4:03 AM

    It's amusing that all those strip clubs except for D's place in Blok M cater to the local crowd. You will barely see any foreigners if you visit one of the venues listed above.

    Yet, if you read, listen or watch Indonesian medias, they will tell you it is the foreigners and the expats who are perverting the nation...

    1. Haha, very good point! Never thought about it that way, but totally correct!

  2. striptease is imported i guess :) unless the keratons had some sexy dancers in the past then id like to know more

  3. In D's Place the sexy dancers are also happy to go with you to the VIP-room to give you a lapdance, a blowjob or services extending further. A quick mental roll-call comes up with 5 names of dancers I had in the back room. They also make house calls.

  4. Yesterday i came to 36. So far i think there is no grear things. Crowd of indo chinese. I went to 2nd floor, and saw some prostitues showing in the room. Overall i think not to interesting in there.

  5. i arrive Sunday Dec. 7th 1am - anyone suggest any girlie club/bar/spa still open at this time?

    anyone keen to check out these place with me Dec7-12, pls reply with your email

  6. All became at least 670K, except Classic
    Is there any other place still cheap ?

  7. Which strip club in North Jakarta (lokosari, Mangga Basar,..) have still nude striptease?

    1. Diamond club still have nude girls... the entrance is ugly but inside is fine...

  8. Ok. As a foriegner I've been to most of these places and here is the verdict. Malio and Alexis are the only places worth going to. They have the most beautiful species of girls and best music. Expensive yes, but you get what you pay for in life.

  9. I went to Club 36 and it was a bit of a disappointment. 100,000 rupiah cover charge, redeemable for a beer. After that it was 120,000 per small Corona while watching rich Chinese guys ordering bottles of cognac. Yes there were 10 girls on the bar when I walked in, shuffling around like zombies. They progressively stripped off under instructions from the floor manager and some of them were quite good looking but nothing sensational. After moving around on the spot for about 10 minutes they were marched off the bar so that an indifferent rock band could take over and play poor quality "music" at catastrophically insane volume. The place also had a few seriously ugly looking bouncers who stood in front of the bar just staring at the customers - completely unnecessary and a further disincentive to staying there.

    A couple of nights earlier I had been to the Golden Crown - again very expensive for drinks and in between the very average live band (the male lead singer could barely hold a note) girls in mesh tops would dance around for a while out the front and then wander through the audience offering to flash their boobs for an extra 100,000 rupiah. I didn't see a single guy take them up on that offer. There were some moderately attractive women floating around but they said they were employees of the club and if they sat down it would cost serious money to buy them a drink. The whole thing was mildly depressing and so I went to Illigals and that had no dancers at all. It was a Saturday night and was only half full of not very friendly locals; expensive drinks and once again a couple of DJs who were alright but couldn't really get the crowd moving.

    On both nights I would have been better off staying in my hotel room drinking duty free cognac and watching internet porn, to be honest. Not like how Jakarta used to be.

    1. Your experience at Club 36 was exactly my experience last night at Illigals. Definitely not worth it.

  10. also topless girls in Cherry Wijaya and Cherry Lokasari

  11. which the best spot in west jakarta ?let me know please

    1. Oppai club in BFashion Hotel

  12. nice write up, D's Place is about the only reason to visit blok m hehe

  13. Hi all, just a head up. All form of entertainments including massage will be closed on the first 2 days of ramadan. I went to classic hotel, malioboro and travel hotel. Sadly, it was all closed

  14. Is king cross closed permanently?

  15. Staying Hotel Harris

    Any place like King cross nearby?

    1. Which hotel Harris? Fx senayan? closest would be malioboro

  16. Went to Classic. On a weekday its not so busy. For sure its a bordello. Terminal 2 had about 30 girls.
    1 girl 365,000 idr
    2 girls 550,000 idr
    You can pay by credit card or cash.
    Tip (negotiable) - 50,000 - 200,000.

    1. No tipping in Indonesia. They never ask locals. They only run that scam on white foreigners because they're dumb enough to pay it and their culture sucks.

  17. Not for long. Any amusement place that offering prustitute will close... lol

    1. haha you are so naive, it's almost cute...

  18. Hello planning to visit Jakarta over next one week ....can anybody advice if the places listed above have resumed the sexy dancers and shows or it is still banned ? Thanks so much for help

    1. Not yet, still no nudes or topless unfortunately

    2. Thanks much. Does anybody know if there are similar venues in batam anywhere ? I have a night stop in batam as well thanks

    3. In Batam no nude striptease except in PP Banana (but it's a shitty place)

  19. I am also visiting Jakarta few weeks later.. Lets hope the nude dancers return by Christmas. Praying to the striptease Gods! Fingers crossed!!

  20. Any update on nude dancing ....still not happening I Guess?

  21. Hello - I am visiting Jakarta for new year....can you please let me know if the strip dancing is back and any suggested places to go ? Thanks in advance

  22. Any update on the naked girls?

  23. Hello - is there still ban on naked dancing or places like Classic And Malio club have returned to normal ? Any advice will be very helpful