Delta CD's Club (Pondok Indah)

By Thibaud (Jakarta100bars)
Delta CD's club opened on January 14th, 2011. It is owned by the Puri Group, famous for its massage parlours (see review Delta Spa).
It is a girly club, quite unique in South Jakarta, and I wonder if it will be a success or not. I haven't had time to visit yet, but I'll try as soon as possible. 

Opened everyday except on Monday. Starting 9pm, they have live music, "wet" sexy dancers and "laser show acrobatic". I think that it must be very similar to some clubs in Kota such as V2 or MnB.
CD's Club
Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda No.72
Pondok Indah, South Jakarta

Phone number: +62-21 7290 333
Fax: +62-21 7238 708

Website: CD's Karaoke & Live Music in Delta Spa Pondok Indah - Click here.

Photo credit: From CD's Club Delta member on Ravelex.

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  1. Stop by for a couple hours with my colleagues on friday. Club lounge at 5th floor is actually quite nice. This floor is separated from the spa/massage group provide a live music with great band and sound is also beyond expectation. Alcohol options is moderately pricey, sexy dancer and friendly ladies companion for about usd 50-80 till you close the bill (chat + basic flirting stuff. Some of them are college or university student with good english). Suitable for 2-3 hours beer time but sometime music are too loud when the band is on its break and a resident dj playing some old tunes.Overall i think its a good alternative for south jakarta hang out spot after 10pm.