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Club 5 Music Club - Parkroyal Hotel - Yangon

By Jakarta100bars →
Club 5 is a live music bar/nightclub located inside the 5-star Parkroyal Hotel . It is a short taxi ride from the downtown area (1 kilometer). You don't need to go to the lobby to reach it as you have a dedicated entrance on the side of the hotel. You'll need to pay a first drink charge of 12 dollars (16,200MMK) to get in, only if you are not a hotel guest. All prices inside are in dollar and more expensive than average for Yangon. A cocktail will cost at least 8$ for instance.

7th Joint Reggae Bar (Yangon)

By Jakarta100bars →
I found the 7th Joint Bar in Yangon by accident. It was past midnight and I was walking back to my hotel when I heard some noise coming from a tiny alley. I went to see what it was all about and discovered a small live music bar packed with foreigners (with also a few Burmese girls and guys). I would guess that most guests were expats, probably working in NGOs, embassies or schools. If you are new in the city and need to meet people, I would recommend you to go there.

Zero Zone Rooftop and Beer Garden (Yangon)

By Jakarta100bars →
Zero Zone Rooftop is a restaurant and beer garden located on Shwedagon Pagoda Road, across the street from Emperor Club and KTV  and above the Singapore Food Court. You'll reach it using a ancient elevator operated by a 12-year old kid. It was probably popular at some point because it was mentioned in the Lonely Planet. I also read that they once had fashion shows. As of 2017 though, it is dead and not recommended. When I visited around 10PM, there were less than 10 guests, almost all of them foreign tourists who didn't seem to be aware there are actually nicer venues around.