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Rosso (Hotel Shangri-La)

By Jakarta100bars →
Rosso is the fine dining Italian restaurant of the 5-star  Shangri La . In the same hotel you may also find Satoo , a top-notch all-day buffet restaurant, and B.A.T.S , a popular expat bar. I visited on a Monday night and it was almost full, with mostly expatriates and business travelers. Consequently, though the waiters were very efficient, they were not always immediately available and it gave me the impressions they were understaffed.  The design of Rosso is chic and modern, with a high, painted ceiling. The sitting is comfortable, on sofas or in a booth, and the tables are distant enough to allow for private conversation. There is also a cozy lounge in Rosso's smaller room. I didn't try the wine, but there seems to be quite a large selection on the menu.

Vino Embassy (Kemang)

By The Jakarta Team →
Vino Embassy is a wine lounge in Kemang, by the Amor Group which also owns the Amor Club . A second lounge has recently opened in Dharmawangsa Square, following the success of this one. Vino Embassy surfed on the wine trend a few years ago, providing amateurs with a design lounge and store. They rely on a quite big collection of over 1,000 bottles, among which a few collectibles. The place is peaceful, with low chillout music during the day, but the music gets housy later in the evening. It's not my favourite wine lounge in Jakarta because I don't really like the setting which is too impersonal and cold. It is a good place for shopping though. Moreover, I'm still not used to the concept of drinking wine without eating and Vino Embassy doesn't have anything very tasty in its restaurant. I would not buy an expensive wine and have it with onion rolls.

Vin plus Wine Bar (Senayan Arcadia)

By The Jakarta Team →
Vin + is a wine lounge located just below Red Square and Black Cat, in Senayan Arcadia. (the original branch is in Kemang). Though French, I'm not a great wine connoisseur, but what I could tell is that the wine was pretty expensive, 100,000rp for the cheapest glass of white wine, which I found outrageous since I can get Champagne for that price back home. Great place for talking though since the music is at the minimum, and the sitting is quite comfortable, making Vin+ a recommended place to go before or after clubbing. They also have a spanish restaurants, pricey as well.