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Batman Pub and KTV (Vientiane - Laos)

By Jakarta100bars →
Batman Pub is a nightclub and karaoke located at least 8 kilometers from the city center of Vientiane. I went there with a rented motorbike after visiting another club called Romeo. Honestly, it is really in the middle of nowhere. To reach it, you'll need to take a dirt road on the last 500 meters, surrounded by nothing but empty fields. Judging by the look on the staff's faces, I'm sure I was the only foreigner they ever saw. They gave me a real VIP treatment, including serving my 25,000-kip Beer Lao together with an ice bucket

Romeo Nightclub and The Pavilion Music Hall (Vientiane)

By Jakarta100bars →
Romeo and The Pavilion is a nightlife complex in Vientiane consisting of a nightclub (Romeo), a live music hall (The Pavilion), a beer garden, a restaurant and a karaoke. It is quite far from the city center (at least 5 kilometers) but still, I wanted to check it as it seemed to be popular with the local elite. In particular, it targets the Laotian-Chinese community with the same kind of ostentatious, over-the-top design you may have seen elsewhere in Chinese clubs in Asia.

Gold Star Nightclub - Daokham Hotel (Vientiane)

By Jakarta100bars →
Gold Star is a nightclub in Vientiane, part of the Daokham Hotel complex. On the same location, you'll also find Sam Dao beer garden and Merci karaoke. The whole site is quite impressive. You arrive through a small road perpendicular to Souphanouvong Avenue, and then suddenly you have this huge, hidden property with hundreds of party-goers. I had a quick look at the beer garden. Nothing special there, it caters mostly to large groups who also come for eating. The nightclub is more interesting. It looks similar to Marina, except that the crowd is much younger and less stylish. From what I could guess, at least 10% of the crowd was less than 18 years old. I also saw a handful of foreigners. In total, I would say it can accommodate 500 people. I think the live band was from Thailand. They played rock song (none of them in English), and during breaks a DJ would mix famous EDM anthems. This is a video I took:

XScape Nightclub and Dihao KTV (Ti Hao Hotel) - Vientiane

By Jakarta100bars →
I'm not sure about the exact name of this place. Outside there was a sign saying Dihao Nightclub and KTV, but on google I also saw it spelled Ti Hao, Di Hao or Tihao. Some photos also show a sign with the name Lollipop but for now it has been either removed or turned off. My final conclusion is that the club name is Dihao, that it used to be called Lollipop, and that it is within the Ti Hao Hotel.

Mittaphab Club and KTV (Mekong Hotel - Vientiane)

By Jakarta100bars →
Mittaphab Club and KTV is the nightclub of the Mekong Hotel on Souphanouvong Avenue. It is about 500 meters from the tourist center. I saw it as I was walking by and I decided to have a quick look. The entrance was free and I just had one beer (25,000 kip). It is a rather large disco but less than 50 clients were there. It is a bit old-fashioned: You have a podium for the live band, a dance floor just in front of it, and used sofas all around. The music was Laotian. The male customers were above 50, with some Chinese, but most girls were in their early 20s (except a few older ladies). Obviously, they were hostesses from the karaoke next door. In fact, after a quick research on internet I discovered that the  Mekong Hotel  is a hotspot for prostitution in Vientiane and that girls from the club can be taken to a room. Prices I found were 90,000 kip for bar fine, 300,000 kip for short time and 600,000 kip for long time.