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Mille's Executive Club - Lokasari (CLOSED)

By The Jakarta Team →
Mille's at 3AM on Sunday afternoon... Almost always open, there are two rooms. One huge with Techno Kota and one smaller, more intimate, with very good house music. Most people go there after stadium so it reallys starts early in the morning. The second most popular Kota club after Stadium night club I think among foreigners. There is also a karaoke upstairs. Mille's is one of my favourite place to party in Jakarta. Beware, I have a special taste for dark, weird clubs. Mille's is also famous for its 24/7 karaoke that most people use for drug and prostitution orgies. The lady companions there are particularly young, some look almost underage. They are usually from Sukabumi, Bandung or Indramayu. During the week, Mille's may have special events like live music or sexy dancers. Update October 2016: Ahok is trying to close Mille's but it seems the club is still open. Please leave a comment if you can confirm! Contact details Mille's Jakarta Loka

ML Disco (or Moonlight/Moonlite Disko) (Hayam Wuruk)

By The Jakarta Team →
Moonlight disco is the only gay club in Kota ( Stadium is mixed). For a newcomer, it will certainly feel dangerous and scary. It was very hot when I visited but apparently, they bought A/C to replace the fans. The crowd is a weird bunch, like often in gay clubs: Gays, bisexuals, lesbians, lady boys, etc... from all ages and classes. I recommend you to go there with someone you trust and to keep an eye on your glass at all time. There are very few foreigners so expect to receive a lot of attention. Moon light is not opened every night but Wednesday, Friday and Saturday should be fine. Be aware that many guys inside are prostitutes. Drugs (ecstasy) is everywhere too. I have a bad photo of the building taken during the day but it's better than nothing (you should be able to read ML Diskotik):  

Monggo Mas (Night Club Jakarta)

By The Jakarta Team →
One of the worst clubs in Jakarta. Completely dark, aggressive, with loud Techno music, drugs aplenty and prostitutes everywhere. You have to try it once. It has two ambience: A Dangdut place in the lower lever, and up the stairs, a Kota hard house club. Monggo Mas Disco Jl Hayam Wuruk 111, Jakarta (one street after Stadium) Phone number: +62-21 6391431 I discovered a second Monggo Mas, in Kelapa Gading (see photo):