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Public Swimming Pool in Bangkok: Wisutamol (Olympic Size)

By Jakarta100bars →
If you are a swimmer looking to do some laps in Bangkok, look no further than the Wisutamol Swimming Pool. It is located next to the National Stadium, a 3-minute walk from the National Stadium BTS station. The complex is also called Visutdrarom. It is the best and cheapest olympic-sized (50-meter) public swimming pool in Bangkok (at least from the ones I tried). It is open to everyone and you'll just need to pay 100THB to enter. If you live in Bangkok, you can become a member for 1000THB, and then only pay 50THB per visits. To do so, you must provide a copy of your passport with two photo IDs. They will also make you pass an easy test (floating 5 minutes in the water and swimming 50 meters). The basin is in the open air so the sun can hit you pretty hard. It's best to bring some sun lotion and maybe goggles with UV protection. I've always found the water and the environment to be clean for local standards. The place is starting to age though as you can see f

Why I Never Fly With Air Asia

By Jakarta100bars →
Update 2016: AirAsia has changed the way you book their tickets online, so part of this review is not relevant anymore. In the new system, there are no more tricks to make you book unnecessary upgrades and add-ons. I am surprised that Air Asia can still get the title of "World's Best Low Cost Airlines" in 2013 considering it is by far the worst company and the one company I always try to avoid when flying in Asia. It seems like AirAsia is so good with its marketing and advertising that people are brainwashed into thinking that they are receiving a 5-star service when flying with them. I hear people excited about taking AirAsia, when the truth is that they will pay more for sitting in a super tiny seat without any food or service and probably departing late. AirAsia is more expensive than any other low cost airlines in Asia while it does not give back any thing to its customers. Obviously, they do cut on their services and operating costs but the money save