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Safe House Nightclub (Chiang Mai)

By Jakarta100bars →
Safe House is the newest nightclub in Chiang Mai. It is located in the nightlife area of Loi Kroh Road where dozens bars and live music pubs can be found. More precisely, it is in the basement of the Duangtawan Hotel .

9 Late Night/ After Hour Nightclubs in Bangkok

By Jakarta100bars →
What I hate the most about Bangkok nightclubs is that they close very early. After 2AM during the week, and after 3AM on weekends, you can expect that only a handful of venues will still be open. Even worse, the places that are open late in the night are terrible. As I wrote on my review about Bangkok Nightclubs , they can all be avoided during normal hours, but past a certain time you don't a lot of choice. Late night/after hour nightclubs in Bangkok are not exactly dirty, but they are seedy, with 90% prostitutes and a miserable vibe. Most clients are Western/Indian/Arab males wearing shorts and t-shirts who seem to be desperately horny. Don't expect to meet normal girls as there are almost none. Taxi drivers get a 200THB commission each time they bring a customer, so try to negotiate a free ride. You can save more money if you order a bottle of spirits as you'll enter for free. If you can, you should try to start your nights out early while in Bangkok. You can h

6 Best Gogo Bars in Bangkok (Nude Striptease)

By Jakarta100bars →
The best gogo bars in Bangkok with nude striptease (topless and full naked) can all be found in the Sukhumvit area in the red light districts of Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza Entertainment Center. This area, the heart of Bangkok nightlife , is very easy to reach either by taxi (all of them know where it is) or by public transport (BTS/Metro) at one of these stops: Asoke, Nana or Sukhumvit. Nudity is getting more common in Bangkok. Just a couple years ago, very few gogo bars had topless shows while today, around 20% of them have girls willing to show at least their boobs. Pussies are another story: While you can easily get private or semi private lap dances in many locations, especially in Patong, it is still rare to see girls completely naked on a stage. This is the reason why I wrote this list of the best gogo bars in Bangkok with nudity. The venues are likely to be outdated soon so please don't hesitate to leave a comment with recommendations/new information if you can.