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Desperados Bar (Shangri La Surabaya)

By Jakarta100bars →
Desperados Bar is one of the few expat bars in Surabaya. If you are on a business trip, it is a convenient place to have a few drinks and kill your boredom. The concept is similar to BATS in Jakarta , though it is much less happening. Located in the basement of the Shangri-La, it has a daily live band (Indonesian playing Top 40 songs from the past 40 years), some working girls, and a grill/Mexican restaurant attached to it. Most of the action is around the circular bar where you can easily meet other expats.

Veneno Nightclub (Surabaya)

By Jakarta100bars →
Veneno is a nightclub located on the ground floor of the Rich Palace Hotel in Surabaya. Its name comes from the Lamborghini Veneno, the most expensive car in the world ($4,500,000). Veneno is quite small with a "Fast and Furious" kind of design. It is dimly lit in blue with a few flat screen TVs and mirrors. You have a small stage as well for live bands. There is no dancefloor to speak of: Customers stay in their sofas or tables instead. If you are alone, you can also sit at the bar and chat with the bartenders who are friendly. When I visited on a Wednesday night it was almost empty. There were some girls alone who might be working there but they were not aggressive. They only speak to you if you request them to. The music was quite good, it was a mix of progressive and deep house. I didn't pay the entrance fee, only drinks (Rp100,000 for liquor + mixer).

Rasa Sayang Cafes: Live Dangdut and Karaoke

By Jakarta100bars →
Rasa Sayang is a brand of "cafés" (music clubs) with most locations in East Java, particularly in Surabaya. They are targeting older Indonesian men with live dangdut music and a no-frill atmosphere. They are not luxurious venues but they are clean enough. In Surabaya, you'll notice that some of the girls working in the karaokes used to be sex workers in Dolly. You can usually book them to your hotel without too much trouble. More photos and information: Website: Rasa Sayang Indonesia Facebook: Rasa Sayang Group