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Desperados Bar (Shangri La Surabaya)

By Tibs →
Desperados Bar is one of the few expat bars in Surabaya. If you are on a business trip, it is a convenient place to have a few drinks and kill your boredom. The concept is similar to BATS in Jakarta , though it is much less happening. Located in the basement of the Shangri-La, it has a daily live band (Indonesian playing Top 40 songs from the past 40 years), some working girls, and a grill/Mexican restaurant attached to it. Most of the action is around the circular bar where you can easily meet other expats.

Colors Pub (Surabaya)

By Tibs →
Colors Pub is one of the most famous bars/clubs in Surabaya. Centrally located on Jalan Surabaya (next to the Society Complex), it is part of the same group behind Eclectic and Our Bar. It is mostly a live music venue with a large performance stage and tables all around it. They are opened every day of the week, with a different event each night (see their Instagram below for the updated schedule).

Eclectic Pub and Lounge (Surabaya)

By Tibs →
Eclectic Pub and Lounge is a bar located in Surabaya Town Square mall (Sutos). It belongs to the owner of the mall, who also opened Eclectic Pub (now closed) in Cilandak Town Square and Seminyak Town Square. Eclectic is one of the best nightlife venues in Surabaya because it is always crowded. In fact, when I'm in Surabaya I often start a night out in Sutos because I'm always sure to find a busy bar or café. It is also where the Foreplay nightclub is located.