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E&O Jakarta (Restaurant, Bar)

By Jakarta100bars →
E&O (Eastern and Oriental) is a trendy, upmarket restaurant, bar and lounge located in Mega Kuningan, not far from its main competitor in the area, Loewy (which has the same owner actually, also behind Union ). The kitchen is headed by Chef Will Meyrick, behind the famous restaurants Mamasan and Sarong in Bali. The cuisine in E&O is actually similar with that of Mamasan: Western dishes with a twist of Asia (or the contrary).

MAD Jakarta (Modern Asian Diner)

By Jakarta100bars →
    I visited MAD Jakarta (Modern Asian Diner) in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday. It was not very crowded, as one could expect at this time of the day. MAD is currently buzzing among Jakartans, mainly thanks to the good Public Relation and Marketing team behind it. As the owner comes from Singapore (where the first MAD was opened), there is always a feeling among Indonesians that it will be modern and innovative. My first impression was good: MAD is big, probably able to accommodate over 150 people. They have a long open kitchen, a bar area and a good view over the Jakarta skyline. The menu is attractive as well. It combines various types of Asian and Western cuisine. After a second look though, I noticed that the wording of the menu was more creative than the dishes in itself. I went for an expensive dish, thinking it would be a great culinary journey: The Pan Seared Sea Bream & Mushroom Barley Risotto (148,000rp++). In non marketing words, it is a Ris