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Bali Jimbaran (Jakarta Seafood Restaurant)

By Jakarta100bars →
  Bali Jimbaran is one of the many seafood restaurants located near Mangga Dua, opposite ITC on Jalan Gunung Sahari. I chose to visit Bali Jimbaran particularly because it had the brightest outside sign, and also because it was the most crowded.

Fu Qing Sanur (Mangga Dua)

By Jakarta100bars →
    I visited Fuqing Sanur, a Chinese seafood restaurant, a day I was lost in Mangga Dua. Since this area is not very crowded with expats or tourists, I was hoping the food would taste good and would not be too expensive. The restaurant does not look very pretty inside, but it is clean and spacious.  I came in the middle of the afternoon so there were no customers and I had the attention of at least three nice waitresses. By the time I had finished eating, a few people had came in. I would guess it is a popular place to eat in the area, with most clients being regulars. The name, Fu Qing Sanur is a mystery since there isn't anything reminding you of that Balinese village… Maybe it is a way to tell people they specialize in seafood. The menu is very long, with mainly Chinese dishes , not surprising for Mangga Dua. It includes shark fins, frogs, abalone and pork, but no prices are mentioned so you need to ask the waitresses. I ordered the steam fish (Red Snapper), for Rp2

Lotus Reflexology & Health Massage (Mangga Dua)

By The Jakarta Team →
Lotus reflexology is by far the best value massage I found in Jakarta. It costs 30,000 rp for 90 minutes of a good foot massage, provided by a woman or man therapist. A health massage is slightly more, but still an inexpensive 50,000 rp for 60 minutes. The facilities are very clean and you can watch cable TV while being take care of. Perfect for sundays after party if you are hanging out in the north part of town.

The Lounge (Hotel Le Grandeur Jakarta)

By Jakarta100bars →
  The Lounge is the bar inside Le Grandeur Hotel in Mangga Dua. Surprinsingly for North Jakarta, it is not a seedy place but a classy Jazz lounge with modern design and great service. If you are staying in North Jakarta and you want a place without the usual house music/prostitution scene, I think that The Lounge is perfect. The live music starts at 8.30pm, everyday, and finishes at 00h30.