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Golden Dragon - Lampung Nightlife

By Jakarta100bars →
Golden Dragon is a one stop entertainment center in Batam with a Chinese restaurant, a pub, a karaoke (KTV), a nightclub, a spa and a function hall for events. It is located near the seafront, about 2 kilometers from the city center (a nearby hotel is Aston ). Considering Lampung nightlife is limited to mostly dangdut cafés, it is one of the most recommended venues in the city (the other one to try is Centerstage in Novotel Hotel ). The club is very quiet during the week, unless they have a special event (sometimes on Wednesdays). Typically, they will have a live band playing Indonesian love songs, then a DJ playing more aggressive electronic music. On the weekend, they like to bring a hot female DJ from Jakarta and sometimes a few sexy dancers. The entrance fee (first drink charge) is Rp50,000 on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, Rp100,000 on Wednesday and Friday, Rp150,000 on Saturday. Girls get in for free before midnight.

Ultra Spa (Bandar Lampung) - Novotel Hotel

By Jakarta100bars →
Ultra Spa is one of the three famous massage parlours for men in Lampung with Octopuss/Cumi  and Dragon . It is located inside  Novotel Hotel  and it is operated by the same group behind Sparadise in Jakarta. Considering those spas are part of the Accor chain (even though they are not operated directly by them), I was a bit surprised to learned that some girls not only offer handjobs, but also full sexual services in them. Note that it is not part of the normal procedure and it depends on each girl.

Octopuss Spa and Massage Parlour (Indonesia)

By Jakarta100bars →
Octopuss Spa is a chain of middle to high-end male spas located in several Indonesian cities. It can be compared to the  My Place Spa or Delta Spa  chains. It also operates some other brands such as Cumi Cumi Spa in Bandung. They provide 4 types of rooms/massages with prices ranging from 20$ to 45$ for an hour. Typically, they will have the following amenities: Hot and Cold Pool, Sauna, Jacuzzi (Steam) and Gym. The current number of locations is likely to expand fast. At the moment, you will find Octopuss Spa in the following cities: