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Bacco (Lotte Shopping Avenue, Kuningan)

By Anonymous →
  Bacco is Wine Lounge and also a Restaurant located in Lotte Shopping Avenue Mall in Kuningan. It's the same type of wine venue as Cork & Screw or Vin + . I wanted to try this place for a long time because I didn't find a Wine lounge in Jakarta where the restaurant is worth it. Well Bacco is worth it in my book ! The decoration is full of wood, which makes it a warm atmosphere. The big leather couches at the entrance are also very comfortable and makes it a cozy place. When you get into the restaurant, from the mall, you can see the bottles of wine nicely display which makes it part of the decor. The prices of the bottles of wine, like any other Wine Lounge in Jakarta, are very expensive. Wine is a very luxury product here and you cannot find it for cheap ! I recommend the food here, it is subtle, tasty, and nicely put together. I had a sirloin and it was really good. The Lemon cheescake is also totally worth it.