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Gonzo's Tex Mex Restaurant (Jakarta)

By Jakarta100bars →
Gonzo's is a brand-new restaurant serving Mexican, Texan and Tex-Mex specialties. Its first location is in Lotte Mall Kuningan, slightly hidden behind Ranch Market. It doubles up as the first Margarita bar in Jakarta. The theme is Mexican but I don't think it was the objective of the owners to recreate Mexico in Jakarta. It is colorful and friendly, yet simple. Gonzo's caters to a mall crowd who needs a fun place for meeting/hanging out. They serve mostly popular dishes like Burritos, Fajitas, Steaks, Tacos, Quesadillas, etc, not fine dining Mexican food (see Full Menu ).

The Manhattan Fish Market - Seafood Restaurants

By Jakarta100bars →
The Manhattan Fish Market is a restaurant chain specializing in seafood dishes, either poached, grilled, fried, baked or flamed. They are originally from Singapore, with branches in several countries in Asia and Middle East. In Indonesia, you can find them in Bali and Jakarta for the moment. I took one of their signature dishes, the Small Flame (Rp129,000 +16% tax and service), which seemed very appetizing on the picture from the menu (you can see all of it here ). Small Flame (Rp129,000++)

Sesto Senso by Hide Yamamoto (Jakarta)

By Jakarta100bars →
Sesto Senso is an Italian restaurant owned by a Japanese Chef, Hide Yamamoto . Located in Lotte Mall Kuningan, it is similar in concept with other recently opened venues such as AW Kitchen and Popolamama . All of these are managed by Japanese but sell mostly Italian dishes. The design of Sesto Senso is modern minimalist, which made me feel like it was soulless, a bit as if I was sitting in the waiting room of a brand-new hospital. It is a good thing the waiters were warm and friendly to compensate for that feeling. I also enjoyed the view of Jakarta's skyline from the large window. The menu (available in detail here ) features all the popular Italian classics, particularly pasta. The prices are rather expensive, about 20% higher than average. Pocket Size Pizza Margarita (Rp89,000+21%) Spaghettini Aglio Olio Peperoncino (Rp85,000+21%)

Hide Yamamoto (Jakarta)

By Jakarta100bars →
Hide Yamamoto is a Japanese restaurant located in Lotte Shopping Mall in Ciputra World. It is headed by the famous Chef Hide Yamamoto who had a prestigious career as an Executive Chef for Mandarin Oriental and Ritz-Carlton. He then started to open various restaurants around the world, notably in Singapore's Marina Bay Sands. Hide Yamamoto is probably one of the best new Japanese restaurants in Jakarta at the moment. It is similar with Tatemukai in Grand Indonesia. It is fine dining, modern Japanese cuisine at relatively expensive prices. I recommend you to try it if you are already familiar with Japanese cuisine. They also have robatayaki, a private sushi room for 8 persons and 2 private Teppanyaki rooms (8 and 10 pax).

MAD Jakarta (Modern Asian Diner)

By Jakarta100bars →
    I visited MAD Jakarta (Modern Asian Diner) in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday. It was not very crowded, as one could expect at this time of the day. MAD is currently buzzing among Jakartans, mainly thanks to the good Public Relation and Marketing team behind it. As the owner comes from Singapore (where the first MAD was opened), there is always a feeling among Indonesians that it will be modern and innovative. My first impression was good: MAD is big, probably able to accommodate over 150 people. They have a long open kitchen, a bar area and a good view over the Jakarta skyline. The menu is attractive as well. It combines various types of Asian and Western cuisine. After a second look though, I noticed that the wording of the menu was more creative than the dishes in itself. I went for an expensive dish, thinking it would be a great culinary journey: The Pan Seared Sea Bream & Mushroom Barley Risotto (148,000rp++). In non marketing words, it is a Ris

Hummingbird Eatery (Jakarta - Bandung)

By Jakarta100bars →
Hummingbird Eatery is a restaurant located in Kuningan City Mall. My impression was that it was the busiest place in the mall, which does not seem to offer many original options for eating (actually, Sari Laut Jala Jala was much more busy and even had a waiting list...). The menu is quite long and interesting (it is available in full on their website Hummingbird Eatery ), with mostly unhealthy food though. I tried the Chicken Rosemary and the Dory Fish, both under 100k each. The Dory Fish was supposed to be "lightly pan-fried" but it was deep fried and so full of butter it was hard to finish. The sauce for the Chicken Rosemary was good, but again, very greasy. The accompanying potatoes did not taste good.

Bacco (Lotte Shopping Avenue, Kuningan)

By Nyoman →
  Bacco is Wine Lounge and also a Restaurant located in Lotte Shopping Avenue Mall in Kuningan. It's the same type of wine venue as Cork & Screw or Vin + . I wanted to try this place for a long time because I didn't find a Wine lounge in Jakarta where the restaurant is worth it. Well Bacco is worth it in my book ! The decoration is full of wood, which makes it a warm atmosphere. The big leather couches at the entrance are also very comfortable and makes it a cozy place. When you get into the restaurant, from the mall, you can see the bottles of wine nicely display which makes it part of the decor. The prices of the bottles of wine, like any other Wine Lounge in Jakarta, are very expensive. Wine is a very luxury product here and you cannot find it for cheap ! I recommend the food here, it is subtle, tasty, and nicely put together. I had a sirloin and it was really good. The Lemon cheescake is also totally worth it. 

Sari Laut Jala Jala (Medan - Jakarta)

By Jakarta100bars →
Sari Laut Jala Jala is a restaurant featuring food from Medan . It is quite popular with office workers at lunch, especially the Durian cake and the different dim-sums. Personally, not my favourite food... Sari Laut Jala-Jala Medan Restaurant Jakarta Kuningan City Mall, Lt. 3, Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 18 Phone number: +62-21 3048 0507