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Venue Kemang - Bar & Nightclub

By The Jakarta Team →
The Venue is a popular lounge in Kemang, especially with young students and teenagers from the international schools in the South of Jakarta. The reason they are popular is that they don't ask for IDs so it's pretty easy to get in even if you are underage. Drinks are cheap, but I'm not 100% sure the alcohol is genuine. Small swimming pool in the back where you can throw yourself to. Starting at 10pm on weekend, DJs spin progressive and house music. For info about events, check their Instagram: The Venue Kemang Venue Kemang Bar & Lounge Jl. Kemang Selatan No.2 Telephone no: +62-21 780 5610 Mobile/HP: 08388242242

Meat Me Steakhouse & Butchery

By Unknown →
  Meat Me Steakhouse & Butchery is a chain of restaurants specializing in local and imported steaks. It serves good quality meat for a reasonable price. You can also buy meat for take-away. Opening Hours: From Sunday to Thursday from 9pm to 11pm (until Midnight on Friday and Saturday) Facebook: Steakhouse Jakarta Twitter: Meat Me Shop and Restaurant Website: Meat Me Steakhouse Email:

Hotel Monopoli - Moon Rooftop - Room Club - Kemang (Jakarta)

By Tibs →
Hotel Monopoli is an upcoming project by Syah Establishments, the group behind famous venues like Lucy in the Sky , Sofia at the Gunawarman and Bauhaus . Located in Jalan Taman Kemang, maybe the hottest area in Kemang for nightlife at the moment, it will feature a boutique hotel, a restaurant on the ground floor, a club in its basement ( The Room ) and a rooftop bar ( The Moon ). I only saw it during a private party so I'm not sure how it will look like after the grand opening, but you can expect a trendy, yet fun vibe. Considering the Syah group's past successes, I'm certain that it will become a hit at least during the first few months after opening. I will update this page with more information and pictures once I get them. Do not hesitate to comment if you have been there. Hotel Monopoli -  Moon Rooftop Bar -  Room Club and Bar Jalan Taman Kemang No12, Kemang, South Jakarta 12730 Phone number: +62 22 71 51 01 Email:

Kemang Nightlife: The Best Bars and Clubs

By The Jakarta Team →
Update 2020: I deleted most of the content of this review as it was not up to date. Kemang nightlife still has a mix of venues for younger people (like Nu China/2nd Floor/Brexit) and venues for expats (such as EP - Eastern Promise). Since I haven't been there in a while, please leave a comment below if you know which bars and clubs are the most happening. Thanks!

Queen's Head (Kemang)

By Tibs →
Queen's Head Pub is one of the best restaurants in Kemang. It is an exclusive venue with an impressive design and excellent fusion food prepared by Blake Thornley, a New Zealand Chef who spent 5 years in  Mozaic Ubud .

Beer Brother Bar and Kitchen Kemang

By Tibs →
Beer Brother Bar + Kitchen is located in Taman Kemang, a residential area of Kemang which has seen a recent surge in bars and restaurants. This new nightlife area comprises Umbra, Cowboy Bar, Parc 19, and the Colony Building. Beer Brother opened about a year ago and it has managed to become successful rapidly. It is quite similar with other joints such as Bremer or Beer Garden , but there are a few notable differences: The design and marketing of the bar is more sophisticated and original, the music louder, and the choice of food and drinks really extensive (the menu must have 25 pages). The prices are not that cheap though except for basic beer. I was there just before a Champion's League quarterfinal, on a Tuesday, and it was full with a crowd ranging from young expats to hip Indonesians and high school kids. Most people come with a big group.

Anomali Coffee (Jakarta & Bali)

By Nyoman →
So many Coffee places in Jakarta ! Indonesia is in the Top 5 Coffee producer in the world, no wonder there are so many Coffee Shops in the city... It is not difficult to source coffee beans here. Anomali Coffee is a small and upscale coffee chain with 4 outlets in Jakarta and 2 in Bali. The different outlets in jakarta are mostly located in the South of the city. They claim themselves to be "Kopi Asli Indonesia" whick means Original Indonesian Coffee. It is one of the competitor of Liberica Coffee . What I like about this place ? Well it's quite intimate, the coffee is good and the service is pleasant. It's hard to tell the difference between two types of coffee when you are not a connoisseur. But each time I tried a beverage here, I was not disappointed. I had a Sandwich and a  Vanilla Eclair and it was also quite tasty, with a reasonable price (30 000 Rp for the Vanilla Eclair). Last but not least, the WiFi connection works quite well there

YOLO (Kemang)

By Nyoman →
  YOLO Public House is a Pub located in Kemang, right in front of KOI Restaurant Bar & Gallery. Yolo stands for "You Only Live Once", so Carpe Diem and enjoy life ! The pub food is good. The Yolo burger for 75 K is totally worth it. They have Live bands on Fridays and Saturdays which is pretty cool. Very important Burger Information: The burgers do have pickles here... The place opened in 2013. It is too small in my opinion, despite the 2 floors. And as many places in the area, I am not sure whether or not it will last very long...