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Hide Yamamoto (Jakarta)

By Jakarta100bars →
Hide Yamamoto is a Japanese restaurant located in Lotte Shopping Mall in Ciputra World. It is headed by the famous Chef Hide Yamamoto who had a prestigious career as an Executive Chef for Mandarin Oriental and Ritz-Carlton. He then started to open various restaurants around the world, notably in Singapore's Marina Bay Sands. Hide Yamamoto is probably one of the best new Japanese restaurants in Jakarta at the moment. It is similar with Tatemukai in Grand Indonesia. It is fine dining, modern Japanese cuisine at relatively expensive prices. I recommend you to try it if you are already familiar with Japanese cuisine. They also have robatayaki, a private sushi room for 8 persons and 2 private Teppanyaki rooms (8 and 10 pax).

Poké Sushi (Dharmawangsa)

By Nyoman →
Poké Sushi is a small Sushi chain, with currently 4 Restaurants in Jakarta. I really love this place as I find their sushis and sashimis very tasty. They make the sushis in front of you, which makes you feel safer to eat what you have in your plate. Salmon Sashimis and Philadelphia Rolls are my favourites... The best option in this restaurant is to take the "All you can eat" option for IDR 265++ (on weekday). You will have a decent choice in the All You can Eat Menu, even though you cannot order anything from the A La Carte Menu. The Loyalty Card gives you a 50% discount, which also can be a good option... Overall : I like this place and I recommend it. If you want go to another Japanese Restaurant, please read my review of Japanese restaurants "Good Japanese Restaurants in Jakarta" .

The Momo Japanese Restaurant (Senopati) CLOSED

By Jakarta100bars →
The Momo is a modern Japanese restaurant located on Jalan Senopati, just next to Three Buns 's burger joint. I only had a drink there, a fresh orange juice that didn't taste very good. The menu was interesting and if you are a fan of modern Japanese fusion cuisine, you should probably try The Momo. It also has a neat design, unsual for a Japanese restaurant, excellent staff (among which beautiful waitresses) and good music. Read more on this blog: The Best Japanese Restaurants in Jakarta  

Holy Gyu (Kebayoran Baru)

By Nyoman →
Well, I was supposed to go to Taco Local on Jl Panglima Polim, but it was closed, under renovation. so I decided to go to the restaurant right in front "Holy Gyu". It is a Japanese Grill, but in a more casual way. The place is very small and looks more like a fast-food chain. I went there on a Saturday night and the place was almost full, mostly Indonesian crowd. I really liked the meat I had. Both the meat and the vegetables were tasty  This place is for meat lovers, especially people who love Japanese-style meat, with Soy Sauce and vegetables on the side. Considering the high price of meat in Jakarta and in Indonesia in general, this place offers very affordable dishes. For 2 people we only paid 200 000 Rp. Usually, this can be the price of one dish in some Jakarta Restaurants. You also can have some Kobe Beef, which is known to be one of the most delicious beef in the world...

Hanamasa (All you can eat Restaurant)

By Nyoman →
Hanamasa is a All-you-can-eat Restaurant Chain in Indonesia, with Japanese Gril and Barbecue. It is quite popular and there are many outlets in Jakarta. I went to Hanamasa on Jl Mahakam (near Gran Mahakam Hotel) and I tried the food. I was not disappointed by the food: there is a fair choice of meat, vegetables and other condiments. You can either boil it or grill it (Shabu Shabu or Yakiniku). The crowd there is mostly indonesian and the different restaurants are pretty full on the week ends. I also found the place very clean with good service. The best part in my opinion is the price: It is only 100 000 Rp / 120 000 Rp to get a buffet menu. This is one of the lowest prices compared to the more than decent quality of the food. I would then recommend it as a good cheap alternative to a more fancy Korean BBQ.

Keyaki (Hotel Sari Pan Pacific)

By Nyoman →
Keyaki is a Japanese restaurant located in Sari Pan Pacific Hotel, on Thamrin. Sari Pan Pacific used to be one of the Best Hotels in Jakarta back in the 1980's. Now with growing competition on the Luxury Hotels Segment in Jakarta, it is just a good hotel with excellent location. Two outlets are still very popular and worth the detour in this Hotel though, it's the Sari Deli (Pastry and Delicatessen) and the Keyaki Restaurant. This Restaurant is located inside the Hotel, on the right side when you enter through the main entrance. It is still a very popular Restaurant among business men staying at the Hotel or Japanese food connoisseurs. You can read my review about Good Japanese Restaurants in Jakarta , if you want to compare.

Altitude (Gaia, Salt Grill, Enmaru) @ The Plaza

By Jakarta100bars →
Altitude is a group of 3 restaurants located on the 46th floor of the Plaza tower, one of the most expensive office buildings in Jakarta (also home the the Keraton hotel). 46th floor, yes: Great view of course, but make sure to book in advance and ask for a table near the window (if possible in the angle of the building). Luckily for my wallet, I only tried one of the three restaurants, Gaia, the Italian. The food was good, but not spectacular for the price: 550k for one appetizer and one main course. The quality of the service and the attention that we got, not only from the waiters but also from the managers, including 3 foreigners, may have been what we are really paying in the restaurant. One thing felt very wrong: The music was clubbing style and they only had one CD. So we had Gangnam Style and Party Rock Anthem twice each in one evening. That's twice too much. In Altitude, there is also an Australian Steak House (Salt Grill) and a Japanese (Enmaru) that I haven

Tengoku Sushi Jakarta

By Unknown →
Tengoku Sushi is a chain of Sushi restaurants located in Emporium Mall Pluit, in Kelapa Gading, and in Jalan Radio Dalam. The quality is average but the prices relatively cheap. Twitter: Price Info: IDR 50.000 - IDR 100.000 Tengoku Sushi Kelapa Gading Jl. Boulevard Timur Blok LB 3 No. 19, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Opened from Monday to Sunday from 11.30am to 2pm for lunch and for dinner from 5.30pm to 10pm  Phone number:  +62-21 4525181 Sushi Tengoku Kebayoran Baru Jl. Radio Dalam Raya F11 - 11A, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan Phone number: +62-21 739 6940, +62-21 723 3973 Opended from 4pm to 11pm from Monday to Sunday (starts at 11am on Saturday and Sunday) Sushi Tengoku Pluit Emporium Pluit Mall, Lt. 4, Jl. Pluit Selatan Raya Blok S - 6 Kawasan CBD, Pluit , 14440 Phone number: +62-21 6667 6297 Opened every day from 11am to 9pm

Qi Restaurant (Sultan Hotel)

By Jakarta100bars →
Located in Lagoon Tower, near Sultan Hotel, Qi Dine & Lounge is a restaurant coming from The Rych Concept Group (also behing Airman Lounge ). Qi serves fusion cuisine Japanese with a French twist. Favourites are the Smoked Salmon Parfait, the Surf & Turf, or The Rych Drunken Veal Check. I haven't tried the restaurant yet but was contacted by the management to write a small text about it. Please do not hesitate to write your own comments on this blog about the place. Qi Dine & Lounge Lagoon Tower next to Sultan Hotel Complex Jalan Gatot Subroto, Jakarta Phone number: +62-21 572 7239 Email to BB pin : 27D088D9

Good Japanese Restaurants in Jakarta

By Jakarta100bars →
In four years of blogging, this review about the best Japanese restaurants in Jakarta was probably the hardest I ever wrote. I wanted to give the most accurate information as possible, so I did a lot of research, some visits, many phone calls, and spent a week on it. I hope you can help me with your comments if you find any errors (wrong phone number, restaurant closed, etc...). It would be great if you can share your best venues as well. Almost all the good Japanese restaurants in Jakarta are listed here (as of November 2011), by alphabetical order. I will also post separate reviews about the best shabu-shabu, best sushis, most expensive restaurants, best all-you-can-eat, etc... Here are all the Japanese restaurants you should know about in Jakarta: Ajihara (Jalan Melawai "Little Tokyo", Blok M ; Tel: +62-21 7201340): Authentic izakaya, popular with expats, with a karaoke above. Big portions, do not hesitate to share. Recommended dishes: Sashimi, teuc

City Seoul (Korean Japanese food)

By Jakarta100bars →
City Seoul is a Korean and Japanese restaurant located in SCBD Sudirman, not far from the famous Gahyo , a Korean BBQ joint. It is a modern-looking, dim-lighted venue, but it lacks some warmth and originality. There is almost no decoration, and if they had not installed windows in the private rooms, you would confuse it with a prison cell. We tried the Bul Nak Jun Gol, a soup with beef, octopus, vegetables, tofu and a spicy sauce (Rp280,000++ for 3 people) and some Makizuchis (Rp15,000 each). The food took quite a while to be served, maybe because it was in the middle of the afternoon, but the wait was worthwhile.

Goemon Japanese Restaurant

By Jakarta100bars →
Are you looking for the one of the best Japanese restaurants in Jakarta? Pay yourself a little trip to Japan by visiting Goemon, an authentic restaurant located in Wisma Kyoei Prince. Popular with Japanese expatriates, Goemon is not that expensive (less than Rp 100k for a meal) and offers big portions of excellent Japanese dishes. Impeccable service and great decor, a must try if you are a Japanese food lover!

Katsusei (Japanese Restaurant Jakarta)

By Jakarta100bars →
Katsusei is a Japanese upmarket restaurant, part of a Japanese chain, which specializes in "tonkatsu" (breaded, deep fried meat cutlets, normally from pork). I won't pretend to be a specialist since i had never tried it before, but I found it excellent. It is pretty much gourmet junk food, because even though they use top-quality, imported ingredients, it remains a fat and unhealty dish. Cutlets (picture from Katsusei facebook group)  My main problem was not the taste but the price. One menu set will cost you up to Rp200,000, and it is quite expensive for what you get I think. Because of this, I recommend this restaurant only if you are a true fan of Japanese food, and of course of Tonkatsu. Personally, I will not go back and consider my visit a one-time luxury treat.

Marutama Ramen (Casual Japanese Food)

By Jakarta100bars →
Marutama Ra-men is a Japanese casual restaurant, with 4 locations in Jakarta. I visited the one in eX Plaza Indonesia, just in front of the XXI cinemas. They have two main specialties: Ramen (Japanese noodle) and Nabe (Japanese hot pot). We took the Nabe, a soup with vegetables (Rp35,000++) to which you can add various items. In our case, we ordered a Chicken (Rp24,000++), Fish ball (Rp18,000++), Tofu (Rp9,000++) and Cabbage (Rp9,000) supplement. As you can see, the price of your meal may vary from simple to triple depending on your appetite. On average though, you shouldn't pay more than Rp100,000, and I think that's enough for two persons. Marutaman Nabe Overall: I rarely go to Japanese restaurants so it's difficult for me to assess how a dish tastes in comparison with the authentic version. Yet, I've read many mixed-to-positive reviews about this place, and both my friend and I enjoyed our meal: The ingredients were fresh and flavorful, and the soup was healthy

Sakana (Japanese Restaurant)

By Jakarta100bars →
Sakana is a Japanese restaurant located in the MidPlaza 1 office tower. It is one of the few authentic Izakaya in Jakarta, and as such, it is quite popular among the Japanese community. If you are alone, it is probably best to sit at the bar, which looks modern and intimate. Otherwise you can sit in one of the small tatami rooms (private eating areas), in which you need to take off your shoes before entering. I tried Sakana with a friend who eats there at least once a week and he considers it to be among the best venues in Jakarta for eating casual Japanese food. On that day, we tried two sets of dishes: Yasai Itame set (Rp50,000) Gyuniku Udon set (Rp88,000++) Other dishes that my friend recommends: Yakitori, Sushis, and Takoyaki. Overall: A perfect venue to try authentic Japanese cuisine in Jakarta. The food is good but it remains unpretentious and affordable. I will come back. Opening hours: Everyday, from 11.30am to 2pm and from 6pm to 10pm