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MO Bar (Mandarin Oriental Jakarta)

By Tibs →
A relatively new-comer in the Jakarta nightlife scene, MO Bar is an elegant yet rarely busy 5-star hotel bar.  It looks quite similar to the bar in the Hyatt, Burgundy , with its cozy and dim-lighted atmosphere. But I still prefer Burgundy because from there you have an incredible view over the Hotel Indonesia roundabout.

BART (Bar at the Rooftop) Artotel Jakarta Thamrin

By Anonymous →
BART is the latest of the Rooftop Bars in the city. Going on the roof is a very good option in Jakarta since most of the place are closed, with no windows and with full AC. That is maybe one of the reasons why so many rooftop bars have opened recently in Jakarta, and why it is so trendy. BART (Approximate Acronym of Bar at the Rooftop) is the latest of this long series, it is located in Artotel Hotel on Thamrin near Sarinah. The Hotel itself is very art-friendly with a different Indonesian artist decorating the rooms for each floor. This hotel opened in late 2013 and in October 2014 they are just opening the rooftop bar, maybe after the huge success of Awan Lounge , rooftop bar of Kosenda Hotel , located 200 meters away.

BATS (Hotel Shangri-La)

By The Jakarta Team →
An all-time favourite of Jakarta's nightlife, BATS is the bar of the  Shangri-La Hotel  in Jakarta. It is the equivalent of BRIX in Grand Hyatt in Singapore .  It is very, very popular among expatriates, especially those who are already married. Easy to know why, considering the number of pretty, sexy girls . But the place isn't just about finding a partner. You can have a lot of fun partying there because you will easily meet people in a relaxed atmosphere.

Blu Martini (JW Marriott)

By The Jakarta Team →
Blu Martini is the stylish bar of the 5-star Marriott. It is non-happening, and most customers are guests from the hotel. Not a ton of hookers like in BATS or CJ's , but still a few, plus some older women who might be looking for gigolos. Live jazzy music playing from Monday to Saturday. Overall : I've been to Blu Martini once only, on a Thursday for Ladies Night. It was so quiet that we didn't stay more than 10 minutes. Not worth it if you don't stay in Marriott. Rather expensive, but as long as you're there, you should try one of their 88 kinds of martinis. Opening hours: From noon to 1am everyday.

Burgundy Bar & Lounge & Live Jazz Music (Hyatt Hotel Jakarta)

By The Jakarta Team →
Expensive drinks (Beer = Rp 60k), but classy bar with live music everyday (including Jazz ) and businessmen talking. Not a hotspot of Jakarta nightlife and rather quiet, it attracts the capital's most upmarket crowd. Definitely not a girls' bar comparing with BATS in Shangri La hotel or CJs bar in Hotel Mulia, but unexpected meetings are not impossible since some rich, older indonesian women come here. There are a few working girls as well that always hang out in Burgundy and I suppose they are up for grab. Awesome view on Plaza Indonesia, making the experience quite enjoyable.

CJ's Bar and Club (Hotel Mulia Senayan)

By The Jakarta Team →
CJ's is the bar of the  Mulia Hotel .  No entrance fee but you have to buy a first drink, which costs over IDR200,000 (free for hotel guests). They have a foreign live band playing international hits, and a DJ taking over when they are on break. Very entertaining. Beware lots of prostitutes.

Satu Lagi Expat Bar (Hotel Kristal)

By Tibs →
Old-style expat bar, one of the most popular in South Jakarta with De Hooi . Very similar actually but a little less funky in my opinion. Food is ok, mostly greasy/hard to digest stuff. Good atmosphere with many loyal customers playing pool or watching sports. There is live acoustic music on Wednesdays and Fridays. No more ladies night though.

Tiga Puluh - 30 - Jakarta Hotel Bar (Le Meridien Hotel, Jalan Sudirman)

By The Jakarta Team →
Bar with live band full of old prostitutes, a bit more hip-hop than CJ's and Bats. The crowd is more older and less funky than those of Bats and Cj's. Expensive and not really worth it for me but it has many fans both among expatriates and local people. An old favourite of Jakarta's nightlife.