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The Dusty Café - Seminyak - Bali

By Jakarta100bars →
The Dusty may be the smallest café you will find in Bali. It was recently opened by a young Frenchman, Nicolas Vitetta. It is similar with a bar in Jakarta called  Treehouse  for those who know. The design combines classic items like the big chandeliers, with some cheaper, recycled ones. I'm not sure about the definition of hipster but it could be one of those places where they hang out. Located just next to the bar Maria Magdalena in Jalan Dhyana Pura, it serves a small menu of mostly healthy food, including sandwiches and salads.  "Party Belt" Bruschetta (Rp60,000+15%) "Astral Totem" (Rp67,000+15%) I had the "Party Belt", a duo of Bruschetta (quite expensive at Rp60,000+15%) and the Astral Totem, a Quinoa Salad (Rp65,000+15%). It was not fine dining but both tasted good and it was fresh.

Watercress Café and Revolver Coffee (Seminyak)

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Watercress is a café/restaurant located on Jalan Batu Belig in Seminyak. It is mostly appealing for the healthy options of its menu , particularly for breakfast. It also serves a small range of pastries (American ones), healthy juices and extracts, and coffee from the brand Revolver (whose main branch is on Jalan Oberoi). On the day I visited, most of the customers seemed to be Australians, which is not surprising considering the owner is Australian himself. He may have some French blood too as the playlist was made of songs popular in France a few years ago. Watercress could be easy to miss as it is small and simple. I would have ignored it but it was quite busy from the outside and it made me curious to try. We had just eaten so we only went for a Lassie (Rp35,000+16% tax and service), a Smoothie (Rp35,000++), a Blueberry Muffin (Rp30,000++), and an Apple Rhubarb Crumble with Ice Cream (Rp55,000++).

Swich Sandwiches (Bali)

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Swich is a cheap sandwich joint with several locations in Seminyak/Kuta. It is friendly, tasty and healthy. Unsurprisingly, it is very popular with expatriates, especially those in their 20s. The owners themselves are trendy young mixed Indonesians with a fine sense of marketing, branding and public relations. Their website is a good testimony of that ( ). I never tried their signature sandwiches, I always prefer making my owns (around Rp50,000 for one): Overall : Recommended, I visit Swich on a pretty regular basis. The only criticism I have is that as it is small and often crowded, it can get messy when you want to order a sandwich during rush hours. You have to struggle a bit with other customers and the order may take a while to come to your table. Swich (Legian Branch) Jalan Werkudara 538, Legian Bali

KZU - Cheap Healthy Restaurant Bali

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There are two KZU restaurants in Seminyak, one on Sunset Road and one on Jalan Drupadi. They are headed by a young Japanese Chef, Kazuya Takami. In both places, you will find the best selection of cheap food in Bali: Indonesian, Western, Japanese, Indian... The branch in Drupadi is famous for its Nasi Campur, while the other one has a larger menu with an outside barbecue. I usually visit KZU to eat some great healthy salads under 5$. Mixed Salad + Quinoa Salad = 32,000rp NET Overall : Very recommended if you are looking for an inexpensive place to eat healthy food in Seminyak. It is not fancy but the service is friendly and it is clean. KZU Restaurant (Nasi Campur) Jalan Drupadi 2 No 84, Seminyak, Bali , Indonesia KZU Restaurant and Grill Jalan Sunset Road 6 (opposite of Burger King) Phone number: +62 (0) 361 805 4252  or +62 (0) 878-6053-7373

Yut'z Place (Legian, Bali)

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Yut'z Place is a good value restaurant located between Legian and Seminyak in Bali. It was opened in 2001 by Mimo Habibii who I believe is a Swiss German with Egyptian origins (please correct me if I'm wrong). I found the place by accident and I am glad I did! It looks like any other restaurants from the outside. It is simple, in the open-air, and clean. The great thing about it is the complete, affordable menu. They are particularly famous for their steaks but you can have pretty much anything you could think (Continental and Indonesian food). I had the Giant Healthy Salad (i forgot the price, I think around Rp70,000 Net). It was truly huge and healthy, the best I've had in Bali. The Giant Healthy Salad! The service was really friendly and the waiters will bring you a cold towel and a frozen margarita as a welcome drink. Overall: I will definitely come back to try more items on the menu! The only drawback is the location which is not so easy to find. To