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Paulaner Brauhaus German Restaurant

By Tibs →
Ya Udah Bistro and Die Stube have a new competitor. Paulaner Brauhaus is the most upmarket German restaurant and Brasserie in Jakarta and it is part of the luxury Kempinski hotel. It is in a central location within the Grand Indonesia mall, just next to Social House. It is almost always busy, any day for both lunch and dinner. The crowd is a mix of expats, business travelers and Indo-Chinese customers who seem to enjoy the non-halal pork specialties. They serve a complete menu that includes any kind of sausages you can think of. One of their most popular dishes is actually a huge sausage platter that costs Rp140,000.

Top German & Dutch Restaurants in Jakarta

By Tibs →
After ranking the best Italian , French and Arab restaurants in Jakarta, I have a much easier task listing German and Dutch food in Jakarta. Let me know if I forgot one, but the only ones I can think of are: Paulaner Brauhaus (click to read my review) Die Stube (click to read my review) Imbiss Stube (Cilandak Town Square) - Same owner as Die Stube , Patrick Widjaja, born and raised in Germany.  Metro Sky Garden , owned by Andreas Stokowy, from Germany. Ya Udah (click to read my review), owned by a Swiss from Zurich The Tavern in Aryaduta Hotel

Die Stube (Kemang)

By Tibs →
One of the favorite expat restaurants in Jakarta, Die Stube manages to serve excellent German food at a reasonable fare (less than Rp100,000 for a meal with drinks). The design is very simple, nothing too fancy. Highly recommended . It is also a popular drinking joint as it offers a wide selection of beers. The crowd is a mix of locals and long-term expatriates (all age groups, but mostly above 35). They organize a special event for Oktoberfest every year and put a wide screen when the German team is playing. Live music occasionally. You can check their latest news on its facebook page: Die Stube . The owner of Die Stube, Patrick Widjaja, opened a similar restaurant in Cilandak called Imbiss Stube (Citos). Other German restaurants in Jakarta are Paulaner Brauhaus (more upmarket) and Ya Udah Bistro. Opening hours: Every day from 11.30am to midnight (1am on weekends).

Marché Senayan

By Tibs →
Marché Senayan restaurant is a venue that should not be taken seriously. It is a mix between a restaurant, a supermarket and Disneyland. The concept is to re-create an open-air market in Switzerland, where you can buy your food at a specific stall, and then eat it.. It is not a place to have a date or a business lunch, but if you have kids, they will love it. The designers did a really good job and they paid great attention to details. It's quite expensive (150k to 200k for a meal) and the food is average but worth knowing!   Update July 2011: Marché also open a branch in Grand Indonesia. Here is a picture: Marché Senayan Plaza Senayan Unit CP 500 5th Floor Jl. Asia Afrika No.8 Jakarta, Indonesia, 10270 Phone: +62-21 - 5790 5856 Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday:11:30 am - 10:00 pm Friday - Saturday:11:30 am - 11:30 pm Sunday:11:30 am - 10:00 pm Facebook: Marché is part of a chain, for more inform

Ya Udah Bistro (Near Jaksa)

By The Jakarta Team →
Ya Udah bistro used to be one of the only reasons (the other one being girls) some of Jakarta's finest expats ever set foot in Jalan Jaksa. Indeed, the food there was really something worth spending a few hours in a cab... The place closed for a while and reopened in a new location, only a few hundred meters from where the previous place was, on Jalan Johar. (that is: when you are at the end of Jaksa, instead of turning right to Sarinah, in Jalan Wahid Hasyim, turn on the left and you will see YaUdah, all in yellow). Yaudah bistro is mostly german food with some indonesian specialties (nasi goreng, noodles, etc). Expect big portions, even for the starters. It is not that cheap, about 80,000rp for a good meal with drinks, but it is well worth it, and maybe one of the best value for money in town. Open every day from 8am to 12pm (2am on friday and saturday)