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Loewy (Jakarta, Mega Kuningan)

By The Jakarta Team →
Note: I wrote this review 10 years ago but it is still up-to-date! Everybody was telling me about a place called "Louis" in Mega Kuningan, but I couldn't find where it was or what it was. It took me two months to realize that people were actually talking about Loewy, that you should pronounce like Loui (English speakers) or Louis (French speakers). Loewy is a retro-chic French bistro, with a cosmopolitan vibe: Half the customers are foreigners, and the other half Indonesians, usually between 30 and 45 years-old. Most of them are from the upper-class. It is owned by some of the folks behind Potato Head , from which they took the idea to partially open the restaurant to the air. This is quite bold for Jakarta, and you may feel hot inside when it is packed. Since it opened in 2008, Loewy has always been a happening venue, anytime of the day. People go there for lunch, for brunches, for an after-work drink, and finally to party. They have decent European food (i

TWG Tea Salons and Boutiques

By Jakarta100bars →
TWG (The Wellness Group) is a distributor of quality teas founded in 2008. On their logo, which is a copy of the one of Mariage Frères, it is mentioned the date 1837 but it is obviously a deception. They also have some words written in French such as "Mélanges Exquis" or "Grand Crus Prestige", probably aimed at making consumers believe it is a French brand. But TWG is from Singapore and there is no shame in that. Part of their marketing strategies is the creation of high-end boutiques / restaurants / tea salon. There are already over 40 branches around the World, especially in Asia (only 1 in Europe and a few in US). The ideas is to position TWG as a luxury company by opening in premium locations, with a chic design and fine dining service. I had TWG Teas on several occasions and they were good for a non-expert like me. It seems to me that tea is a basic product, a commodity and I don't think there are "Grand Crus" like there are with

L'Avenue Restaurant (The Hermitage Hotel)

By Nyoman →
L'Avenue is the main restaurant of The Hermitage Hotel , a new 5-Star Boutique hotel in Menteng, located steps away from the antique market of Jalan Surabaya. The hotel was built in a historical colonial building, and they tried to reflect this heritage in the design of the restaurant. It is classic, full of marble from the floor to the buffet tables. The feeling of exclusivity is reinforced by the small size of the place, only 60 pax at most. At the time of opening, the Executive Chef of L'Avenue,  Chef Guillermo Varela Mata,  was Spanish (with origins from South America). He created a menu with a strong French influence. I had the Chicken Breast with Gratin Dauphinois (potatoes with cream and cheese). It is a dish from Southern France that I've eaten a hundred times in my life. The one in L'Avenue was not as good as the one my Grandmother makes, but still very tasty! The portions were too small for my appetite though. There is also a buffet where y

Largo Bistrot (Kemang)

By Nyoman →
Largo Bistrot in Kemang is a French-style restaurant owned by famous drummer Aksan Sjuman (Dewa 19 band) and a French Chef. The place is open since September 2013 on jalan Benda Raya, not too far from Beer Garden Kemang and Café Gitane .Since this place is owned by a musician, you can enjoy live bands and music gigs on the first floor of the Restaurant.  It is actually a cozy place and the food is good with a wide variety of western and French-style dishes. I really liked the desserts there. Largot Bistro is definitely a good restaurant. You can bring your date there. Afternoon Tea is also popular during the week-ends, with a relatively young urban crowd.

Le Quartier (French Restaurant)

By Nyoman →
    Le Quartier ("The Neighbourhood" in French, pronounced like the jewelry brand "Cartier") is a new French Restaurant, opened in 2013 in Kebayoran Baru, near Senopati. I liked the building facade of the Restaurant as well as the interior design. The decoration is well done and it really gives the feeling you are in a French bistro, with also a few modern touches. The overall impression is that it is an elegant and luxurious place, especially with their beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

Eric Kayser Jakarta (Plaza Senayan)

By Nyoman →
Eric Kayser Indonesia is now opened in Plaza Senayan. Just like Paul Bakery and Patisserie , it is an international French Bakery chain, very famous in France and in some big international cities (New York City, Tokyo, Singapore). Now that Eric Kayser is in Jakarta, I can compare those 2, in order to know which one is the Best Bakery in Jakarta (and where to find the best baguette!).

Oh La La Maison

By Jakarta100bars →
Oh La La Maison is an upmarket version of the Oh La La cafés. It is located in Mega Kuningan in the ground floor of Bellagio Mall. It serves mostly French food, French bakery and French pastries with some other popular Asian and Western dishes. The design of the place is not extraordinary but it is neat. It features a wooden parquet, decorative tiles and various pictures or paintings of France on the walls. I tried the Honey Dijon Chicken Baguette (72,000k++): The whole sandwich was good enough but the bread was very soft and unfortunately not tasting like a real French baguette. I also had a Chocolate Croissant (20,000++), which was really big and again, far from tasting like an authentic Chocolate Croissant in France. In spite of the disappointing food, I still enjoyed Oh La La Maison. The waiters were very attentive and friendly, and the general atmosphere pleasant with good lounge music and a busy crowd.

Café Gitane Kemang (Jalan Benda Raya)

By Nyoman →
Café Gitane is a small and intimate French Restaurant in the south Kemang area, located on Jalan Benda Raya. The place is owned and managed by French people who are cooking and serving your dishes. Inside the restaurant, everything will remind you that you are in a French restaurant, from the Gitane logo ( French brand of cigarettes) to the posters of Pastis or the nice bar counter. I went there 2 times and it was always full (good thing when to have a small restaurant!). The food was good and the service was pleasant. Try the crème caramel for dessert, you won't be disappointed ! Overall: Café Gitane is good if you want spend time in a cozy and intimate place while having simple good French food.

Paul Bakery and Patisserie (Pacific Place / Plaza Indonesia)

By Nyoman →
Paul Bakery is now open in Jakarta, since December 2013. It is located right outside of Pacific Place Mall, near the Galeries Lafayette Department Store. You have 2 entrances : one for the Restaurant, if you want Dine-in, and one for the Bakery and Pastry shop. You also have a second outlet in Plaza Indonesia. I know Paul Bakery in France which is a widespread Bakery chain. Outside of France, it has a more high class positioning. I went there for Lunch and I took a "Croque Madame", a sandwich with cheese, turkey and egg sunny side-up,  with a salad on the side. There was nothing fantastic about it. I took an Orange juice as a Drink and it was very watery, I could barely feel the Oranges ! In my opinion, the food in the restaurant is average, there's nothing fancy about it ( except for the price). On the opposite, the Bakery side is very good. They have a whole range of French and European bread which are among the best in Jakarta ! Same thing for the Pastrie

Elysee French Restaurant Kemang

By Unknown →
Located in Kemang, Elysee is an affordable French restaurant replacing Ginger Li. The Chef is an experienced French man and the decor is that of a classic French bistro. Lunch menu available.

Bistro Garçon (French Restaurant)

By Jakarta100bars →
The French restaurant Bistro Garçon comes from the same group behind Immigrant , De Luca , Rustique, and Monolog . I was happily surprised when I visited it to find out it is much more than your average restaurant inside a mall. I consider Bistro Garçon to be a true independent restaurant, with a passionate young French chef eager to please his guests. The place is rather small and simple, with a discreet French theme. You have a bar at the entrance with a good selection of wines, and a menu featuring mostly classics of French cuisine. Everything was perfect during my dinner in Garçon: The food, the portions, the presentation, the decoration, the service, the music, etc... They also have delicious pastries and desserts from their Japanese Chef.