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Three Buns Burgers and Cocktails (Jakarta & Singapore)

By Jakarta100bars →
Three Buns is the current trendy place in Jakarta (in May 2014). It was opened by the group behind Potato Head. The owners should write a marketing book and give it to McDonald's. They could call it: "How to sell fast-food 3 times its normal price?". Three Buns is actually a very pretty and original place, with friendly staff and a unique concept. Unfortunately, because it is expensive, it didn't work for me. It has no aircon, very limited service, no comfortable place to sit and a not so many options in the menu. Yet their cheapest burger costs over 100,000rp net.  The overall design is great and it is the best thing about Three Buns. It plays on a hipster trend with a raw, back-to-basics setting. There is good music and it is made so that everyone can see each other. When it is full, it must have a great atmosphere. I also think that they could organize events as the restaurants is shaped like an arena. Now with the things I didn't like:

Doner Kebab (Indonesia)

By Jakarta100bars →
Doner Kebab is the largest chain of kebab restaurants in Jakarta. They serve their kebabs with beef, chicken or lamb and the price is reasonable, between 20,000rp and 30,000rp. There are quite many competitors too in Jakarta such as Opie's Kebab or Ali Kebab. I didn't expect too much when I tried their food in Taman Anggrek Mall but I was surprised because it actually tasted ok (or maybe I felt that way because I was starving). It is not too unhealthy also as you can ask them not to put any sauce. Even though it is fast food from a chain restaurant, I would still recommend Doner Kebab to you if you are looking for a cheap snack while inside a mall. Doner Kebab has locations all over the city, almost exclusively in food courts in malls: Doner Kebab Mall Summarecon Bekasi 3rd Floor, Food Temptation, Jalan Boulevard Ahmad Yano Phone number: +62-21 2957 2888

Carls' Jr. in Indonesia

By Jakarta100bars →
Carl's Jr is a chain of fast-food burger restaurants, originally from the US. The main differences I see with its competitors (Mc Donald's, Burger King, FatBurger, A&W, Wendy's, Johnny Rocket) are the following: - They have salads, which is a nice alternative if you are with someone who doesn't want to eat junk food. - They have free flow drinks - The food is brought to you at your table - The french fries are better than elsewhere: Super crispy and with a good taste. But the quality of the beef is average.