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Arella Café (Plaza Indonesia Mall)

By Jakarta100bars →
Located on the 2nd floor of Plaza Indonesia, Arella Café is an upmarket restaurant featuring classic Western and Asian dishes (salads, steaks, chicken, fish, pasta, burgers and asian favorites). On average, you should pay around Rp100k per main dish, Rp70k for starters, and Rp50k for desserts including taxes. I took the "poulet roti", a slow roasted young chicken served with sauteed spinach and mushrooms, red wine gravy sauce, and glazed potato pumpkin with honey (Rp 80k++). I wasn't expecting so much as I'm usually disappointed with the restaurants located in malls, but I was happy with my food. The presentation was superb, and there was some original sweet & sour flavors in the chicken that made it quite special and enjoyable. Concerning the prices, it is expensive, but not outrageous considering the food is correct.

Bureau (Gastro Pub Pondok Indah)

By Jakarta100bars →
Bureau is a bar and restaurant ("gastro-pub") located in Pondok Indah Plaza 2, next to PEPeNERO and De Hooi . In spite of its French name (meaning "office" or "desk"), it serves a mix of continental dishes . You have grilled steaks, ribs, lamb chops, served with french fries or pastas for instance. The only typical French dishes on the menu could be the Duck L'Orange (Rp87k++), the Mussels Marinara (Rp65k++), the snails (Rp35k++), the Foie Gras (Rp135k++) and for desserts, the Crêpes (Rp27k). It has two floors: The small bar downstairs , perfect for an after-work drink or a meal, and the bigger room upstairs , with a DJ booth an dancefloor space that may be used for bigger parties.

Café De Burse (Jakarta)

By Jakarta100bars →
Café De Burse is the latest bar opened by Bartele, probably Jakarta's most famous expatriate. He is also the owner of Eastern Promise , De Hooi , Cazbar , and One Tree . De Burse is different from his other venues, though the concept remains similar: It is a restaurant and bar with an international menu, friendly and cute waitresses, and a regular schedule of events and promos. So far, it is still quiet, probably because the location is only busy during working hours. I had a caipirinha (Rp68k) and I was disappointed as they used ice cubes instead of crushed ice. But it is common in Indonesia so it wasn't a big deal. I didn't order any food, but considering what I had in his other venues, you can expect good-value for money, even with western dishes. An average meal will cost you less than Rp80k, and a pint of Bintang Rp53k, including taxes.

Café Batavia (Taman Fatahillah, Kota)

By The Jakarta Team →
Cafe Batavia is a classy, distinguished bar, in one of the most beautiful colonial buildings of Jakarta. A must-do for any tourists or newly arrived expats, it should also provide you with a good opportunity to visit Kota Tua, the historical center of Jakarta. Nearby buildings include Old Batavia's Townhall and the VOC Governor office which can all be reached by foot. The area is currently being renovated as the government has finally come to realize its cultural importance and, though not much has been done yet, a stroll around the (polluted) canal back to the Stasiun Kota is something I really enjoy. For those who are bold enough, I advise you to make a stop in Stadium on the way back, as a way to enjoy another monument of Jakarta!

Koi Gallery & Restaurant

By Jakarta100bars →
Koi Kafe Gallery restaurant is a long-time favourite among Jakarta expatriates. It serves both Asian (Chinese) and European (mainly French) food. Koi is usually considered as serving one of the best brunches in Jakarta. You can try it from 10am to 2pm on Saturday and Sunday, but make a reservation before because it is always full. Owned by a Belgian expat, the food is mostly great (among the recommended dishes, try the Grilled Camembert) and the service friendly. When busy, you may have to wait for a while to get your food though. Koi also hosts a gallery with some beautiful pieces of antique furniture and also some paintings. A meal will cost you around 150,000rp (appetizer, main course and dessert), which I believe is decent for the overall experience you get.

The Marmalade Pantry (Jakarta)

By Jakarta100bars →
Originally from Singapore, The Marmalade Pantry is a casual restaurant serving various Continental and Asian food. Compared to other eating joints nearby ( Kitchenette , Bistro Baron , Bakerzin), it is much less popular even though the quality of the food and the prices are similar. I think that Jakartans love their restaurants to be cute, charming or amusing, and The Marmalade Pantry has none of that. It is clean and bright, a bit soulless, just like a brand-new apartment in which nobody has lived in yet. Concerning the food, I've had the opportunity to sample a few of their dishes. It is not delicious nor fine dining, but very decent for continental food in Jakarta. If it was about 30% cheaper, it would be a restaurant I would go to more often. I looked on other Jakarta-based food blogs to see what others had to say, and most reviewers were enthusiastic, especially with their desserts (that I haven't tried).

Nanny's Pavillon Library

By Jakarta100bars →
I don't know if I'm perverted but I felt Nanny's Pavillon was a bit kinky with the waitresses dressed up as sexy French chambermaids and all those references to Daddy's favourite food...

Opera Blanc Restaurant (Pacific Place)

By Jakarta100bars →
Opera Blanc is a chic restaurant serving Italian and French food in Pacific Place. Owned by the same person behind Sopra , it offers a similar concept, with its open kitchen, elegant design, and careful service. The prices are quite high, especially for the pizzas: On average, it will cost you Rp200,000 for one, and the most expensive, with Lobster, costs almost 1 million rupiah. A very interesting deal is to order a meter-long pizza for Rp450,000++ (50cm for Rp250,000++). It is so big that it will be enough for up to 8 persons.

The Phoenix (Wijaya)

By Jakarta100bars →
Replacing the Nine Muses Jazz Club , The Phoenix was specifically designed by its owners, the Wedding Company (Hong Kong) to hold private events like anniversaries or weddings.