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Lekker Bekker (Dutch Restaurants)

By Jakarta100bars →
Lekker Bekker - Home Style Cooking - is a Dutch / Indonesian restaurant chain with locations in Summarecon Mall Serpong, Tebet, and Alam Sutera Mall. They sell Dutch and Indonesian favourites for a reasonable price, and with average quality (to be fair, I only tasted the Bolletjes with Ice Cream 24,000rp). I went to the one in Alam Sutera. The design is cute but very girly and kitsch (plastic flowers, plastic plates hanging on the walls, box of cereals as decoration). The music played was Dutch love songs, which if you are not Dutch are very difficult to enjoy.

Huize van Wely (The Papilion building, Kemang)

By Nyoman →
Huize van Wely is a Dutch Restaurant, Patissier and Chocolatier located in Kemang. This upscale restaurant is located in the Papilion building, the famous glass building on Kemang Raya. This type of architecture is quite uncommon in Jakarta, that is why I wanted to try this restaurant. On the top floor of this building you will find Shy Rooftop & restaurant ( you can check my review here ). Outstanding glass building, fancy Dutch restaurant, European-style cuisine...this place is very fancy ! This is not a regular place to hang out with your buddies...It would more suitable to make a proposal or to have a serious conversation. In this very chic decor, I tried to order some food and I was not disappointed. First they give you a small piece of French bread along with salted butter, which is a very sweet attention. Then I did not wait too long to taste my spicy quesadillas and that was very good. But the best part in my opinion in the dessert and chocolate area.

Goedkoop Kedai Kopi (Coffee Shop)

By Unknown →
Located in BenHil (Bendungan Hilir), Goedkoop is a small, cozy coffee shop with a Dutch-inspired theme. The food and drinks list is rather common (see menu below), except for some Dutch specialties, but the place has a friendly vibe. Goedkoop Jl. Bendungan Hilir Raya No. 62, Tanah Abang, Jakarta Opening Hours: From Monday to Thursday from 10am to 10pm From Friday to Saturday from 10am to 11pm Opened from 7am to 10pm on Sunday