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Dragonfly Jakarta (Graha BIP) (Updated)

By The Jakarta Team →
Update September 2015: Dragonfly has just reopened after its second renovation. Here are the photos of the new club: The review below is from a few years ago but things haven't really changed. Dragonfly is now mostly a club with expats and the girls range from normal ones, models, executives.... and quite a lot of prostitutes too! For this reason, Dragonfly can be considered one of the top pick-up bars in Jakarta .

Marimba Night Club (Sentral Hotel)

By Jakarta100bars →
Marimba "Diskotik" is a 100% local night club located in Central Jakarta. Due to the traffic in the area, it could take you more than one hour to reach it from Jalan Sudirman. Marimba is part of Sentral, a 4-star hotel heavily dependent on government officials on seminars and training. Surprisingly, all these people working for the government have not noticed that there is a club popular with recreational drug users and prostitutes in the same building they are sleeping in.

Blu at Shangri-La Hotel

By Nyoman →
Blu at  Shangri-La  is the new fancy lounge of the Shangri-La Hotel, located right next to their huge swimming pool. The main advantage with it is that you can say to your wife you want to go to Blu, then sneak in nearby  BATS  which is a lot more fun. I wouldn't go there for clubbing unless they have special events, but I can imagine it is fine for a few drinks or some light food before BATS. It is more suitable for a woman crowd probably. Opening Hours: Wednesday to Saturday from 5:00 PM to 12:00 AM Blu @ Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta

Nebula Club Jakarta (CLOSED)

By Jakarta100bars →
Nebula is the newest nightclub in Jakarta. It is opening on June 6th and it is owned by the Stadium group (which closed only 2 weeks ago). The group is also behind the bordellos Malioboro and King Cross , and the normal club  Exodus . I think Nebula will be a mix between both types, trying to catch the normal crowd, but also with a sexy side (dancers, karaoke, etc....). I won't be able to go to the opening as I am currently in Bali, but I'm pretty excited to visit it as soon as I will be back in Jakarta. On their facebook and twitter page, they advertise Nebula as the biggest nightclub in Jakarta. Please let me know your feedback if you visit it by email or by posting a comment on this post. Thanks!

Ibiza Club (Pluit)

By Jakarta100bars →
Ibiza is one of the few normal happening clubs in Northern Jakarta. When I say "normal", it means you can go with your girlfriend as it is not only drugs, dark corners and prostitutes. They do have sexy dancers though. They have been running for over a year now and they have established themselves as the place to go after midnight in the Pluit area for those who don't want to go to the city center. It is rather big (1000 pax capacity) and open 6 days a week. The crowd is mixed Indonesian and Indo-Chinese. It has regular events with DJs (all style: Trance, Electro, Rn'B), Dance Shows and Live Music. Check their facebook/twitter below for updates.

Empirica Jakarta ( SCBD, adjacent to The Foundry no8)

By Nyoman →
I went there a couple of times, being curious about a new club opening in Jakarta, and the place was very empty at the begining. The particularity of this place, like The Foundry No 8 close by, is that it is like a warehouse, a giant rectangular space filled with couches, tables and bar counters. So obviously the place has to be fully packed otherwise it will just look empty. The first thing that struck me is the flashy white colour, quite unusual for club, especially the walls and the couches. It is surprising, since many clubs actually have a black or very dark colours, but at the end it gives sort of a classy touch. As almost always in Jakarta, the music is electro and house music with pretty good sound system. The crowd is mostly middle and upper class Indonesian Chinese, with still relatively few foreigners. To be sure I was not missing anything, I went there for the Halloween party, "Empirica Lunatic Asylum". Basically the party theme was an abandone

The Foundry no8 ( SCBD, adjacent to Empirica Jakarta)

By Nyoman →
The Foundry no8 is located in the famous "Lot 8" of SCBD. It is an interesting and ambitious commercial  concept. On the ground floor, you will find several small shops, boutiques and restaurants. The whole area is called "A Collective Retail Space". The most interesting part for us is the Level II, where the club is located. As for Empirica ( see my review here ), which is adjacent to The Foundry no8, it is a big warehouse. You would even find steel containers and wood pallets in the club ! You also have couches and tables and a nice bar counter. The place is not nicely decorated and I find it very dark, even more than in a regular club. I went there a couple of times and the place was never fully packed. I think they have some regular customers who like this factory-style trendy place. But unfortunately, the place is not that trendy yet ! Overall : This is not a very busy place at the moment and I am not sure it will be in the n

Colosseum Club (New 1001, Ex-K7)

By Jakarta100bars →
Very interesting opening this year with the new Colosseum Club, which used to be part of K7 and is now managed by the same group behind Alexis hotel and Emporium Spa . Colosseum is actually the relocation of the 1001 , which closed two years ago and was replaced by Illigals ... Still following? I went to Colosseum a few years ago and it was unfortunately a dying club (see my review here ). Too bad because the place was really massive (2,000 persons capacity), one of the biggest in Jakarta and it has a huge potential. With the new management, we can expect the place to become really popular: The music is now retro and house, with good sound system and spectacular lighting show. Being a part of Alexis group, it goes without saying that they have sexy dancers, fashion shows, and rooms...